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The Stone of Power Lost Ark Quest Guide

Of all the features available in Lost Ark, the one every player will soon realize is the “complex” and great questline chain. Between the questlines, you will find one you must complete to finally get the serenity isle token. One such quest is “Revenge is Mine.” 

But, before you can even begin to work on the Revenge is Mine quest, you must finish all the three purple quests available on the island. You will also have to defeat the island boss. The missions you will find are “Who’s There,” “A sad History,” and, finally, “Stone of Power” quest. So far, it seems just like another interesting questline to explore. The problem is that it ended up becoming more than that, as players have problems finishing this roster quest. 

The first two quests in serenity isle are not a problem. But the Stone of power quest in Lost Ark is confusing many people. That’s why MMOPixel brings you this guide, helping to solve the Stone of Power quest in Lost Ark.

The Stone of Power Quest - What I Need

First things first: you will get this Lost Ark quest with a blacksmith in Legendary Blacksmith. He wants to create; guess what? A powerful Stone. But for him to do that, you will need to collect the materials. You must look for three things to complete the Stone of Power quest in Lost Ark. 

  • 15 Pieces of the Shadowfallen Giant Locarok

  • The Pebbling’s Stone Fragments

  • The fourth Claw of Thanatos

Getting the Items for the Stone of Power

To get the three items, you will leave Legendary Blacksmith and the Serenity Isle, simply traveling to two different places in the lost Ark map: the Morai Ruins Dungeon and Tortoyk’s Heart Dungeon.

The Morai Ruins Dungeon

You will head to the continent of Yulia. In the Saland Hill area, you will find the dungeon you’re looking for. Start and complete it. Once you pass through all the monsters waiting inside, you will find Thanatos, the dungeon boss. You have to defeat him so you can finally get the fourth claw of Thanatos. This is the location of the dungeon on the world map.

Tortoyk’s Heart Dungeon

This dungeon is on Tortoyk island, north of the forest of giants. Once you enter the dungeon, you must start killing rock giants to get the pieces of the Shadowfallen Giant Locarok. After that, you will need to destroy pebblings for their stone fragments, the last of the materials needed. You won’t have trouble finding the items, and you don’t need to complete the entire dungeon. 

Finishing the Stone of Power Quest and Getting the Rewards

So, after you pass through Morai Ruins and Tortoyk’s Heart, you will have all the shadowfallen giant locarok, the stone fragment, and the fourth claw of Thanatos. Everything the Stone of power requires. 

Now the blacksmith can finish his work. You don’t even have to return to Legendary Blacksmith, as you can end your work in the quests menu. After that, search for your next enemies and adventure in the Lost Ark quest menu.

Fair Payment for Fair Work

As with any other quest, you will get the rewards for completing it. The XP goes to your roster level. Besides that, the things you will get are:

    • Silver

    • Lavish Destruction Stone Fragment Chest

    • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest

    • Skill Point Potion


Now, you already know everything you need and all the processes to get all the items and complete the Stone of power mission. From there, you can go for the Revenge is Mine quest to get your well-deserved token.

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