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Throne and Liberty Weapon Mastery Guide

Weapons add an essence and excitement to any game especially when you have a wide variety of weapons to choose from. In Throne and Liberty, you get a variety of weapons to choose from and each weapon comes with its own pros and cons. The wide variety of weapons makes the gameplay and overall gaming experience smoother. In Throne and Liberty, weapons play an important role in any Role-Playing game. It’s not just about selecting and choosing a weapon but also you must know how to use them efficiently so that you can take maximum advantage of the weapon you are using.

Weapon mastery comes with a lot of practice, experimentation, and challenges. In short, weapon mastery is just more than picking up a weapon and starting a fight. In Throne and Liberty, weapon mastery touches a level ahead because of the availability of skills that come along with using your weapon.

If you are looking for a detailed weapon mastery guide for Throne and Liberty then you are at the right place. This guide will cover and touch all the levels of weapon mastery taking your skills to an advanced level and increasing your accuracy and understanding about the weapons that you use. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or already have some idea about weapons and their efficient use, this guide will teach you everything that you need to understand to achieve weapon mastery from selecting the right weapon for yourself to using them in the right manner.

Choosing the Right Weapon

Choosing the weapon is the first step towards embarking on a journey of weapon mastery in Throne and Liberty. Choose your weapon according to your playstyle and the best way to select the right one for yourself is by experimenting with every weapon.

Start with any random weapon and keep playing with it until you find a weapon you’re most comfortable with. When you use the right weapon, you get to explore more stats and skills that revolve around that weapon.

Check whether you’re comfortable with Ranged weapons or Melee weapons. In the category of melee and ranged weapon, find which particular weapon suits your gameplay style better. Each weapon has a unique Playstyle and Features. 

Dagger provides you versatility, including invisibility and a fast-paced DPS approach. So, a dagger will be a good choice for you if you enjoy agility and quick strikes. Similarly, Crossbow will be a good option for you if you like something that resonates with a gun giving quick and powerful shots. In short, if you enjoy a faster-paced ranged attack combat style. 

So, selecting the right weapon becomes an important but not the only part of achieving weapon mastery. Make sure you understand each weapon’s playstyle, feature, and appeal before you select the one for mastery.

Throne and Liberty Weapon Mastery

Experimenting With Weapon Combinations

Try different weapon combinations and find what suits your playstyle. Each weapon combination gives a different buff to your playstyle and affects the overall gameplay. Like choosing a weapon, you should also experiment with different weapon combinations to find what you’re most comfortable with.

Here, in Throne and Liberty, you can combine Wand with Longbow or Staff to get the maximum advantage and better edge over other players while fighting against the enemies. When you combine your wand with a longbow, you’ll get a large amount of healing and support. Similarly, you can combine wand with staff in many different ways.

Combining weapons will give you synergistic effects. Mastery of one weapon might enhance the performance of another when used in combination. Explore weapon combinations to maximize your effectiveness. A few weapon combinations are listed below to help you understand the importance of combining weapons much better.

Weapon Combinations:

Crossbow & dagger: The Crossbow provides ranged damage and control, while the Dagger excels in close-quarters combat and applying debuffs like Poison. You will also get controlled engagement if you choose this specific combination.

Greatsword & Staff: The Greatsword offers strong melee damage and defense, while the Staff provides healing and support. This combination is excellent for tanking damage while supporting allies. Greatsword will give you frontline combat whereas staff will be helping you in healing and crowd control.

Sword & Longbow: You’ll get to see an adaptive playstyle by using this combination. Sword will help you in dealing close combat whereas Longbow will help you in making ranged attacks creating a flexible playstyle for you.

Crossbow and Greatsword: This combination will give you a balanced offense in the game. Crossbow skills can control the enemies heading towards you whereas Greatsword can help you with delivering powerful finishing blows.

Weapon combination can impact your overall gameplay to a great extent. The above examples are proof of how certain combinations can give you extraordinary results and fall in your favor.

Well, in Throne and Liberty, there are many weapons to choose from so you can make combinations according to what suits you better. Keep experimenting and find the best weapon combination for yourself. For better, try to have command over 3-4 weapon combinations so that you can adapt to a variety of playstyles and improve your overall skills.

Playing Around Your Class

Are you a Tanker, Healer, or a DPS? Make sure you understand and decide your role so that you can play around it. Some weapons are specifically made for some roles, or in short, have more advantages and better results than any other weapon combination.

If you’re a Tanker, Sword and Shield can be the best tanking weapon for you giving maximum advantage and support on the battlefield while dealing with the enemies. If you’re a DPS, then, Greatsword and Dagger can be the best option for you emphasizing more on the critical hits and crowd control. Similarly, if you are a Supporter, then Wand and Bow come up with the best-supporting weapon in the gameplay offering you massive heals, buffs, and crowd control.

So, depending on your team composition and the game situation, be prepared to adapt your role. Having a clear understanding of your role can help you with making accurate decisions selecting weapons and achieving weapon mastery.

Throne and Liberty Weapon Mastery Guide

Focus on Active and Passive Skills

Each weapon in Throne and Liberty has Active and Passive skills. Skills will decide the outcome and performance of your weapon. Ensure that you thoroughly examine all the active and passive skills associated with each weapon to grasp a better understanding of its optimal usage. Once you comprehend the functionality of specific skills related to a weapon, utilizing it more efficiently becomes somewhat easier.

Depending on the situation, skills can either enhance or hinder the performance of your weapon. Each weapon has its pros and cons and that somewhere is affected by the skills associated with them. So, go through all the skills once before you consider picking up and mastering a weapon.

Understand Combo Strategies

After choosing a weapon, it is very important to understand how certain combos work for your weapon. For instance, stacking curses and burning spells from the Staff for a DPS-centered build can lead to massive burst damage.

Combos can help you achieve weapon mastery faster. Each weapon can give you a combo. Experiment with different combos to find the most effective ones for yourself. Combos give massive damage and that’s why it becomes more important to have some basic idea about each combo.

Team Coordination

If you’re playing with a team then team coordination is something that you should focus more on. You can coordinate with your team to maximize the effectiveness of your chosen weapon. Each weapon is different. Some weapons may provide better support in groups, while others excel in solo play.

Keep Practicing

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, in Throne and Liberty, you can’t achieve mastery of a weapon overnight. It will take a lot of patience, planning, experiments, strategies, and failures to achieve that point where you have mastery of a weapon. 

And the best way to do it is by practicing more and learning from your mistakes. The more you will practice, the more you will step towards achieving weapon mastery. So, if you will follow all the above-mentioned steps carefully and keep practicing then you will surely get weapon mastery in Throne and Liberty.


In the dynamic world of Throne and Liberty, achieving weapon mastery is a nuanced process that extends beyond merely selecting the right weapon. This guide has outlined the essential steps, from experimenting with weapon combinations to aligning with your class role, emphasizing the strategic elements that elevate your gameplay.

Understanding the intricacies of active and passive skills, mastering combo strategies, and coordinating effectively with your team are pivotal in the pursuit of weapon mastery. The path to greatness requires patience, persistent practice, and a commitment to continual learning.

In Throne and Liberty, mastery is not a destination but a transformative journey that hones both your skills and your understanding of the intricate synergy between weapon and warrior. May your practice be diligent, your strategies be sharp, and your mastery over the weapons of Throne and Liberty be unmatched. Happy Gaming!

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