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Tips for Efficiently Collecting Crafting Materials in Diablo IV

In the dark and treacherous world of Diablo IV, crafting materials play a pivotal role in the pursuit of power and survival. As players venture through the haunting landscapes, they will encounter countless enemies and face formidable challenges. In the midst of this perilous journey, the ability to craft and upgrade equipment can mean the difference between triumph and defeat. 

Crafting materials serve as the building blocks for enhancing gear, creating powerful items, and unlocking hidden potential within the equipment. From basic items to legendary artifacts, every piece of gear can be refined and transformed through the alchemy of crafting. The rarity and quality of the materials used directly influence the effectiveness and strength of the resulting gear.

In the following guide, we will delve into essential tips and techniques for efficiently collecting crafting materials in Diablo IV. From inventory management to smart farming practices, these insights will empower players to make the most of their adventures and master the art of crafting in the dark and harrowing realm of Diablo IV.

Understanding Crafting Materials

Crafting materials are the backbone of character progression and equipment enhancement in Diablo IV. As players traverse the sinister landscapes of Sanctuary, they will encounter various types of crafting materials that can be used to create and upgrade items of different rarities. In this article, we will explore the different types of crafting materials, their uses in crafting and upgrading, as well as the various sources from which they can be obtained.

Overview of Different Types of Crafting Materials

Common Crafting Materials

Common materials are the most basic crafting resources found throughout the world of Diablo IV. They are usually abundant and used for crafting and upgrading low-level gear. While common materials are essential early in the game, they become less relevant as players progress and obtain more powerful items.

Rare Crafting Materials

As players venture deeper into the dark corners of the world, they will discover rare crafting materials. These materials are less common than their basic counterparts but are crucial for crafting and upgrading mid-tier equipment. Rare materials often possess unique properties that can significantly enhance the gear they are used to craft.

Legendary Crafting Materials

Legendary materials are the rarest and most coveted crafting resources in Diablo IV. These extraordinary materials are required to craft and upgrade legendary items, the most potent and sought-after gear in the game. Acquiring legendary materials involves undertaking challenging quests, defeating powerful enemies, and overcoming formidable challenges.

Diablo IV Crafting Materials

How Materials are Used for Crafting and Upgrading Items

Crafting Items

Crafting materials are the key components used to create new equipment in Diablo IV. Players can visit blacksmiths or other crafting NPCs to combine specific materials, along with gold or other requirements, to forge new items. The quality and rarity of the materials used influence the overall stats and potential of the crafted gear.

Upgrading Items

Upgrading items is another vital aspect of crafting, allowing players to improve the quality of their existing equipment. By using appropriate materials, players can enhance the attributes of their gear, making it more potent and capable of tackling tougher challenges.

Different Sources of Crafting Materials

Loot Drops

One of the primary sources of crafting materials is enemy drops. As players defeat monsters and bosses, they have a chance to receive various crafting materials as part of their loot. The higher the difficulty level or the more challenging the enemy, the better the quality and quantity of crafting materials that can be obtained.

Salvaging Items

Players can salvage unwanted or obsolete gear at the blacksmith to obtain crafting materials. Salvaging items not only frees up inventory space but also provides a reliable way to acquire specific materials for crafting and upgrading.


Some vendors scattered throughout the game world offer crafting materials in exchange for gold or other currency. While this might not be the primary method of obtaining materials, it can be useful for quickly acquiring specific materials that are currently in short supply.

Tips for Efficiently Collecting Crafting Materials

Focus on Material-Optimal Areas

To efficiently collect crafting materials in Diablo IV, it is essential to focus on material-optimal areas. These are regions or dungeons known for their abundant drops of crafting materials. By targeting these specific locations, players can maximize their material gains in a shorter amount of time. 

Keep an eye out for enemies and bosses that are more likely to drop rare or legendary crafting materials. Additionally, consult in-game maps and community resources to pinpoint these material-rich zones easily.

Employ Build and Gear Strategies

Employing build and gear strategies is a crucial tip for efficiently collecting crafting materials in Diablo IV. By equipping gear that increases the drop rates of crafting materials and choosing skills and talents that enhance material farming, players can optimize their material collection efforts. 

Additionally, utilizing pets, followers, or other in-game mechanics to aid in the material collection can further boost efficiency. Building a character tailored for material farming ensures that players can swiftly defeat enemies and tackle challenges, yielding more crafting materials in a shorter amount of time. 

Diablo IV Crafting Materials Guide

Participate in Bonus Events and Seasonal Content

Participating in bonus events and seasonal content is a valuable tip for efficiently collecting crafting materials in Diablo IV. These special events often offer increased crafting material rewards, providing an excellent opportunity to stockpile resources. By actively engaging in these limited-time events, players can significantly boost their material collection efforts, acquiring valuable crafting materials that might be otherwise scarce. 

Embracing seasonal content also adds a sense of excitement and variety to gameplay, as players encounter unique challenges and reap additional rewards.

Optimize Salvaging Techniques

Optimizing salvaging techniques is a key tip for efficiently collecting crafting materials in Diablo IV. Salvaging unwanted or obsolete gear at the blacksmith not only frees up valuable inventory space but also provides a reliable source of crafting materials. 

To make the most of salvaging, players should prioritize items that yield valuable materials for their crafting needs. Rare and legendary items often grant rare crafting materials, making them particularly valuable for efficient material collection. Being discerning about what to salvage ensures that players are not wasting precious resources. 

Complete Bounties and Challenges

Completing bounties and challenges is a valuable tip for efficiently collecting crafting materials in Diablo IV. These tasks not only offer thrilling gameplay experiences but also provide generous material rewards. 

By actively engaging in bounties and challenges, players can earn a plethora of crafting materials while simultaneously gaining experience and gold. Prioritizing those that specifically offer to craft material rewards allows players to focus their efforts on material collection. With each completed bounty or challenge, the stockpile of crafting resources steadily grows, granting players the means to craft and upgrade powerful gear. 

Efficient Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is a crucial tip for efficiently collecting crafting materials in Diablo IV. As players explore the treacherous world of Sanctuary and engage in battles, their inventory quickly fills up with various items and crafting materials. 

To maximize material collection, it is essential to regularly organize and manage the inventory space. Identify non-essential items for immediate salvage, freeing up room for more valuable crafting resources. Utilize the stash and shared stash effectively to store excess materials and keep the inventory clutter-free.

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Engage in Multiplayer for Material Sharing

Engaging in multiplayer for material sharing is a valuable tip for efficiently collecting crafting materials in Diablo IV. Joining forces with other players in a party provides numerous benefits, including the ability to share and trade crafting materials. 

By coordinating with teammates, players can focus on farming specific areas or enemies known for rich material drops, optimizing their material collection efforts. Additionally, multiplayer sessions often present more formidable challenges and tougher enemies, leading to higher-quality loot and more crafting materials. Collaborative play allows players to pool their resources, ensuring that each member of the party benefits from the collective material acquisition. 

Embracing the multiplayer aspect not only enhances the social experience but also facilitates material sharing, leading to a faster and more efficient material gathering process, paving the way for stronger characters and a more united front against the malevolent forces threatening the world of Diablo IV.

Time management and consistency 

Time management and consistency are vital tips for efficiently collecting crafting materials in Diablo IV. Material gathering requires dedication and regular play sessions to make substantial progress. Set aside specific time slots for focused material farming, ensuring that you consistently engage in activities that yield crafting resources. By establishing a routine, you avoid sporadic and inefficient material collection. 

Keep track of your progress, set realistic goals, and monitor your material reserves to stay on track with your objectives. Balancing material farming with other in-game activities prevents burnout and ensures a well-rounded gaming experience. 


This was all about the guide for Efficiently collecting crafting materials in Diablo IV. Collecting crafting materials with all the required knowledge effectively is crucial for success. By following these tips, you can optimize your efforts, forge powerful gear, and conquer the darkness that lurks within Sanctuary. 

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