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Torchlight: Infinite Commander Class Guide

This Torchlight: Infinite Commander guide is centered on Moto, a dwarven hero that enjoys tinkering. Torchlight: Infinite has all the monster slaughtering you could ever want, five selectable characters, most of whom are brand-new to the franchise. You'll enjoy this if you watch creatures erupt in vivid gore while gaining experience points, gold, and stuff.

Commander Moto

In Torchlight: Infinite, this class is known as a "summoner." Moto has a powerful hammer, but his real power comes from his ability to call up robotic and mech minions to help him in battle. He is a powerful asset on the field because his teammates may aid in assault and defense. Moto's solo damage initially falls a little short due to this dependency on minions. However, due to his potent damage and extremely safe playstyle, he is the sole S-tier hero on the list of tier characters. Here are the key components of the Moto build.

Torchlight: Infinite Commander

Commander Moto Hero Traits

Overload is a factor you must consider when considering the hero's characteristics. This will increase our minions' attack speed, critical strike ratings, and skill range. The following levels grant access to the Hero Traits:

The impacts of specific abilities are modified through traits, which fine-tune your build's behavior.

Order Calling

  • Overload Effect will increase by 100%.

  • When the overload is active, Minions have a 10-second longer lifespan.

  • Your Minions will give priority to the adversary you just defeated.

All In

  • Overload Effect will increase by +180%.

  • The overburden effect of minions is 9% every 0.2 seconds, up to 180%.

  • 50% more critical strike rating is granted by overload.


  • Every overload received results in a +6% increase in body size, up to +30%.

  • Minion damage increases by 5% for each overload by a maximum of 25%.

  • The increased maximum life of minions by 4% for each overload received, up to 20%.

Brothers in Arms

  • One amongst your minions receives overload for every enemy they eliminate.

  • Give minions without active Overload effects priority.

  • Gain up to +50% more overload for each opponent your minion, and you successfully take down.

Go for Broke

  • When receiving overload, minions lose 30% of their remaining life.

  • 200 basic critical strike ratings are added by overload.

Pact Points

  • Taken damage: -9%.

  • Maximum life for minion: +120%.

  • +261% damage to minions

  • If summoning abilities have recently been used, minion damage increases by 18%.

  • 40% faster minion cast and attack speed.

Torchlight: Infinite Commander Guide

Best talents for Commander Moto

In the talent tree, you'll often give minion nodes for attack and shield nodes for protection. God of Machines is the first area of specialty we'd like to explore; therefore we'll take up these nodes:

  • Per 1 Strength, minion damage is 1%.

  • 1% per 5 Intelligence in the minion critical strike rating.

  • Subordinate: Attack speed of the minions.

  • Isomorphic Arms: The primary hand weapon replicates damage for a minion attack.

Like pact points discussed, we won't go into detail about each talent you could open up because it would be a long list. So instead, the stats that we advise pursuing in each tree are shown below.


With the talent selections, strive for these statistics:

  • Intelligence: +132

  • Strength: +44

  • Dexterity: +44

Choose the following skill effects:

  • Attack speed increases or decreases of 20% also relate to the speed at which cooldowns are recovered.

  • The impacts on cooldown recovery speed account for 20% of the effects on cast speed.

  • +3 support skill level.

Off The Beaten Track
  • The mana multiplier for the support skill is set to 105%.


With the talent selections, strive for these statistics:

  • Intelligence: +68

  • Strength: +68

  • Dexterity: +34

Choose the following skill effects:

  • The maximum synthetic troop number for the boss will increase by 1.

  • Increased troop duration by 50%.

Kinetic Conversion
  • Movement-related damage is increased by 20%.

  • While walking, recover 1% of health every second.

God of Machines

With the talent selections, strive for these statistics:

  • Intelligence: +60

  • Strength: +60

  • Dexterity: +30

Choose the following skill effects:

Shrink Back
  • Chance to acquire Barrier while receiving damage will increase by 50%.

Mighty Guard
  • Skill level of minion will increase by 2%.

  • Minion aggression will decrease by 25%.

Commander Moto's strongest skills

The following are the talents you should acquire, along with the supporting skills for each:

  • Summon Spider Tank: Maniacal Army, Assault Command, Minion Damage, Critical Strike Damage Increase, Critical Strike Rating Increase.

  • Machine Army: Cooldown Reduction, Mass Effect, Pain Amplification, Extended Duration.

  • Dark Gate: Extended Duration, Amplification, Cooldown Reduction.

  • Precise Projectiles or Electric Conversion: Once you acquire Restrain, you can employ both skills for massive boosts.


Equipment is where your build truly begins because it gives you statistical advantages that allow you to develop your playstyle.

  • Necklace: Truth

  • Gloves: Elder Sage's Long Gloves

  • Armor: Unbreakable Armor

  • Helmet: Fallen Knight Helmet

  • Belt: Night Conqueror's Light Belt

  • Boots: Imperishable Feet

  • Weapon 1: Twisted Branch

  • Weapon 2: Twisted Branch

  • Ring 1: Embrace of Eternal Sleep

  • Ring 2: Frostfire Ring

The Torchlight: Infinite Commander Moto builds playing instructions

It's a simple play style. You can call in your six upgraded Spider Tanks and let him inflict harm. You can move quickly while avoiding the attacks of opponents. You can also enhance the Spider Tanks through Machine Army and Dark Gate. Commander Moto is a small ranged character who quickly delivers damage to foes. He deals a ton of damage everywhere he swings his charged hammer.

You can craft various equipments to help you further in the combtas. For the same, you will be required to spend Flame Elementium. If you are falling short of them, you can easily purchase Torchlight: Infinite Flame Elementium for real money.

To aid you, visit our website MMOPixel to purchase Torchlight: Infinite Flame Elementium. We offer the best service at cheapest rate. 


That concludes the manual! Given that the minions are doing the most laborious work, this is among the game's more laid-back playstyles. The damage output and simplicity of play allow this build a perfect choice for gamers of every skill level, although this play style may be dull to some.

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