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Torchlight Infinite Moto Build Guide

Now that Torchlight: Infinite has officially been out, we're working to cover every facet in a series of tutorials emphasizing the characters. This Torchlight: Infinite tutorial is centered on Moto, a dwarven hero who enjoys tinkering. For those who enjoyed the Engineer during Torchlight 2, this is the de facto minion type in the new Torchlight. It has all the monster slaughtering you could ever want, 5 selectable heroes, most of whom are brand-new to the franchise. You'll enjoy this if you watch creatures erupt in vivid gore while gaining experience points, gold, and stuff.

Would you like to play a minion build in Torchlight Infinite and are looking to start playing? Fortunately for you, this Torchlight: Infinite Moto build guide is available to assist. So continue reading if you wish to have a horde of strong mechanized minions at your beck and call. In Torchlight Infinite, the minion-based character is called Commander Moto. 

About Moto

Moto is a brawler character who deals damage to foes quickly. He deals a tonne of damage everywhere he swings his charged hammer. According to his official hero description, Moto tried to write his name on the class blackboard, but he could only get as far as the very bottom. Oh, dear! Moto extends his arm to complete the completed character.

Staying with all of the standard race-height furniture at the school is one of the drawbacks of being a dwarf. Up until he had completed writing his name, the hilarity continued. Moto, meanwhile, isn't at all upset about the laughs. He takes a miniature Ember Mech bird out of his pocket, winds it slowly, then lets go of his gripping fingers. All eyes are focused on the mech bird that is lifting off his palm into the air like a genuine one as the noise is abruptly stopped.

Torchlight Infinite Moto

Commander Moto

In accordance with his Commander trait, Moto can create an Overload impact that increases his assault damage plus cast velocity by 35%. He also has a 10% increased chance of doing twice as much damage thanks to the Overload effect. The duration of the skill effect and the recovery time for skill cooldowns impact the lifespan and expiry of this overload effect, respectively.

Best Trait

We'll want to specialize in Overload for our hero characteristic. This will increase our minions' critical attack rating, attack speed, and skill range. The following levels grant access to Our Hero Traits:

  • Ordercalling at Level 15: The called object's lifetime will be prolonged by 10 seconds if it becomes overloaded. The last adversary you hit will be the first target of your summoned item.

  • All In at Level 32: Effect of Overload on minions of -9% per 0.2s, up to -180%. After 4 seconds, the effect reaches its peak. Overload's effect impacts the "+40% Critical Strike Rating" that Overload delivers.

  • Charge Forward at Level 32: The "+10% Health Recovery Speed" that Overload offers is impacted by the Overload effect. The Overload effect is modified by the "+10% chance of hitting taunted adversaries" that Overload offers.

  • The Veteran at Level 50: Minions get 6% more physique for each additional Overload, up to 30% more. Minions receive 5% more damage, up to 25%, for each additional Overload. Minion 4% Max Health, up to +20% for each additional Overload

  • Brothers in Arms at Level 62: Your minions gain Overload for each opponent they defeat, with those without Overload receiving priority. If you and your minions beat an enemy, the Overload effect increases by 10% up to 50%.

  • Last Level at 62: Overloaded minions won't be vanquished. When they sustain a lethal injury, they get 1 life. Under the effects of Overload, minions receive a damage advantage of up to 40% depending on their Missing Life. As minions lose 2.5% of their maximum life, damage increases by 1%.

  • Rest & Ready at Level 80: An additional -50% damage and cast rate while summons is still not overloaded. The overload effect is modified by the "extra +35% assault as well as casting speed" that Overload offers.

  • Go For Broke at Level 80: The summoned object loses 60% of its present life when overloaded. The overload impact is affected by the "+200 base crit value" that Overload offers.

Torchlight Infinite Moto Guide

Best Talents

We'll often give minion nodes for offense and shield nodes for protection in our talent tree. God of Machines is the first area of specialty we'd like to explore; therefore, we'll take into consideration the following nodes:

  • Isomorphic Arms (copying damage from main hand weapon for minion attack)

  • Minion damage is 1% for each Strength.

  • "Subordinate" (minion assault velocity)

  • 1% minion critical strike rate for every five Intelligence points

Following the God of Machines, one should enter the Machinist tree and then grab the following nodes:

  • Burning Aggression (aggression in minion levels up)

  • Boss (More minions start to appear)

Last but also not least, you must approach the Alchemist tree and then acquire the following nodes:

  • Contingency (Boosts health and mana recovery)

  • Thousand Faces (Increases illnesses from attacks by minions)

Best Skills

We would use four distinct skills in total for our arsenal. Below are the talents you should acquire, along with the supporting skills for each:

  • Dark Gate: Extended Duration, Amplification, Cooldown Reduction

  • Summon Spider Tank: Critical Strike Damage Increase, Minion Damage, Assault Command, Critical Strike Rating Increase, Maniacal Army

  • Electric Conversion or Precise Projectiles: You must apply these auras to achieve absurd bonuses after Restrain.

  • Machine Army: Cooldown Reduction, Pain Amplification, Extended Duration, Mass Effect

Best Gear

We'll be aiming to layer various affixes on the gear as a result of our gearing decisions.


  • Minion Attack Speed

  • Minion Attack Damage

  • Minion Critical Attack Rating


  • Intelligence

  • Strength

  • Cap Resistance up to 75

You can use the following legendaries in your build as well.

  • Use Mind Pulse to increase the number of minions and deal additional damage to them when their life is low.

  • Increased minion critical strike damage, lucky critical strike chance on minions, improved minion mobility, attack speed, and resistance are all features of the fiend crown.

Almost all of our offense is built here, except our resistances. You should avoid most opposing abilities since the minions will be doing most of the shielding and damage-dealing. But to prevent skills that cause arbitrary elemental damage, our resistances are crucial.

Torchlight Infinite Moto


It's really simple for the way you should play. You should call in the six upgraded Spider Tanks and let them inflict harm. We'll mostly be moving quickly while avoiding the attacks of opponents. Using Machine Army and Dark Gate, we'll also be enhancing our Spider Tanks.

Tips to Consider

  • Returning to our Moto configuration, we choose God of Machines because summoning provides all of our DPS. If you select Overview, you may see each tree's specialties and focus on the style of play you like. This will be a breeze once you've decided on the equipment type plus skill set.

  • When playing Moto, whenever the stat boosts favored us, we chose to equip weapons having significantly lesser DPS. The damage originated from minions, so anything with a +x% minion attack was fantastic. In Torchlight Infinite, it's those stat boosts that matter the most, so always take a close look at them and decide whether or not they'll assist your build.

  • These are the closest Torchlight Infinite has to pay-to-win; they are essentially pets you acquire as you play. We suggest using the greatest creatures you unlock and not stressing yourself too much. Pets have the potential to be a huge financial and time drain that would be better used elsewhere. We advise you to prioritize offensive choices whenever possible because Torchlight Infinite prefers that specific stat within the current configuration.

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That wraps the guide! Because the minions are doing most of the work, this is among the game's more laid-back playstyles. The damaging output and simplicity of play make this build a great choice for gamers of any skill level, even though some may find this play style monotonous.

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