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Vertus Lost Ark Guide - Defeat this Level 1 Guardian Raid!

Welcome to this Vertus Guardian Raid Guide, warrior! Here you’ll learn all the abilities and mechanics of this powerful boss. This way, all its attacks will be easily dodged, whether you play alone or with a group of teammates. Without further delay, let straight to this Vertus Lost Ark article!

What is Lost Ark Vertus Guardian Raid?

Vertus is a level 1 Guardian Raid. To unlock Vertus, you must reach at least item level 420 or higher. The battle against Vertus has three phases. This first phase ends shortly after the encounter starts. This is when phase 2 begins. This may be called the “enrage state.” Phase 3 starts when the Guardian has less than 30% HP.

Vertus loot involves Accessories, Ability Stones, Upgrade Materials, as well as rare drops such as Runes, Cards, and Engraving Books. Just like other Guardians, Vertus is weak against specific elemental damage. In its case, it takes 10% more damage from Lightning Element Skills.  

Vertus Guardian General Patterns

To defeat this target, you first need to learn all its basic attacks and mechanics. This way, you can manage the interaction wisely. Below, we’ll describe each movement of the Guardian briefly.

Backward Jump

Vertus's Backwards Jump in Lost Ark

At some moments of the battle, Vertus will jump backward. This movement deals low damage and knocks you up on hit. Keep an eye on this movement since Vertus can combo it with a subsequent attack. If this happens, you could be in serious trouble. To avoid this, close the gap between you and Vertus as soon as possible.

Forward Jump

Vertus's Forwards Jump in Lost Ark

Contrary to the previous attack, the forward jump deals middle damage to all the players standing around the impact area. This attack will also knock you up, which can lead you to death if Vertus strikes you repeatedly. 


Vertus's Swipe in Lost Ark

The Guardian swipes up twice, one with each claw, dealing low damage. Still, this attack staggers you and knocks you back on hit. Step aside using a dodge skill.

Tail Swipe

Vertus's Tail Swipe in Lost Ark

Vertus bends its tail and swings to the side to strike a nearby enemy. If this attack hits you, you’ll be stunned, exposing you to follow-up attacks. To avoid this attack, just stay away from the area behind the Guardian. In the 3rd phase, you have great chances to counterattack Vertus after the tail Swipe. 


Vertus's Spin in Lost Ark

The Lost Ark Vertus Pet will do a 360° spin attack, hitting everybody in a middle range. If this attack reaches you, you’ll be knocked up. To avoid Vertus tail, be aware of the Guardian’s movements. Walk away as soon as you see that Vertus tilts with its body to one side because immediately after, it will perform the spin. 

Tail Slam

Vertus's Tail Slam in Lost Ark

The Guardian will slam the ground three times with its tails. If you’re in the impact area, you’ll be knocked up to 3 times in a row. Use a dodge skill to escape from its claw and then run away to the opposite side.

Ice Orb

Vertus's Ice Orb in Lost Ark

Vertus delivers an ice orb to the party member in front of it. This attack deals low damage but applies a slow debuff which can expose you to more powerful mechanics. To dodge the orb, just step out of the orb’s path.  

Icy Breath

Vertus's Icy Breath in Lost Ark

This frost breath has 2 phases. In the first one, Vertus breathes in and pulls everybody in front of it. When The Guardian has enough air in its longes, it releases it causing high damage and knocking back everybody in a big area in front of it. To avoid this frost beam, just stay in the middle distance for the most part of the battle and step aside as soon as you see the Guardian starting to breathe in. 

Freezing Ground

Vertus's Freezing Ground in Lost Ark

Vertus will lift its front foot and slam the ground heavily. When Vertus slams, some red circles will spawn in random locations that explode and freeze everybody standing nearby them. The freezing ground deals low damage, but you can use the freeze debuff to avoid the subsequent attacks of the guardian. 

Dive and Breach

Vertus's Dive and Breach in Lost Ark

Vertus dives into the lake beneath the surface and chases you for a few seconds from underneath the frozen water. The Guardian will emerge by breaking the ice from below, hitting you and the closest player. This attack deals high damage and knocks up everyone at the breach point. To avoid this attack, you must run in a straight line in the opposite direction.

Special Interactions and Patterns

In the next section, we cover some patterns you should learn to defeat Vertus easily, no matter which class of your character is. Read them and push Vertus to the hole where it came from.

Counterable Charge

Counterable Charge against Vertus in Lost Ark

Just like other Guardian Raids, before Vertus charges, it glows blue. This is the right moment to deliver a skill with a Counter Attack affix to successfully interrupt the animation while standing in front of the boss. This way, you’ll stagger Vertus. Besides, you’ll have a short window to deal with additional damage.

Just keep in mind that when the Guardian charges, it can hit multiple times at everyone who is in its line. This easily kills all players it finds.

Enrage - Phase 2

Vertus' Enraged State in Lost Ark

Vertus can enter phase 2 after the first encounter, when you stagger it in phase 1, or when it moves to another part of the map. This enraged state modifies the Vertus’s skills but also gives you the chance to deliver stagger damage. This is the time to cut its tail by using battle items and skills with a Weak Point affix. Consider that whether you cut its tail, the difficulty of the fight will increase.  

Icy Grasp

Vertus's Icy Grasp in Lost Ark

To defeat Vertus, you need to know that when the Guardian enters an enraged state it will attempt to grab you or the members of your team. If the Guardian grabs you, it will slam you to the ground three times. Immediately afterward, it will release you by tossing you into the air and unleashing a powerful breath attack. However, if the boss catches you, the three remaining players of your team can prevent the Guardian from slamming you on the ground using Stagger skills. 

How to Beat Vertus?

Vertus Guardian main menu in Lost Ark

To kill Vertus, just avoid getting grabbed by Icy Grasp. If you decide to cut its tail, it will enter the enraged state. At this point, apply stagger abilities to stack stagger. Vertus will be exposed. Use this window to break off Vertus by using Part Break abilities. 

Tips for Vertus Guardian Raid 

Use Lightning Element Skills. Vertus takes 10% more damage from Lightning Element Skills. 

Flares. These display the location of Vertus if it moves to another part of the map. 

Whirlwind grenades. These grenades will allow you to stagger Vertus quickly. 

HP Potions. Using an HP potion will recover your health when it’s below half. 

Pheromone Bomb. This item makes the boss go back to the location where you are without the need to use a flare. 

Vertus Rewards

The following are the rewards that Vertus loots frequently. Any reward on this list has different chances of being grabbed.

  • Vertus Card

  • Arkesia Event coins

  • Legendary Earrings, Necklace, and Amulet

  • Tier 1 Honing Material

  • Epic Ability Stones

  • Uncommon and Rare Class Engraving Recipe

  • Uncommon Galewind Rune

What Vertus Pets are?

A Vertus Pet in Lost Ark

Pets are very popular in Lost Ark. In the recent update in April, Vertus pets were released for all players with the Premium version of the game and the season pass. 

Vertus pets come in four different colors: the light blue Vertus called Vertoto, the yellow one, Vertori, the purple one, Vertora, and the dark blue one, Vertorand. And all of them are very cute! 

To get these pets, you need to complete the required tasks and unlock the Vertus Pet Selection Chest by being level 30 or above. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading until this point, gamer. Lost Ark is one of the most interesting games of recent times, and we’re happy to have helped you to complete the Vertus guardian raid. 

Vertus is a great challenge requiring you and all the other characters to focus heavily on the battle. Playing against it may take you some hours, but, in the end, you’ll pass through it as the champion you are!

Buy Lost Ark Golg in MMOPixel

Finally, if you want to purchase all the resources you wish within this incredible game, get the Lost Ark Gold you’ll need. Head to adventure being prepared for all the challenges, including facing Vertus Guardian. If you want to know more about Lost Ark, read our other guide or contact us. Feel free! The decision is up to you!

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