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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Guide to Finding Borya

In the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery, Borya is a vendor for tailoring supplies. It sells limited-edition tailoring recipes, specifically for Invoker's Mantle and Cord. It appears in the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery's Sholazar Basin area in Northrend. It is highly prized for its rare drops, one of which is the much-desired one that can be utilized to make potent Leatherworking bracers.

Where to Find Borya in WoW Classic SoD?

Located in Orgrimmar, Borya is a level 30 NPC. Orgrimmar is home to this NPC.

Borya can be found at 62.84, and 51.16 in Magar's Cloth Goods in the Drag of Orgrimmar. Standing in the store's right corner is this man, an Orc. When you speak with him, you'll discover that he sells several types of thread, dyes, and related crafting supplies for sewing.

Here are some more details to aid in your search for Borya the Reaver in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery:

Spawn Location

  • More specifically, the northernmost point of Icemist Ridge, approximately at coordinates (50, 22), is where Borya's patrol path begins.

  • After there, he travels south down the mountain's western slope, going through the regions referred to as "The Crevasse" and "Boulder River."

  • His southernmost tip is located close to the Obsidian Spire at (46, 32).

  • He then completes the roughly round loop by turning north and ascending the peak once more.

Patrolling Conduct

  • Due to Borya's rather moderate patrol pace, once you discover him, you should have plenty of time to react and engage him.

  • He does not attack players until they start a fight because he is not an aggressive player.

  • Note that Borya patrols the same route as bears and wolves, among other mobs. Make sure you set him apart from these monsters to prevent needless confrontation.

Combat Techniques

  • Bring a group that is well-balanced between DPS, tanking, and healing skills.

  • Controlling the crowd is essential. Borya can be restrained by classes like Mages, Hunters, and Warriors, stopping him from bringing his full rage down on your group.

  • Interrupt his spellcasting, particularly the potent "Glacial Assault" spell, which has the potential to deliver a great deal of damage.

  • Make the most of the topography. You can exploit the rocky outcrops and varied slopes for manipulation of line-of-sight and kiting.

Spawn Timer

  • Borya's estimated spawn time is between four and six hours, however, it's vital to remember that this is an estimate and not a hard and fast rule.

  • Do not give up if he doesn't show up right away after 4 hours—the real respawn timer may vary slightly.

  • While some players have claimed to have had to wait up to eight hours for Borya to spawn, others have had the good fortune to locate him in just two.

WoW Classic SoD Borya Location

Some Other Strategies

  • Camping: The easiest way to grab Borya is to camp his spawn spot if you're that committed to getting him yourself.

  • Pack light and be ready for extended periods of waiting. To pass the time and exchange information, think about forming a group with other gamers who are also camping.

  • Guild Coordination: If you play in a guild, you can work together to keep an eye on Borya's spawn location and notify one another when he emerges. By doing this, you may greatly improve your chances of locating him before other players.

  • World Defense Channels: Another useful approach to receive updates on Borya's spawn is to join the World Defense channels for your realm. In these channels, players frequently report sightings or losses, so you may respond promptly if he shows up.

Advanced Strategies

Know your class: Having a strategic approach to the battle against Borya will help you identify the advantages and disadvantages of your group. Make good use of your talents to maintain control over the fight and deal the most damage possible.

Crowd Control & Interrupts: Pay close attention to breaking up Borya's spellcasting, particularly his potent "Ravager Leap" ability. Slows and stuns are examples of crowd control techniques that can be very helpful in controlling the fight and keeping your squad from taking too much damage.

Supplies & Equipment: Make sure your supplies are sufficient for the task at hand and load up on consumables like food and potions to boost your health and keep you going during the battle.

Use Gold: WoW Classic SoD has gold as the in-game currency to help you make various in-game purchases. So use gold as and when required to reach Borya faster. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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  • The most valuable drop in Borya is the Borya's Heavy Pelt, an uncommon material that is utilized to make the highly sought-after Leatherworking bracers with remarkable stats, known as Borean Heavy Mitts.

  • In addition, he has the opportunity to drop other expensive goods such as the Boreal Leather Tunic, Boreal Mantle, and Pattern: Heavy Boreal Leather.

  • After defeating Borya, you can advance toward the "Sholazar Basin Safari" award, which proves how adept you are at hunting in the icy wilderness.


To sum up, going on the search for Borya in the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery may be both rewarding and difficult. One of the best places to get tailoring supplies is Borya, which has special edition recipes, such as the much sought-after Invoker's Mantle and Cord. Players must be patient as they make their way through Sholazar Basin's convoluted patrol path to find Borya, who spawns every four to six hours.

A balanced group composition and crowd control strategies are key components of a successful engagement with Borya, which calls for strategic planning and coordination. Breaking strong spells like "Glacial Assault" and making use of the terrain is crucial if one is to gain insight into his fighting style.

Recall, my fellow adventurer, that the keys to defeating Borya are readiness, patience, and a little cunning. I hope that this more detailed information helps you better comprehend Borya the Reaver and inspires you to take more risks!

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