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WoW Classic TBC Pre Patch Gold Making Tips

World Of Warcraft Classic has had aunties Azeroth lovers back in the original days of Blizzard's mega MMO for a while now. If the nostalgia of early WoW has worn off, don't you worry.

Blizzard says that the Burning Crusade Classic pre-expansion patch is live now, introducing some of the features and changes that are coming with the full expansion in just a couple of weeks. These new additions mainly give players the chance to prepare for the new expansion and decide what to do with their characters.

Generally speaking, World of Warcraft pre patch events are a time for having fun with other players while you're all enjoying a sneak peek at a new expansion for the first time. In this case, however, a large portion of players are already familiar with the content and will be looking to get down to business asap. And by that, I mean trying to find good opportunities to make as much gold as possible in preparation for the proper Burning Crusade Classic launch. With that in mind, we decided to put together a little WoW Classic TBC pre patch gold making guide that should help you amass plenty of the shiny in-game currency.

WoW Classic TBC Profession Mats

Professions are key if you want to farm WoW Classic TBC gold at a consistent rate. There are plenty of materials from Classic that have become valuable in the TBC pre patch due to the new level boost service implemented by Blizzard. This service only boosts your level but you still have to train professionals from scratch. In addition, there are also lots of people playing Draenei or Blood Elf who are scrambling to max out their characters and professions before the expansion launches. In short, there is plenty of demand formats at the moment. Here are some of the most valuable ones:

Thorium Ore/ Thorium Bar
Many materials needed to level up Blacksmithing are pretty valuable in the Classic TBC pre patch, with some of the most sought-after ones being Thorium Ore and Thorium Bars. At the time of writing, a Thorium Bar goes for about 1 gold on most servers across EU and NA. Meanwhile, Thorium Ore is just a little bit cheaper. The price of Thorium Bars may increase substantially in the near future. That's because the bars can be used to raise your Blacksmithing skill past 300 when the expansion launches by crafting Enchanted Thorium Blades.

Golden Sansam
Golden Sansam is sort of like the Alchemy equivalent of Illusion Dust. However, there are two TBC Classic recipes that require it so it's even more useful. Like a lot of other Classic materials, Golden Sansam plants are quite cheap at the moment. But the prices are expected to increase substantially into TBC as players realize that the best way to level up certain professions past 300 is to use some of these old crafting reagents.

Mithril Bar
Though slightly cheaper than Thorium Bars, Mithril Bars have been going up in price since the release of the latest WoW pre patch and it's easy to see why. This material is very useful for leveling up not just Blacksmithing and Engineering but also the new Jewelcrafting profession. Thanks to Jewelcrafting, the prices of other ores and bars have also been going up and will continue to do so. If you already have a large supply of Mithril you should probably hang on to some of it just to see how the prices evolve in the coming days. As of right now, the prices of Mithril Ore and Mithril Bars are surprisingly similar on EU servers. Meanwhile, over on US servers Bars are about twice as expensive as ores.

Righteous Orb
Righteous Orbs have been decreasing in price lately on US servers, which makes this a great time to buy. Conversely, if you're in the EU you'll want to sell soon because the prices there are constantly going up. Orbs aren't really needed for crafting per se but they are needed for the Crusader enchantment and the Naxxramas attunement. Unlike with later World of Warcraft expansions, the gear you can get from the final raid of Classic will last you quite a while into the upcoming expansion. There are bound to be lots of boosted characters hitting up Naxx in the Classic TBC pre patch for the last chance at high end gear. Expect Righteous Orbs to continue to remain in demand because of that.

Illusion Dust
Illusion Dust is another good investment opportunity in the Classic TBC pre patch. Similar to how Thorium Bars can be used to level up Blacksmithing past 300, Illusion Dust can be used to level up Enchanting past 300 thanks to the recipe Enchant Bracer – Superior Stamina. This means that Illusion Dust will continue to be used quite heavily by Enchanters even after the release of TBC. The prices of Illusion Dust are currently quite low so this would be a great time to stock up on it while there's still plenty of supply. The supply will probably start going down a couple of weeks into TBC Classic when most people are focusing on the new content. Meaning you'll need some patience if you're looking to flip your stock and make a profit.

Elemental Water
Elemental Water was needed for a lot of crafting professions even before the Classic TBC pre patch but now it's even more valuable since it is also required to make Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing level up Jewelcrafting. The reagent is fairly expensive so it's probably a good idea to invest in it only if you already have a good chunk of gold laying around. If you do decide to buy some, it would be best to do it on US servers since it seems to be cheaper than usual there at the moment.

Pristine Black Diamond
As I'm sure you're already aware by now, Horde players can finally become Paladins in TBC Classic by rolling a Blood Elf character. With Blood Elf Paladins soon to become one of the most popular races/class combinations in the game, you'll notice a sharp increase in the price of Pristine Black Diamonds. This is because Paladins need one of these items to unlock their Epic ground mount. As more and more players unlock it, the prices will start to drop, but as of right now they're still very high. Especially on EU servers.

Libram Of Fervor
Speaking of Blood Elf Paladins, there's currently a lot of demand on the Horde side for Librams of Fervor. These items can drop from many mobs and bosses but always on a very low drop chance, so they're not easily acquirable. But they are very valuable throughout TBC since Librams, in general, are pretty rare. Luckily, prices for Librams of Fervor on both EU and NA seem to be fluctuating a lot at the moment. You might be able to buy one relatively cheaply if you're patient and then flip it when the prices inevitably go up as more and more Horde Paladins reach the max level.

Totem Of The Storm
The latest WoW pre patch brought with it not just Horde Paladins but also Alliance Shamans. The item equivalent to the Libram of Fervor on the Alliance side is the Totem of the Storm. Pretty much everything I just said about the Libram also applies to this Totem. With one exception being that prices for the Totem seem to be fluctuating even more, easily surpassing 150-200 gold on some servers.

Transmute Primal Might Recipe
There were a bunch of new recipes added to the game with the Classic TBC pre patch. The recipe for Transmute Primal Might is arguably the most important one. Primal Might is required to craft a wide variety of pieces of Epic gear in TBC and can only be obtained by combining five other types of Primal elements via Transmutation. The recipe itself can only be bought from one of three merchants in the entire game, two of which have been added with the pre patch. Namely, Altaa in The Exodar and Melaris in Silvermoon City. The third one is in Shattrath.

Each of these vendors can only have one copy of the recipe at a time. Once somebody buys it, it will take around four hours for the recipe to respawn again. Needless to say, this valuable recipe is bound to be camped 24/7 on most servers. You'll need a lot of time and patience if you want to get your hands on this recipe. But you can flip it for a ton of gold if you manage to pull it off.

Netherweave Cloth
This is a high risk, high reward method of getting your hands on some TBC Classic gold. In the Classic TBC pre patch, mobs around Karazhan drop Netherweave Cloth, which is expected to be quite expensive during the first one or two days into the new expansion. After that, the prices will drop substantially, like they always do for most types of cloth. But if you manage to gather enough of it now and sell it quickly when the opportunity arises, you stand to make a nice profit.

The only problem is that the mobs around Karazhan are level 68-70, so you'll need gear with an extremely good hit rating in order to take them down. Going through the hassle of killing these mobs is possibly not worth it for the cloth alone, however, the mobs also have a small chance of dropping TBC Rare and Epic BoE items. If you're lucky enough to land one of these items you'll be swimming in gold in no time, especially if it's an Epic one. Well, provided you decide to sell it on the auction house instead of using it yourself.

Stay tuned for more TBC classic news as it becomes available! Here you have it, that's everything you need to know about TBC Pre Patch Gold Making. Of course, if you don't have enough time to get WoW Classic TBC gold you can buy TBC Classic gold on mmopixel.

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