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Albion Online Armor Mastery Guide

The best thing about Albion Online is that it not just gives you a variety of weapons and roles but also quite a good range of armor as well. There are different types of armor and each has its own advantages and disadvantages on the battlefield. Each armor has its own subtypes of different Tier levels that allow you to customize your character how you want it to. To get a mastery, you need to be using and upgrading the armor you want to get mastery in that includes using that particular armor a maximum number of times in the battle, taking damage, dodging, and carrying it for the most of the time.

Getting mastery in armor refers to the skill tree which is responsible for deciding the player’s ability to wear any armor and effectively use all its abilities, strengths, and advantages. As you keep moving, upgrading, and proceeding further in your game, you unlock various armor of different Tiers having special combat abilities to put you ahead of players and effectively win the maximum number of battles.

Use of armor and their constant upgradation rewards you with special bonuses, skills, and combat abilities. Below is the detailed guide underlying important tips and strategies to help you with armor mastery in Albion Online to embark on a journey of achieving rewards, bonuses, and victories on the battlefield.

Understanding Mastery

In Albion Online, Mastery is a type of node that is located in the destiny board. It helps you with further processing in your game which simply means you constantly have to level your items in order to gain full advantage on the battlefield. Achieving mastery of any item requires a constant and continuous of that item that includes constant upgradation and gathering of resources. You earn mastery points as you proceed in your gameplay which adds a ladder to the mastery level.

Reaching the mastery level higher in Albion Online rewards you with bonuses, skills, and special abilities. There are various subtypes of each armor in Albion Online and you can access them all by simply levelling up yourself.

Albion Online Mastery

Understanding Armor Type

The most basic step towards armor mastery in Albion Online is getting started with all the basic armor and using them frequently so that you can get acquainted with the use of each of them on the battlefield. When you’ll start the game, you’ll be introduced to the most basic versions of Cloth, Leather, and Plate armor. So, get started with them and gain experience as much as you can while playing your role. Below is the guide to each and every armor mentioning its advantages and disadvantages to help you with a better understanding of each of these armors.

Cloth Armor

Cloth armor is one of the lightest armor of all three types. It provides you the highest mobility of all but comes up with more vulnerable towards enemy attacks. In short, it provides you the high damage output but minimum protection against enemy attacks. Cloth Armor allows you to use Robes, Cowls, and Sandals and each of them has a different tier that can be unlocked by constant playing, gaining experience, and upgradation. For better results, use cloth armor when you’re far from your enemies.

Leather Armor

Leather armor is a balanced armor that provides a good balance between mobility and defense on the battlefield. By wearing leather armor, you not just hold a good grip over damage output but also get good protection from the attacks of the enemies. Leather armor comes in three pieces and they are Jackets, Hoods, and Shoes and they too have different tiers and can be unlocked by constant use and gaining experience. Leather armor is good when you’re both attacking and defending.

Plate Armor

Plate armor has one of the highest defenses among all the above-mentioned armor types but it comes with little to no mobility. It is good on the defense side but not in terms of mobility or movement. Leather armor comes in three pieces and they are Armor, Helmets, and Boots. It can be used to deal with close enemy attacks or engage your enemies while other members of your team are fighting. If you’re more on the defense side, then plate armor is a good choice.

Albion Online Armor

Focus on Your Armor Type

Wearing any type of armor won’t work with your armor mastery in Albion Online because positioning is the key here. It is very important to focus on your armor type by focusing on the position you’re going to stand and fight on the battlefield. Like, cloth armor has very little defense against physical attacks so it is advisable to stay away from the enemies as far as possible maintaining a safe distance to minimize the chances of attacks. Usually, players with magic weapons having ranged attacks use cloth armor to maintain distance while giving damage to their enemies.

Similarly, plate armor provides the highest defense against enemy attacks so it can be used when you’re in close contact or a close physical contact with your enemies because you’re less vulnerable to physical attacks. Usually, players playing the role of a Healer use Plate armor.

Understand Your Playstyle

Each player has a different playstyle that requires a different set of weapons, armor, skills, and abilities. So, it is very important to know and understand what your playstyle is so that you can choose the best armor for your type. Before choosing your armor, choose your role whether it’s a Tanker, DPS, Healer, or Support. Each role has a different playstyle. Cloth armor provides high spell damage and energy regeneration, Leather armor offers mobility and survivability, and Plate armor provides high defense and crowd control.

How do you know about your playstyle? By simply experimenting with all the types of roles and armor and finding what suits you best. As every role demands a different playstyle, you’ll be needed to understand that playstyle and play accordingly in order to gain armor mastery because armor mastery deals with mastering different types of armor and understanding their strengths and weaknesses. As each armor requires a different approach to combat, it is very necessary to learn all the mechanics and combat styles that are involved with a particular armor type.

Food and Potions

Food and Potions can contribute a lot to your armor mastery by providing temporary bonuses during the battle. Using certain consumables will help you to level up faster so always look for the foods and potions that add an edge to your armor by providing bonuses resulting in armor mastery. Below is a quick and short detail about a few foods and potions to get you acquainted with their uses.


Providing constant nutrition to your player while battling with the enemies is very important to maximize the chances of your winning. There are several food types with several benefits and some of them are listed below.

  • Salad: It provides you with increased fishing speed and crafting quality.

  • Sandwich: It provides maximum health with a good crowd control duration.

  • Omelette: It increases the cast speed and reduces the energy cost.


Potions are the special items that you can equip in your inventory. Even if a food buff is active, you can still use the potions. There are different varieties of potions in Albion online each being different from the other in terms of cooldown, effects, weight, and tier. Some of the potions are listed below.

  • Minor Energy Potion: It instantly regenerates energy up to 30%. It is a Tier 2 Potion with a cooldown time of 1m 30s having a weight of 0.1 kg.

  • Invisibility Potion: It makes you invisible for 7 seconds but if you attack or get attacked then you’ll be visible again. It is a Tier 8 Potion with a cooldown time of 2m having a weight of 1.7 kg.

  • Resistance Potion: It increases your defense by 41%. It is a Tier 5 Potion with a cooldown time of 2m having a weight of 0.5 kg.

  • Poison Potion: It reduces the resistance of your target by 30. It is a Tier 6 Potion with a cooldown time of 1m having a weight of 0.7 kg.

Albion Online Food and Potions

The above-mentioned potions are just examples of types of potions and how each of them is differently capable of adding bonuses and plus points to your overall performance also helping in armor mastery. So, choose your foods and potions wisely before you embark on the battlefield. You will have to purchase these food and potions using Silver, the in-game currency of the game. If you are falling short of Silver, do get them easily for real money.

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In Albion Online, whether it is armor mastery or any kind of mastery, it comes after a long duration of good practices and experiences that make you a good player standing ahead of everyone else. As it’s a long process, you’re required to be patient and keep proceeding further while you keep mastering each armor.

Here, the key point is practicing and evolving with time by adding new tips and techniques to your playstyle that invites more challenges and puts you ahead in your gameplay. The above-mentioned guide is for beginners as well as for the ones who are already playing it for a long time because it covers basic to minor details, tips, tricks, and strategies that can help you with armor mastery. With the above-mentioned guide, you can start your journey toward armor mastery by taking baby steps and constantly moving. Happy Gaming!  

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