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Albion Online Dungeon Guide

A dungeon is a location where gamers can engage in combat with different creatures that drop silver, or other things as well as fame, faction points, and challenge points. In Albion Online, there are primarily two types of dungeons: Open World Dungeons and Instanced Dungeons/Expeditions. You or your companions can enter an Instanced dungeon after passing through an entrance or portal. Expeditions are what they are known as in Albion Online.

Conversely, Open World Dungeons are available to all gamers at all moments and are spread out practically everywhere. Classic and Randomised Dungeons are additional categories for Open World Dungeons. Choosing or buying a Dungeon Map will make it simple to locate dungeons. The maps are located in typical dungeons. Additionally, some maps can be known to be enchanted, which raises the likelihood that a mob will drop higher loot. This raises the amount of loot in dungeon chests as well.

Solo Dungeons

Solo Randomised Dungeons are a type of Randomised Dungeon introduced in the Percival update, designed for 1-2 people. They are places like conventional Randomised Dungeons, with valuable treasures and dangerous enemies. They don't have a minimap or map indicator, although they can be found all over the world in Tier 3+ locations. Their prizes and challenges line up with the rank of the zone.

Solo Dungeons are special challenges that are available in Albion Online and are designed particularly for an independent player to complete. These dungeons are typically more difficult than team dungeons. They are a great option for players who wish to experience challenging content but don't have a lot of free time as they tend to be smaller than Group Dungeons. A Solo Dungeon's typical layout consists of a series of areas or rooms that are to be examined, every single one of which features a unique adversary and difficulty. To advance, the majority of these obstacles or difficulties are to be accomplished. Players must also defeat challenging boss monsters to complete the dungeon.

Considering that these foes are challenging to vanquish and have a high damage output. In order to offer yourself an advantage over the opposition, make sure all of your equipment is improved. So you have to upgrade your equipment regularly using Silver, the in-game currency of the game. If you are falling short of Silver, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Before utilizing an entrance key or another disposable resource to enter a Solo Dungeon, gamers must find its entrance. Gamers are given a limited amount of time to complete the dungeon after getting in, and they will not be able to leave until they've accomplished so or died.

Having access to special prizes and equipment can solely be obtained through these dungeons represents one of their main benefits. These benefits may come in the form of unique goods, resources, or gold. Albion Online features unique instances called solo dungeons that are created solely for a lone player to finish and are typically harder than group dungeons. They are made up of a number of rooms or spaces that need to be explored, each of which contains a different kind of monster and challenge. By completing them, players can acquire unique awards and gear that isn't accessible in any other way.

Albion Online Solo Dungeons

Hidden Entrances

These dungeons can be entered by Hidden Entrances. They add surprise and uncertainty to Albion's Open World because their positions aren't indicated on the minimap or map but are nonetheless visible to all gamers. More difficult Hidden Entrances may additionally be reached with Dungeon Maps, which are used to provide a group early entry to a normally hidden entrance that leads to dungeons with higher prizes and difficulties than usual.

In contrast to previous Randomised Dungeons, it is impossible to see from the outside what sort and faction of foes are present inside an instance. The level of the Zone that the dungeon is situated in decides the class of enemies that can be found there. The few exceptions are Hidden Entrances that are visible inside substantial Static Dungeons (those that can be viewed on the World Map), which remain one tier greater compared to the Static Dungeon they are situated in.

When a player reaches a Solo Randomised Dungeon, an invisible clock begins or restarts and controls when the Hidden Entrance vanishes. The Hidden Entrance will vanish 60 seconds shortly after the latest player reached the dungeon in a Yellow Zone or Blue Zone. The Hidden Entrance will vanish in a Black Zone or a Red Zone 90 seconds after the previous player entered the dungeon. The player remains unharmed and may keep exploring the dungeon or exit through the portal exit at its beginning or by utilizing the "Exit Dungeon" ability if a Hidden Entrance vanishes while they are within.

The number of Hidden Entrances that may exist in a given Zone is limited, though their potential locations are unchanging. It is feasible for a different Hidden Entrance to appear when one has just despawned a short while earlier after a Hidden Entrance has despawned. These doors will lead to different scenarios.


Solo Randomised Dungeons are available in four factions:  Hidden Sanctum (Morgana), Hidden Mines (Heretic), Hidden Caverns (Keeper), and Hidden Keep (Undead), with no internal visual or architectural differences from Randomised Dungeons. Each opponent within scales in difficulty identically to foes encountered throughout the Open World.

The Solo Randomised Dungeons give the following difficulties to the players:

  • Adversaries with the ability to explode or produce more foes

  • Numerous bosses

  • Traps

Group Dungeons

Accessing a dungeon entry that takes you to another map will get you to a Group Dungeon. They are designed to work with squads of between three and five players.

The number of floors in these could range from one to five. All of them have the same level of difficulty. A mark is left on the floor by the dungeon's last boss. Bosses, though, might already be familiar to you. One treasure chest is kept by each person under constant watch. The rank of the zone is reflected in their prizes and challenges.

Albion Online Group Dungeons


Hidden Entrances are the routes that take one to these dungeons. Since they are open to all gamers and their location is not revealed on the minimap or map, they bring thrill and intrigue to the game. You may access more difficult varieties of Hidden Entrances by using dungeon maps, which allow a party to make the first trip to a usually hidden entrance that leads to dungeons with greater perks and obstacles.

The class of the adversaries in Hidden Entrances is determined by the level of the Zone the dungeon is in. The only exclusions to this are Hidden Entrances that originate inside major Static Dungeons (the types that can be viewed on the World Map), which continue to be one tier higher than the Static Dungeon they are located in.

Raid Dungeons

Raid Dungeons, also known as World Bosses, are intended for teams of 10 players and are harder than group dungeons. The middle maps in the grouping are where you can find raid dungeons, which are also more uncommon than group dungeons. These dungeons are best for a party of 10 people and have a raid boss that spawns at a set time.

You risk losing your equipment in PvP battles in these locations because these areas are full-loot areas (designated on the floor by a yellow circle). Each hour, world bosses respawn so that they can check the timer on the world map.

Albion Online Raid Dungeons


These Raid Dungeons are situated in the following locations:

  • Astolat in Elite Obsessed Demon Prince (t7)

  • Camlann in Elite Condemned Harvester (t6)

  • Inis Mon in Elite Bonecrusher Earthmother (t5)

  • Deathreach Priory in Elite Condemned Harvester

  • Citadel of Ash in Prince of Morgana

  • Daemonium Keep located in Prince of Morgana

  • Unhallowed Cloister in Elite Condemned Harvester

  • Eldersleep in Great Mother of the Earthkeeper

  • Eye of the Forest in Great Mother of the Earthkeeper

  • Black Monastery in Elite Condemned Harvester


Each Dungeon is designed for the number of players in your party. So, you can include your friends and explore these dungeons to find a number of rewards and enemies to slay. Make sure you have an upgraded set of armor and gear along with the weapons you are going to use on this expedition. Albion Online is a game of patience and time, so make sure you use your time efficiently in the game. The dungeon guide is now complete.

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