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Albion Online Weapon Mastery Guide

Albion Online is a very high-grossing online game with a gameplay element that provides players with a great degree of creativity to interact; it is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game that features the weapon mastery system to a great extent. This system helps the player to specialize in one or more weapons, system also helps them to specialize the new abilities which helps the players to progress in mastery tiers. So in this article, we will be guiding you about how you can level up the weapon mastery quickly and efficiently.

Basics of Weapon Mastery

Before we dive into the topic of weapon mastery efficiently we should consider having some knowledge about the basics of weapon mastery courses so that we can follow it more effectively.

The process of weapon mastery is divided into many tiers, and each tier requires some amount of fame for progressing from one tier to another it is obvious that as you progress from one tier to the upper-level tier you will be unlocking many new abilities for yourself which includes the bonuses, and it also includes the damage increased, and many more new spells and many more items.

For every weapon you have to follow a specified mastery track which it has, so for leveling up your weapon mastery, you have to choose a single weapon for your mastery or you can either choose a set of weapons for your weapon mastery. However, we want to you know that it is easy to switch through weapons and the progress which you have made with one weapon will be carried on to another one.

For leveling up the weapon mastery of a player he is required to earn a lot of combat fame, combat fame measures the effectiveness of a player in combats, one can earn combat fame by participating in PvP battles, killing monsters in the game, completing the dungeon map and combat fame can be earned by any type of activity which involves combat in it.

One more important element which you should know is that weapon mastery affects the overall combat fame also, which determines the effectiveness of the player in combat, So this states that there is a high advantage of weapon mastery as weapon mastery not only unlocks new abilities for the player but also it increases the overall combat experience of the player which open ups the new opportunities for the group players also.

Albion Online Weapon Mastery

Types of Weapons in Albion Online

There are many types of weapons available in Albion Online, every weapon has it own abilities and also they have their own way of weapon mastery, types of weapons are:


Swords are weapons that have the unique ability to be effective in both attacking and defending. Swords are best for solo players and also for group players. Swords cause great damage to the opponents and have crowd control abilities and also healing abilities from self. 


Axes are very strong weapon and cause very great damage in battles to enemies. Axes are the perfect weapon for a player whose playstyle is aggressive as they cause high knockbacks and make the enemy bleed. 


Maces are weapons with thick edges that have specialized in dealing with the enemy’s defense and making them disabled. These weapons are best for players who want to disrupt the defense of the enemy and also cause them damage over time.


Spears are long-range weapons that help the player to cause and deal damage from a very long distance, you can throw a spear to the enemy which is at a high distance from you. Spears are best for the type of players who avoid close combat with the enemy and prefer fighting from a distance. Spears have the ability to give a high knockback and also peirce throw them. 


Bows are also the long-distance weapon that attacks the enemy from a long distance, it is also evident that as short the distance would be the damage caused by long-range weapons will be more. Bows are ideal for players who do not want a close combat situation and want to cause high damage to the enemy from a safer distance. You can pierce and also affect the enemy with different types of poisons with arrows.


Crossbows are also just like bows which means they are also high-ranged weapons that cause powerful damage to the enemy. Crossbows are best for players who wish to tackle their enemies from a distance and pierce through the armor of enemies.


Daggers are close-range weapons that specialize in precise strikes to the enemy causing great damage. Daggers are best for players who believe in causing short-term damage, they have the ability to make the enemy bleed.

Albion Online Weapons

Leveling up the weapon mastery

Now we have discussed everything about the basics of weapon mastery courses and we have given you the list of all the weapons present in the game so now we will be discussing how you can level up your weapon effectively and efficiently. So here are some tips for you to level up your weapon mastery:

Selecting the weapon wisely

The first step you should follow for your weapon mastery leveling up is choosing the right weapon and the right playstyle once you have determined your playstyle now you can select any weapon according to it. Every weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses so it becomes easier for you to find the best weapon for your play style, like if you have a playstyle of attacking from a range then you have specific weapons for that and if your playstyle is attacking in close distances then there are specific weapons for that too.

Keep your focus on Combat Fame

As we discussed earlier that weapon mastery depends on the combat fame you have earned, more the combat fame you have more will be your chances of mastering that weapon in less period of time, so you should always focus on increasing your combat fame you can increase it by engaging yourself in battles and fighting with the mobs. You can also consider joining a group to have more battles with enemies which will eventually increase your combat fame resulting in a rise in weapon mastery abilities. 

Using the learing points

Learning points are a very beneficial element for increasing your combat fame and weapon mastering ability, learning points are the points which a player earns when he compleates any challenge which is given to him in the name of quests or if the player completes any type of achievement then also it gives an advantage in weapon mastery. Learning points are a great and valuable source of fame it allows the players to gain fame instantly and increase their combat fame too. You can get these learning points easily for Silver, the in-game currency of the game. If you are falling short of the Silver, the best way to get them is from reputed seller MMOPixel.

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Use of appropriate gear

Using appropriate gear is also a very important element in the game, you should always have the gear according to your armor and weapons if you will have gear in an odd manner then it will result in more damage in battles and you will face difficulty in earning fame, Use of appropriate gear includes using weapons, armors and necessary accessories which help you to not only build but also enhance the abilities.

Participating in PvP

Your participation in PvP battles plays an important role in determining your combat fame this means that if you will participate more in PvP battles then you will earn more combat fame, so for participating in PvP battles you should join a group or an alliance because there you will find more battles than you will find in solo playing, and the chances of winning with a team are comparatively higher than you have in single player mode.


So this was all about Albion Online weapon mastery guide, first, we gave you a brief introduction to the game and then we discussed the importance of weapon mastery in Albion Online, then we discussed brief the weapon mastery course and we told you every basic information which you will require for starting with weapon mastery. After discussing everything about the basics of the weapon mastery course we gave a brief introduction to all the weapons present in Albion Online which are swords, axes, maces, bows, crossbows, and the last daggers we discussed what are these weapons and players with which play style should choose which one of them.

Then we discussed how we can level up the weapon mastery, we gave you a brief guide about the same starting with the selection of the right weapon then the second step comes in which is to focus on the combat style of the player the discussed the importance of learning point and appropriate gears and at the last how participating in PvP increase the combat fame.

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