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Albion Online Faction Reputation Guide

The reputation system in Albion Online works like a rank-related system that shows your ranking and standing in the game world or here in Albion Online. The higher your reputation, the higher it reflects your standing and position in the game. Your reputation in Albion Online can be negative as well as positive which entirely depends on how you play, manage, and control the mechanics of the game by indulging yourself in various PvP and PvE activities including Gathering, Killing Mobs, Crafting, and Farming.

By improving and proceeding further through the game, you get ranked and honored with titles that have their own benefits. There are various PvE activities that you do in the royal continent that contains red, blue, and yellow zones. As you keep moving further and keep moving further and keep gaining reputation points, you’ll keep getting titles for reaching a particular reputation level. It is pretty easy to earn reputation points at low-rank titles but as you keep earning the points and getting titles, it becomes pretty hard to get more reputation points.

It is very important to note that there is no gaining or losing of reputation inside the black zone so you won’t see any change in your reputation while attacking any player in the black zone. As it is already mentioned above that you need to get yourself indulged in various PvE activities which lead to the fluctuation in your reputation so there’s also a way to gain a faction reputation and that is by indulging yourself in faction and faction-related activities which are discussed below in detail as a guide to help you gain faction reputation.

Albion Online Reputation

Choosing the Faction

It all starts with choosing a Faction. In Albion Online, continents are clusters of maps and there are two types of continents: The Royal Continent and the Outlands. There are five royal cities in The Royal Continent and one capital. The first thing you need to do is choose any one of them so that you can proceed with your further faction-related activities. Below is a quick introduction to the five royal cities and the capital.


This city is in the blue zone of the royal continent. It has a travel planner that allows you to travel between Islands, Home Points, and Cities. If you have a suspicious reputation or higher then you can travel to Thetford. It also has local production bonuses for refining and crafting. You can refine ore here and craft various things like Mace, Nature Staff, Fire Staff, Leather Armor, and Cloth Helmets. Here, realmgate can help you travel to Thetford Portal.

Fort Sterling

This city is also in the blue zone located in the royal continent. Fort Sterling also has a travel planner that allows you to travel between main cities. Fort Sterling is a safe zone for the players having a suspicious reputation or higher.

The local production bonuses here let you refine wood and craft items like Hammers, Spear, Holy Staff, Plate helmets, and Cloth Armor. Here, realmgate can help you travel to Whitebank Portal North, Whitebank Portal South, and Whitebank Portal East.


This city is also in the blue zone with no claimable territories, so there is no prime time here. It is also a safe zone for players with suspicious reputations or higher. In Lymhurst, realmgate can help you travel to Hightree Portal North, Hightree Portal West, and Hightree Portal East.

Like the above two, you can do refining and crafting here as local production bonuses. You can refine Fiber here and craft items like Swords, Bow, Arcane Staffs, Leather Helmet, and Leather shoes.


Martlock is also in the blue zone that contains a travel planner that lets you travel between cities, Islands, and Home Points. You may travel via the realmgate to Martlock portal. It also gives you local bonuses for refining and crafting. You can refine Hide here and craft items like Axe, Quarterstaff, Frost Staff, Plate Shoes, and Off-Hand.


Bridgewatch is also a blue zone city with no claimable territories and no prime time. It also has a travel planner that helps you travel between main cities. Here, realmgate can help you travel to Sandrift Portal North, Sandrift Portal West, and Sandrift Portal East. You can refine rock and craft items like Crossbow, Dagger, Cursed Staff, Plate Armor, and Cloth Shoes.


It is the capital that also lies in the blue zone or can be termed as the blue zone capital. Caerleon is surrounded by red zones with no claimable territories and no prime time. It also has a travel planner that helps you travel between main cities. Here, you can craft items like Gathering Gear, Wargloves, Tools, and Food.

Faction Warfare

Get indulged in Faction warfare where you get involved in PvP activities from capturing the territories to protecting your territories from being captured. Get engaged in challenging and rewarding PvP battles in Faction Warfare to increase your reputation or Faction Reputation in the game.

Faction warfare is a large-scale and objective-based Player vs Player combat. To join a faction, you have to talk to the master of that particular faction city you want to enter in and then you can get enlisted for it. You can also get faction rewards from the faction items shop by using faction points that you get from Faction Warfare.

Albion Online Faction Warfare

Faction Missions

In order to move further in your game and earn a faction reputation, you’ll be needed to complete Faction-related missions and tasks. You have to trade missions that can be accepted by the Faction NPCs. Trade missions involve trading goods and items from one location to another. Quest items are heavy and completing each mission demands spending Hearts but it also rewards you with more hearts if you successfully complete the mission.

To avoid failing the mission, you need to keep in mind that you do not get killed or knocked out by the other players, you do not remove the mission item from your inventory, and avoid losing your faction affiliation. To avoid getting knocked by other players, you need to keep your character upgraded with the powerful skills. Use Silver to upgrade the skills of your character and get an edge over other players. If you are falling short of Silver, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

To aid you, visit our website MMOPixel to purchase Albion Online Silver at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer quickest delivery and 24x7 chat support.

Monthly and Daily Rewards

There are also rewards that get updated on a daily as well as monthly basis that you can take participation in to earn more rewards by completing challenges and missions that will lead you to earn more faction reputation.

There are daily rewards and campaign rewards that you can complete by passing some challenges and completing tasks similar to adventure mode. You can participate in your Faction’s war efforts daily to earn additional faction standing.

Earn Faction Points

You can earn Faction points by doing faction-related activities while being faction flagged. Different activities reward you with different faction points depending on the type of activity, challenges, and hardships of a mission.

You can also purchase many items from your earned faction points. Activities that give you faction points are gathering resources of different Tiers, fishing, and indulging yourself in PvP and PvE battles. As you progress through the game and keep earning faction points, you’ll get to see a rise in your faction reputation in your game.

Clearing Dungeons

There are various dungeons in each area and zone and by killing and finishing those dungeons in the area of your faction or faction zone, you can earn and progress through the faction reputation in Albion Online. So be ready and prepared before stepping on the battlefields so that you can defeat the dungeons easily and get some faction reputation.

Clearing the Outposts

For every location or every city, there’s a Boss standing and defending the area in the outpost and you have to defeat the boss in order to capture the territory and count your win. Lymhurst has a Lymhurst Boss, Bridgewatch has a Bridgewatch Boss, and Martlock has a Martlock Boss. 

Most of the zones have at least one faction warfare outpost which belongs to any one faction at a time. You have to defeat the boss and anyone who’s guarding the outpost and also stand in there in the region without any intervention from any other player in your area. Capturing the outpost and successfully defeating the boss rewards you with faction points, fame, standing, and silver. Earning faction points result in gearing up your faction reputation in the game.

Albion Online Outposts

Maintain Your Faction Standing

Faction standing is a system that rewards you with faction point multipliers and faction standing gives you faction rank. There are different levels of faction standing that give you different levels of faction ranks in Albion Online. The best way to maintain your faction standing or your faction rank is by constantly putting effort and engaging more in faction-related activities to get a high reputation or a high faction reputation.

Some of the faction ranks along with required faction standing are listed below:

  • Mercenary: It requires 0 Faction Standing.

  • Guard: It requires 15,000 points for Faction Standing.

  • Footman: It requires 22,000 points for Faction Standing.


There are many ways you can increase your reputation in Albion Online and doing Faction is one of them as it elevates your faction reputation and standing in the game which can be increased by indulging yourself in faction-related activities such as participating in PvP and PvE combats, killing mobs, and performing other activities.

The more you progress in your faction-related activities, the more you’ll be rewarded with faction points and those faction points will enhance your faction reputation. With the above-mentioned guide and tips & tricks, you can start playing the game by keeping the suggestions in mind. Cheerful Gaming!

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