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Albion Online Fishing Guide

Albion Online's new server, Albion East, is officially accessible to all, providing significantly faster ping speeds for users in the Asia-Pacific region as well as a completely different version of the virtual world to discover. Sandbox Interactive's medieval-themed MMORPG provides users with an extensive, exciting experience, with a market fueled by player-crafted goods and a system where shifting playstyles is as easy as gaining different gear and leveling up.

Albion Online has no pre-defined quest lines, so players can choose their journeys and compose stories of their own. But there are a few things you should know to get started in this world. Here is a guide that will take you through all the basics of Fishing in the game.

Fishing in Albion Online

Fishing remains a gathering ability that was introduced in the Lancelot patch. In the game, players can attempt to capture fish in any kind of water body. Players can capture higher-tier fish in higher-tier zones. To begin fishing, the player must bring a fishing rod, position it near a body of water, and use the fishing bait.

Saltwater or freshwater fish may be captured based on the region the player is in. If fish could be captured in the water you're attempting to fish in, the mouse icon will transform into a Fishing Bob icon. There are also schools of fish in the water. Fishing within the perimeter of the school of fish produces more fish and indicates whether or not the rivers and lakes were recently overfished. Fishing has the potential to offer seaweed as an added benefit in regions that aren't yet depleted; the chance rises with the grade of the fishing area.

Food that provides a boost to gathering yield additionally offers an additional boost to fishing yield. Avalonian Fishing Rods and Fisherman Armor now employ their fishing yield rewards to T1 fish and seaweed, whereas earlier they only applied to T2 fish up to the item's maximum. Destiny Board fishing speed along with yield bonuses are available at all levels.

Albion Online Fishing


If a player possesses a fishing rod within his supplies, he may throw a bait after locating a fitting water body. After a brief moment (fish bite speed), the Fishing Bob would begin to move upward and downward, indicating that a fish has grasped the hook and is ready to be pulled in.

The gamer will attempt to reel in the fish by clicking and letting go of the left mouse button. The mini-game is a balance game in which you attempt to maintain the fishing bob within the green UI field. The fishing work will be futile once the fishing bob goes too far to the right or left in the red region. When you hit the left mouse button, the fishing bob moves to the right with the fish symbol on the blue bar moving forward. Releasing the left mouse button causes the fishing bob to travel to the left. The fish or additional loot will be captured and put inside the inventory one time the white fish symbol reaches the yellow border of the blue bar.

The best way to catch fish is to press and release the left mouse button while guessing the future location and motion of the fishing bob symbol. Once you get the hang of it, bringing in a fish will require just a moment or two. If you've been battling the fish for a longer period than that, you may have caught a piece of wood or rock. It's also possible that the client's frames-per-second is less than 30. If this seems to be the case, consider lowering the graphic options or contacting support. When you begin reeling in a fish and it isn't moving at all, it is probably a log or a stone, and you can simply halt the procedure and shift to a different fishing location.

Where to Go to Catch Fish

Fish can be captured throughout Albion. In the realm of Albion, however, there are two kinds of water. There is saltwater and freshwater. Freshwater includes all rivers, lakes, ponds, and any other similar water bodies located inland. Saltwater is only located in areas near the ocean. Spotting a pool of fish is a fast way to figure out if a waterbody is freshwater or saltwater; saltwater fish leap out of the water, while freshwater fish move in a circle beneath the surface. Saltwater zones, particularly higher-tier regions, are more uncommon than freshwater zones. 

The Sunken Treasure

Treasures can be discovered in the seas of Albion on uncommon occasions. These could include luxury items, weaponry, protection, or a Tome of Insight. As you hunt in higher-tier zones, the tier grade of sunken treasures grows.

Fishing Gear

To capture fish, players must use a fishing rod, and you can catch fish of tiers up to or equivalent to the levels of the fishing rod. However, players may acquire fishing equipment to improve their catch rate. Fishing gear has passive skills that boost fishing yield depending on how long a player wears it. Higher item-grade fishing rods offer a faster fishing performance bonus. You can always buy coins and give yourself a headstart in the game and acquire multiple resources which otherwise would consume a lot of time. The same can be done by making in-game purchases using the Silver coins. If you are falling short of these coins, get them for real money from reputed seller like us.

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Fishing Rod

The Fishing Rod is an instrument player in Albion Online used to catch fish. To acquire a Fishing Rod of a particular tier, a player can either craft it or buy it through the Market Place. The Fishing Rod can be constructed at the proper level of a Toolmaker or Energy Manipulator. A character is not required to equip the Fishing Rod to use it; it simply requires to be in their inventory. Fishing rods are called two-handed items.

Albion Online Fishing Rod

Bait and Fishing yield

Bait can be used by players to enhance the strike speed of fish. Earthworms may be used to make bait. Earthworms are discovered during agricultural harvesting.

  • Simple Fish Bait T1: 10 charges that enhance the biting speed of the fish by 50%. (Crafting requires 1 earthworm.)

  • Fancy Fish Bait T3: 10 charges enhance the biting speed of the fish by 125%. (Crafting requires 5 earthworms.)

  • Special Fish Bait T5: 10 charges enhance the bite speed of the fish by 250%. (Crafting requires 25 earthworms.)

Seaweed Salad can also be used to boost fishing efficiency for 30 minutes.

Fishing Loot

A player can catch various things in different locations. Saltwater fish & freshwater fish are the two kinds of fish that can be captured. Treasures can also be discovered on unusual occasions. The tier of the fish that could be captured is determined by the tier of the zone. A player must be sporting one fishing rod of the grade beneath it to capture fish of that tier. A tier 6 fish, for example, can be captured with a fishing rod of tier 5.

Tips and Tricks in General

Communication between you & other solo members of the guild who have gathered in the region is especially essential when solo gathering.

Never remain in one place for too long

The longer you stay in the same place, the more likely it is that an enemy will notice you. If you've exhausted all accessible fishing pools within one region, the best option is to switch to another zone.

Use the Siege Camps

Storing the resources will enable you to utilize the time you have better, and once you acquire an Ox's worth of supplies, you can summon your guild to take you to your home.

You're like a delectable candy for gankers

Ganking is attacking and slaying other players during an unfair battle for fortune, equipment, or just plain fun. Fishermen are an obvious target for gankers because we are limited to gathering at the water. If you happen to die, you'll not only lose your collected fish but also all of your gear. Always be mentally ready for this, and at all times strive to remain composed as you evaluate the situation. 

Schools of fish along with rod quality

As previously stated, to get the fastest hook, always target schools of fish within the water and use the finest rod you can buy.


Fishing is a famous and lucrative pastime. Utilizing a rod and lures, players can catch fish in any kind of water, including lakes, rivers, and oceans. Patience is required when fishing because players must patiently wait for the fish to take a bite before bringing it in. Hoping this guide would help you achieve your goals and fill your inventory with the fishes. This guide is now complete.

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