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Albion Online Ganking Guide

There are various player-driven activities in Albion Online and Ganking is one of them where you ambush other players roaming around in an unfair fight and loot their items, resources, gears, and other belongings including the reach for fame. Ganking is mostly seen in black and red zones. You can either be a solo ganker or work in a group of people creating a party where coordination, communication, and strategies play an important role in deciding how successful you would be as a ganker.

Usually, gankers roam in groups to avoid any kind of attacks and get good support from their mates fighting with a group of other gankers in zones. You can either be a solo ganker or work in a group but the probability of your winning and successfully achieving your missions highly depends on the way you manage, strategize, and plan your moves and attacks.

Ganking can be seen as having three sizes of groups which are Solo Gankers, a Small group of gankers consisting of 2-7 players in a party, and larger groups having players of more than 7 in a gank. Each ganking group plans its strategies and moves according to its objectives and the type of players that are part of a gank.

As you know that ganking is a player-driven activity in Albion Online so it becomes very important to keep certain things in mind from being a good ganker to be able to protect yourself from the other gankers roaming around. This guide will help you with ganking and how you can be a good ganker.

Solo vs Group Ganking

As mentioned above, ganking can be done either in a group or solo depending on your choices and preferences and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. While solo ganking gives you more flexibility and less visibility to the other players elevating the chances of attacking them more efficiently, group ganking helps you with fewer risks and increased safety.

For group ganking, you need to create a party where you can invite and play with your teammates to attack and loot other players or gankers. Working in a group has many advantages where players can support each other and proceed through the game journey. You can invite and add players to your party according to your needs and requirements.

Albion Online Solo vs Group Ganking

How to Create A Strong Party?

To create a strong party, make sure you add players of different roles having different playstyles and a combination of skills and abilities. There are multiple roles in Albion Online and each role serves differently and has some unique play styles and skills. These roles are Tanker, DPS, Healer, and Support. One of the biggest advantages of adding players of different roles is that your attacks are not limited to only one style.

How to Be A Strong Ganker?

There are multiple factors that decide the outcome of a ganker and play an important role in strengthening your ganking abilities. To be a strong ganker, you have to take care of all the factors, and depending on only one factor won’t serve you well. Some of the basic tips on improving as a ganker are explained below.

Improve Your Build

Having an improved and advanced build is very important as a ganker where you take care of all the necessary things that make a build strong. Select weapons, armor, offhand, footwear, skills, and abilities that not just help you with your build but also support each other. The strongest weapon to the highest defense armor won’t alone make you a good ganker so also keep in mind to use skills and abilities and footwear as well. Improving your skills and abilities would require you to spend Silver, the in-game currency of Albion Online. If you are falling short of the same, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Invite A Variety of Players

As discussed above, you need to have a group of players each having different skills and abilities along with some unique combat skills and playing styles. Inviting a variety of players to your party will increase the chances of your winning, attacking, and looting other players or gankers.


Mobility is also important while playing as a ganker so you can easily roam and catch other players and attack them. Having boots that give you the maximum speed will make it easier for you to catch enemies. You can use the active abilities of shoes to gain maximum speed. Rush is an active ability found on hunter shoes having a cooldown time of 30 seconds and it increases your movement speed by 120%. Similarly, one more ability is Refreshing Sprint which is an active ability of leather shoes having a cooldown time of 30 seconds that increases your movement speed by 80%. There are many abilities to increase your movement speed.

Don’t Be Rigid

Don’t be rigid to a place and keep moving so that you can find more players to attack and loot while roaming around. Some players are weak and can be defeated easily so it’s important to keep moving and not fixing your eye on just one player. There are plenty of players in black and blue zones and wasting your time only on one player or a group isn’t a good idea.

Take Care of Perfect Timing

Don’t attack too fast or too slow when you see a player. Wait patiently and let the moment come. Being furious and attacking right after seeing a player might cost you a big loss and you will end up with having nothing in your hands. Moving and attacking impatiently will hinder all your strategies, moves, and plans so it’s better to wait for perfect timing and attack only when situations and circumstances fall in your favor.

Experiment With Your Strategies & Plans

Don’t be fixed to only one or a few plans and strategies. Keep changing your attacking styles and positioning of the players to create an impact on the battlefield. Also, always have a Plan B just in case your first plan fails so you have something to hold you back and not let the other players defeat or dodge you easily.

How to Protect Yourself from Other Gankers?

While you’re roaming, attacking, and looting other players, there are also players and gankers like you who are roaming and looting other players and can attack and loot you as well so it becomes a necessary thing to be aware of your surroundings and protect yourself from the attacks of other gankers. Below are some tips to protect yourself from the attacks of other gankers and avoid being looted or theft.

Having A High Mobility

Mobility helps you not just with chasing other players but also stepping ahead of players when attacked or players who damage you more to save your resources and items being looted. Wanderlust is an active ability that can be found on soldier boots that help you evade other gankers efficiently and fast. Wanderlust has an instant cast time with a cooldown time of one minute which increases your movement speed by 10%. It is great if you choose a weapon that offers you a high movement speed.

Use Mounts

You can use mounts for carrying items and resources and increase your movement. In Albion Online, mounts are the animals or items & things that give you a ride along with a storing capacity. You get additional stats of the mounts that you use whenever you are mounted. Stats depend on the type and tier of mount you are using. Mounts also have hit points and attributes of hit point generation.

You can select a mount for yourself based on its speed, maximum load, resilience, and value. There are different types of mounts and each one of them has its own item power, hit points, speed bonus, and maximum load. Some of the mounts and their characteristics are listed below.

Albion Online Mounts

Adept’s Riding Horse

  • It is a Tier 4 mount.


  • It has a weight of around 23.6 kg.


  • It has an item value of 320.


  • It has mount hit points of 1128.


  • It can carry a load from 94 kg to 122 kg depending on the item quality.


  • It is a Tier 6 mount.


  • It has a weight of around 53.2 kg.


  • It has an item value of 1280.


  • It has mount hit points of 860.

Use Potions 

Potions are consumable items in Albion that provide additional support and benefits to the players on the battlefield. Potions can help you with various things like escape, mobility, healing, utility, crowd control, and many other things.

Major Gigantify potion can help you with evading gankers and getting extra health, major healing potion can help you with healing, and invisibility potion can help you with gaining invisibility on the ground which is useful when you’re escaping from the gankers. There are many potions that you can use according to what you need at a particular moment.


Ganking is a fun and challenging activity in Albion Online and getting better at it requires time and patience as there are multiple things that are needed to be taken care of while playing as a ganker or escaping away from other gankers to save your items and resources. The above-mentioned guide deeply focuses on what is ganking and how you can attack and defend yourself from the gankers. All the best!

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