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Albion Online Resource Management Guide

Resources are a crucial and important part of Albion Online that help players to advance through the game's progression and achieve mastery in the game. Resources help players to craft and build stations and buildings including some big structures. Resources can also be understood by seeing them as the backbone of the game. Without resources, you won't be able to progress through the game because resources make the game more engaging and challenging.

There are different types of resources in Albion Online and managing them well is not a cinch because each resource is different not just for its specialties but also for its availability. Managing resources means being able to understand them and use them wisely to further proceed through the game.

Resources help you craft items, and gears, and build huge infrastructures that lead to the advancement of the game. Below is a detailed guide to help you manage the resources and use them wisely to make your gameplay easier and more interesting.

Understanding the Resources

Before you start managing your resources and take any further steps, it is very important to know and understand the resources so that you can have the resources that you need the most and avoid wasting time, money, and energy in crafting resources that are of no use.

There are two types of resources in Albion online and they are Raw and Processed resources and both require a special tool and building to find or craft them. Raw resources are the type of resources that can be easily gathered from the environment wandering around. You can easily find them in your surroundings. Raw resources include Wood, Stone, Hide, Ore, and Fiber. Each resource is ranked according to its Tier level.

Processed resources are the type of resources that are crafted by refining raw resources at the crafting stations. Processed resources include Plank, brick, Leather, Metal, and Cloth. Here also resources are ranked and arranged according to their Tier level.

Albion Online Resources

Understanding the Location

Now, as you understand the resources and their use, it is very important to be acquainted with their locations. Each resource is rare and can be found specifically in a particular location. To gather, you have to reach that particular location and explore the area and your surroundings to find that particular resource.

There are zones where resources can be found. There are a total of four zones and each zone has its own difficulty level that you'll face after stepping into that zone. The higher the difficulty of the zone, the higher the chances of finding high Tier resources. Blue Zones contain the resources of Tier 2 to Tier 4. Yellow Zones contain the resources of Tier 3 to Tier 5. Red Zones contain the resources of Tier 4 to Tier 6. Finally, Black Zones contain the resources from Tier 2 to Tier 8.

Each zone has its own level of difficulty and enemies so it is very important to be prepared with your offense, defense, and strategies before you embark on any of the above-mentioned zones for collecting resources. You can find the Tier 1 resources in all the zones.


Gathering is the first step of managing resources where you step into different zones, explore, face challenges, defeat enemies, and then collect the resources that you want. You'll be needed to use special tools for gathering items from all the zones.

The type of tool you'll be using will depend on the profession you're into because there are a total of five professions when it comes to gathering. Those five professions are Ore Miner, Quarrier, Lumberjack, Skinner, and Harvester. Overall, gathering is an important aspect of Albion Online that allows you to gather resources, food, and potions. You'll be needed specific gathering skills for gathering each item that comes from following a particular profession.


Refining is the second step in managing your resources. Refining is the process of converting raw materials into more refined or specialized forms to use them efficiently in crafting a particular material. When you gather resources, they are in their unrefined state and refining is the only process to make these resources for the crafting.

It is very important to know that there are buildings made specifically for refining a specific material. So, keep an eye on those buildings as well because they'll help you to refine items into more usable forms for crafting.

There are a total of five buildings for the refining purpose. Lumbermill uses wood for creating planks, Smelter uses ores for creating metal bars, Stonemason uses stones to create stone blocks, Tanner uses hide to clear leather, and Weaver uses fiber to create cloth.


Crafting is the final step that comes after gathering and refining the resources. Crafting is the process of using refined items and making usable items out of them that can be sued for various purposes. Most of the equipment and consumable items are made with the help of crafting. You can craft a wide range of items by crafting like weapons, armor, tools, and consumables. There are specific buildings made for crafting a specific item in Albion Online that makes crafting and managing resources easy.

You can craft the item you want the most by simply going to the crafting buildings. There are a total of eight buildings for crafting items. Toolmaker is used for crafting tools, accessories, and furniture, Alchemist's Lab is used for crafting potions, Cook is used for crafting food, Saddler is used for crafting Mounts, Workbench is used for crafting basic equipment for new characters, Warrior's Forge is used for crafting warrior weapons and plate armor, Mage's Tower is used for crafting mage weapons and cloth armor, and Hunter's Lodge is used for crafting Hunter Weapons and Leather armor.

Albion Online Crafting

Use Your Focus Points Wisely

Focus points can be accessed by the players who have a premium account. Focus points can be used to craft more items and gather resources by enhancing their quality. The use of focus points can enhance the quality of your crafted item. You'll get some focus points as a premium player of Albion online for your daily logins. So, use your focus points wisely in your game and only invest or spend them on items and resources you think are worth buying and investing points in.

It is advisable to not use your focus points on items having low value because doing this will only waste your points and energy. Be specific and accurate about the item you need the most before spending your focus points.

Keep an Eye on Your Inventory

Keeping an eye on your inventory and constantly checking it will help you to understand which resources you need the most and which resources are in excess amount. Items or resources that you need the most should be gathered and crafted instantly and the items that are in access can be sold or used for bettering your gameplay.

Managing your inventory well will help you gather efficiently and prevent you from wasting your time crafting and gathering the resources that are of no use. Only look for the resources that you need the most and avoid crafting the same items. So, the next time you step into the zones for gathering, you will have an idea about the items you need the most so you'll only focus on those particular items and won't waste any time.

Use Marketplace

The marketplace is a trading hub in Albion Online where you can trade items and resources for the exchange of currency. You can buy and sell the resources in the marketplace. If you use the marketplace wisely, you can easily trade and put the items that you have in access amount in the marketplace for the exchange of currency.

If you keep an eye on your inventory then you can easily understand what you need and what not so that you can plan your strategies accordingly and balance out your inventory filled with the resources in fixed and required amounts. However, it is very important to keep in mind that the Marketplace charges some amount of money as a transaction fee for completing the trade. This money is in the form of Silver, the in-game currency of Albion Online. If you are falling short of Silver, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Don't Shy Away From Taking Help

You can join guilds and access the resources that are related to the guild and its members. Don't shy away from taking help from other players and members of the guild. You can work with other players as a team and can earn a lot of guild-related resources for a better experience in your gaming. There are many resources that are only limited to guilds like season points and fame that you can access after joining a guild. So, it is very important to join a guild for more resources. You can take help from the other players to further proceeding with your game.


Managing resources can be tough and challenging because it takes a lot of time and patience when it comes to managing your resources so that you can wisely use them in your gameplay. With the above-mentioned guide, you can start managing your resources with a better understanding of where your time and efforts should be put. It is a time taking process and requires a lot of patience and effort. If you manage your resources well, you'll never run out of particular items during a crucial time.

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