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Albion Online Tanking Guide

Welcome to our Albion Online Tanking guide. In this guide, we will be discovering how to tank your players with weapons and tools for PvE battle through the Tank Build. With all the latest updates in 2023, Albion Online has much more to offer. Tanking is not a very difficult task if done with proper precautions and guidelines. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared this article. 

The main purpose of tank build is to ready the tanks for battles by leveling up the gear required. As you progress through the gameplay, you will have to upgrade your gears. For instance, when you reach Plate Armor Fighter 30, you will need to use the hunter shoes. After some more gaming content and leveling up, you will get back to the Guardian Boots again. If you are still confused about how all these works, you can refer to our other guide article on the Albion Online game available on our website MMOPixel.

Moving on with our topic, you must be wondering why Guardian Boots again. Well, it’s simple. Guardian Boots allow a player to take minimal damage during the early levels of Tanking. But these boots won’t be permanent with you. When you reach a certain level where you can equip your character with a Plate Helmet and chest of Tier 6, you won’t be needing the Guardian Boots to Tank. From this point on, your focus will be on leveling up to Hunter Shoes. Hunter Shoes are stronger for battle purposes. With increased CC duration, these shoes are one of the best in Albion Online for beginners.

Albion Online Tanking

Item Sets for Tanking

Main Hand

Players need to use a powerful weapon in the main hand. Your first weapon of choice should be the Incubus Mace. The Incubus Mace is arguably one of the best Tank weapons for PvE content in Albion Online. The weapon possesses a plethora of abilities and one such ability is the Shrinking Curse. This ability reduces the Damage dealt by Dungeon mobs and at the same time lets you deal more damage to the opponents.


The offhand weapon is generally a shield when you are tanking. This shield type specializes in Defense. Using such a shield type of weapon allows you to forget about the CC reduction that you get from the normal shield. Your job as a Tank is to hold off enemies, get the Clumps, and keep your team alive. So, a shield-type weapon is a must. Tier 4 Sarcophagus is a primary choice among the players.


Enfeeble Aura can be used for either reducing the impact from mobs whilst generating the clump or to decrease the damage caused by powerful spells from certain creatures. When upgrading Artifact Armor, utilize Judicator Armor, which has a feature known as Force Shield, which creates a field that increases Resistances and Healing Received, enhancing the group's overall survivability.


For PvE dungeon delves, the stalwart Soldier Helmet is the hardier choice for tanks. Its reinforced plates and thickened cranium help withstand the bashing of monstrous foes within the depths. The Soldier Helmet boosts defenses against the crush of giant fists and stomp of lumbering beasts that tanks are sure to face underground. However, when playing with PvP or PvE battles, Knight Helmet is preferred over the Soldier Helmet. Knight Helmet is more adept at blocking the engages and disengages from the enemy and at the same time allows you to use the Displacement Immunity among 5 of your teammates. The other use of the Displacement Immunity can be seen as it encounters the spells of mobs during Dungeons PvE.


Using the Giant Ability you can double the remaining health of your player. This will allow you some time to absorb the damage that you received a bit more than usual. But it must be used carefully. We advise you to use this Giant Ability at the time of clump formation. This will help you to increase your speed and tankiness.


Tier 4 or T4 Poisons are all that you need to play in any dungeon content of the Albion Online game. When you are faced with enemies like Final Bosses or Mini Bosses of various levels or even mobs who prove to be tougher than you expected, you should utilize these Tier 4 Poisons. For the greatest benefit, burst damage of E's ought to be planned around its application because poisons lower mob resistance.


Sandwiches boost the overall health of your player, which is crucial for beginner and minimal-spec tanks. Nevertheless, you ought to change to Pork Omelettes for Cooldown Reduction when you have reached 50 specs in the chest and helmet and have a firm grasp of the dungeon enemies. This enables you to use Shrink Curses and clumps more quickly for greater effectiveness. All this is necessary for Tanking, but obtaining them can be time-consuming. Though you can ease the process using Albion Online Silver. Why waste time getting them by grinding when you can buy them directly from our website?

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Albion Online Consumables

Progressing Through Levels


  • Level 3 - In terms of Mace equip your player with Snare Charge (W). You can use the Snare Charge weapon to Interrupt Channeled Spells

  • Level 20 - At this level you should equip your player with Life Leech (Passive)

  • Level 40 - At this level you should equip your player with Air Compressor (W)


  • Begin with Plate Armor Fighter (Level 30) and then switch to Hunter Shoes. Then use it until you get Leather Shoes Fighter (Level 30).

  • Use Leather Shoes Fighter (Level 30) and then switch back to the Guardian Boots again.

  • Use Guardian Armor Combat Specialist Level 50 and after this switch to Pork Omelettes.

Tips for Tanking

Understand What is Tanking

Tank’s role is to form clumps of mobs. Apart from this, a tank is also responsible to use the Area of Effect (AoE) skills to its full potential. Using AoE abilities is crucial for clearing the dungeons of mobs efficiently and effectively. Tank can aslo produce Threats to lead the Aggro.


Being a Tank requires you to form clumps, collect bombs, and target focus. It’s your job to lead from the front. If you aren't drawing aggro onto the mob, your teammates or other players can't attack it successfully. If player damage is not planned on your Shrink Curse, it will be ineffective. In order to prevent players from attacking before the clump is finished, you must communicate when building a manual clump in the absence of an air compressor.

Threat and Aggro

Tanking requires you to fully understand what are Threats and Aggro. Not only you but your team must understand it as well. Aggro is someone the mob is targetting in Albion Online. Threat is the reason why the mob is targeting the Aggro. There are basically Three ways to draw the aggros:

  • Field of Vision - It’s a simple concept. All you need to do is come into the field of vision of the mobs. This will cause them to automatically target you. Thus, drawing an aggro.

  • Nearby Mob - If you attack another mob which is in one mob’s field of vision, then it will draw aggro.

  • Threat - It is about generating threat to a particular mobs. Whoever is generating these threats will become the aggro of the mobs it is targeting.

In order to generate the Threats, there are 3 possible ways that you can use:

  • Threat Abilities

  • Healing/Shielding

  • Damage

To generate the Threat, as a Tank you are required to use a effective combination of Threat and Damage skills. It’s important to remember that Tanks possess special Threat Abilities that allow them to generate the Threat Protective Instinct on the Chest Armor. This increases the Threat Generation by 3 times.


This will be all from us for now. In this Albion Online Tanking Guide article, we have discussed the basics of Tanking. But you need to gather information about mobbing and clump formation as well. To be a successful tank follow the advice mentioned in the article. Play as many matches you can to understand the concepts better. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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