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Albion Online Territory Control Guide

Albion Online allows the players to fight with each other for establishing control over different territories this is referred to as a unique territory control system. The Territory control system adds up to a level of difficulty to the game, the ability of territory control gives the players new opportunities to become better players and a leader in the game. In this article we will be giving you a guide to Albion Online’s territory control, we will be discussing how the territory control actually works, and some tips for you so that you can succeed in the game.

Introduction to Online Territory Control System

In the game, territories refer to those areas which can be captured by other players by having battles and once the battle is won place is controlled by the winner and it becomes his territory, all these territories are divided into many different zones, each zone has its unique resources and characteristics. Players can mark their dominance on a territory by placing the banner of their guild on the land which they have captured. Once the guild has fought and won a territory now they have to defend their territory by other guilds who can take over their territory as they did for claiming this territory. 

Territory Control is a system that keeps on changing time-to-time. The map in Albion Online is divided into many regions. Each region in the map contains many territories which players can acquire. All the territories are divided based on the level of difficulty for acquiring them, the territory which is most difficult to acquire will have the most valuable resources that’s why it is difficult to acquire. As soon as the guild starts gaining control over some territories, they should start establishing their territory in the neighboring territories also so that their territory can be expanded and it becomes difficult for other guilds to acquire them.

One of the main features of the territory control system is that you can impose taxes on your territory. You can impose these taxes on those players who gather resources from your territory, it is a great source of passive income for the guild, but the guild members have to make sure that the tax rate is not too high and that the players avoid gathering resources from your territory. 

Tips for Succeeding in Territory Control

Here are some tips for succeeding in territory control: 

Building a strong guild

For succeeding in territory control a player is required to build or join a strong guild, a strong guild means a guild with members who are good at their combat skills and have great ability of building and establish control also, members of your guild should always focus on the overall development of the guild keeping aside the thoughts of individuals interests, guild members should have the ability to work with the team and the sense of taking responsibility and completing it with all respect, they should always be aware of their surroundings and should always be ready for defending the territory.

Albion Online Guild

Focus on Resource Collection

For building a strong territory the main source of strength comes from the resources which the guild owns so the objective should always be to collect the most effective resources which help in building the territory, the goal of a guild should also be to attack those territories which are rich with valuable resources, but it is obvious that the territories with rich resources have the strongest guilds defending them so your guild must be strong enough to take over them.

Be Strategic

Winning in territory battles is all about how strong the strategies you will make so you have to make sure to make an effective strategy before getting into any fight with other guilds for territory, you have to carefully look at the map of that territory so that you can analyze what will be the best place for attacking and for defending, you have to look at the objects in surroundings which can help you in between the battle. Not only analyzing the opponent's map is important, but you have also to look if the territory you are ruling is having any type of loopholes so that you can analyze and fix them.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is a very important factor and key to many problems in Albion Online. You have to make sure that the communication should not have any type of barriers and instructions should be made clear to each and every member of the Guild so that it does not cause any confusion in the future. So you have to make sure that all the players of the guild are connected through any mode of communication it can be through voice chat or text chat but it is important to stay connected. 

Prepare for the Battle

Attacking any territory is easier if compared to defending our own territory because attacking may cause a win or loss but once your own territory gets attacked it leads to a lot of damage to many buildings and can also result in loss of resources so you have to make sure that your guild is always ready for battles, weapons, armors and tools should be in proper condition so that they can be used whenever required. You also have to understand the strength and the weaknesses of your guild and make the strategies according to that only.

Use Scouts

Scouting is a major part of territory control as it helps in keeping an eye on the enemies and helps in determining what are the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy. This helps the guild members to understand what type of strategy should be used against the enemy such that we can tackle their strengths and take advantage of their weaknesses. You have to make sure to use dedicated scouts, who will provide information on all the neighboring territories and can also track the movements of the enemy. These scouts help us to be one step forward from the enemy.

Albion Online Scouts

Work with allies

Collaborating with other guilds to form powerful allies can be a great idea to gain territory control. Allies can help you in winning territory battles and works together as a team for gaining control over territories that are difficult to be acquired and are rich in resources you can have agreements with the allies for deciding how the area and resources should be divided. You have to make sure that the goals and aims of the allies are the same as yours and always try to make allies with those guilds which are better than you because there is no sense in collaborating with someone weaker than you.

Manage Resources Efficiently

Managing the resources of your territory is a very important task for maintaining long-term success in Albion Online. You have to make sure that the plans which you have made for distributing the resources should align with the amount which you will be requiring for building the infrastructure for supporting your territory. Managing your resources will help you and your territory for maintaining a strong economic foundation for the territory and it also ensures that your guild is loaded with weapons and tools required during the battles. You can also purchase the required resources for Silver, the in-game currency of Albion Online. If you are falling short of the same, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Adapt to the changes

The territory control system of Albion keeps on changing from time to time so you have to make sure that you adapt to the changing environment of Albion and don’t remain back so take advantage of all the updates, and make your strategies according to the coming updates. 

Keep diplomacy in mind

You have to practice conducting international relations by negotiating with allies, guilds, etc, and play the game with diplomacy and make wise decisions with guild members and other territory owners. Negotiating for peaceful agreements is always better than having battles that will cause unnecessary destruction.


So this was all about Albion Online Territory Control Guide we started with the introduction to the topic where we discussed the game and then we discussed territory control. Moving forward we gave a brief introduction to the Online Territory Control System in which we discussed everything about it.

Later moving forward we gave you the guide and tips for succeeding in territory control starting with building a strong guild, focusing on resources collection, being strategic, communicating efficiently, preparing for battle, using scouts, working with allies, managing resources adapting to change and at the last we discussed the importance of keeping diplomacy in mind while territory control. 

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