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Armor Crafting & Theory - Mortal Online 2

Armor can make a huge difference when it comes to protection. The risk of death for a character without armor is much greater than the risk for a heavily armored character.

Further, there are various methods to armor craft in Mortal Online 2. However, you can also use the in-game currency to help you support armor crafting. It is possible to buy Mortal Online 2 gold from many sources, but not all are trustworthy.

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Types of Armor

The fact that Mortal Online 2 has it all should not surprise you if I've bored you with history. From mage robes to cultist armor, you'll find everything here, a complete set of tribal plate mail to armor made of animal skins and bones.

1.    Soft Armor

The garments in this category include robes, muffs, and covers made of leather. The Hells Angels jacket can be as valuable as a pair of Pyjamas.

2.    Laminated Armor

These tribal mail sets represent cultures from around the world. Many of them are made from heavy materials. While this armor type isn't popular anymore, a full set of Plate Armor in Mortal Online used to be an excellent option.

3.    Plate Armor

We have finally reached the pinnacle of armor crafting through all of this. These are the toughest armor types available. Make the most of your protection by using the most durable alloys. Messing Armors have traditionally provided decent protection far superior to laminated armors.

Armor – Skills Needed

After establishing what Mortal Online 2 has to offer, let's talk about how you can use it. As players of an open-world RPG, it is natural that they will have to choose what their characters are capable of doing. The experience would be monotonous and tedious if all characters were the same.

Armor Training

Let's start with the essential skills, training in armor and heavy armor. These skills increase the weight allowance of armor, allowing you to wear it without feeling weighed down.

By maxing out both skills, you can wear full metal plate armor. Even with just one of them, you can get decent laminated armor. It is impossible to master all the skills, and there is still compelling armor for not having mastered all the skills.

Defensive Stance

This skill reduces the damage taken from an attack by two to three points, so the better your initial mitigation is, the more significant the reduction. You should consider this skill unless you have at least 100 regular armor points in your arsenal.

Mana Regeneration

You can use this skill to regenerate Mana faster passively. It is essential to keep in mind, though, that the heavier your equipment, the lower its impact. Therefore, consider this skill only if you are wearing relatively light mail and have not fully trained in armor.

Casting spells while heavily equipped requires that your mana pool act as a buffer instead of a spell deck, and you should make sure that you do not exhaust your mana reserves.

Armor Materials

Textiles, leather, hardwoods, and even animal teeth are all options depending on the type of protective equipment you choose. Scales and alloys made of metals are at the top of the list.

Padding Materials

You may want to wear a soft shell inside to keep warm, but you should wear a hard shell on the outside as well. It is when the padding material comes in handy.

A well-chosen leather, textile, or fur will significantly increase your blunt damage resistance. The most effective way to boost your resistance is by enabling bleed damage against heavily armored opponents.

Extra materials slider

It is possible to reduce the weight, durability, and mitigation of a piece of gear by not putting 100% of the materials needed into it. In most cases, though, you should set the slider to full material usage when using lighter mail.

Mortal Online 2 Armor Crafting

Nothing is forgiving or kind about the world of Nave. If you don't wear armor, you don't stand a chance of surviving the lurking dangers that can harm you. You can create armor from most materials in the game with the help of a skilled smith.

No matter if your weapon is made from steel or the bones and skin of fallen foes. Your unarmored legs will still be at risk of being cut off by someone or something if you're wearing a full-face helmet.

Everything you wear can be customized using your armor pieces. The design features the shape and style, along with the material, padding density, and thickness to meet the wearer's specific needs.

In addition to improving the quality and effectiveness of your work as you improve your skills, master armorers will also have more opportunities to customize their pieces. You can only trust a piece of work signed by a grandmaster if the craftsman signs it.

Weapon Crafting Guide

Weaponsmiths are highly sought-after and highly regarded on Nave, thanks to the importance of weapons. By helping your customers end their enemies' lives, a weaponsmith will save their lives as well as amass great wealth.

While all professions provide incredible depth, few offer as much customization and personalization as weapon crafting. Whatever the weapon, whether it's a sword, ax, hammer, spear, dagger, or pole weapon, you can choose every aspect of its construction, including the hilts, shafts, handles, heads, grips, and material.

A weapon you make will have different properties depending on the material you use. If you make your sword's hilt from wood, it will be lighter and easier to swing, but it won't last very long. Blades, hilts, shafts, and handles can match your personal preference or be designed specifically for your customers' needs.

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