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Mortal Online 2 Book Guide

Books in Mortal Online 2 have real importance and when you have to move forward with a skill you will have to consider reading one. There are a lot of skills in Mortal Online 2 and there are also various ways in which you can gain a skill or enhance it. Either through dialogues, experimentation, or books, you can proceed onwards with skills. Just like in real life, there is a librarian who has the access to books and with each stage of knowledge, you can pick a book, then learn about the scripture. The same is the case with Mortal Online 2, but with a tricky mix. So, to make things easier for you, we have here the Mortal Online 2 Book Guide to help you learn about them in detail. Without any further delay, let us hop into the details.

Leveling in Mortal Online 2

Just like we mentioned, to level up a skill you will either have to do certain things like dialogues and action or you can simply get yourself a book of relevant skills from the librarian. Let us take an example of test dummies. When you are hitting them with your sword, you will slowly level up the skills related to melee combat, your sword, and so on.

This is one way of leveling up. The other one is quite simple and fast, as you can simply go to the librarian that deals with combat and purchase a book that is on swords. There are a lot of choices for books to choose from and it depends on you which skill you want to enhance or learn.

Leveling by Book

When you are leveling a specific path or skill line, for example, that combat skill. You will find that there is a skill for every weapon you use and the playstyle as well, like archery, spear, swords, and so on.

Simply go to the librarian, pick that skill book and purchase it to own. Now open your inventory and equip the book you just purchased. As you use the weapon, the amount of experience enhances quickly, but the timer on the book also decreases and once the timer is completed, the book will simply disappear.

Book Levels

There are levels of books and at the starting point, you will most likely find the uncommon books to level up your skills. Afterward, you will find more advanced books for advanced skills that will pave a better way for you in the future.

As of now, your only work is with the common books that you will find in the Library. Like always, it also depends on the librarian who sells you these books. Some special librarians have special books for skills. Most of the time, you will find them yourself in the game.

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Checking Skills for leveling

There is a skill tab in Mortal Online 2 that shows all the skills that are in the game. You can search for a specific skill that is according to your liking or you can select one of the skills from a long list. Afterward, you will notice that there is a Plus sign on the right side of the tab along with a minus and a lock sign.

Pressing the Plus sign levels up the skill, while the lock sign locks the cap for that skill and it won’t level up. Finally, the minus sign reduces the level of that skill. When you reduce the Skill Point of a specific skill it gives back to you the points and you can use them on other favorite skills as per liking.

Library and the Librarians

At the heart of the town, you will find a shop that has a book symbol on it. Yes, that is your town library and when you are going inside you will find quite a lot of vendors. Simply choose one of them and check if he/she has the relevant skill book you just need. Follow the method of picking, purchasing, and equipping to level up the skill. It is simple as that.

The only thing complex here in the game is that each Librarian has that specific skill book you can get. For example, it is pretty much impossible for beginners to find the Zoologist Librarian that grants you a book with zoology skills.

Same as that, there are Meta Librarians, Woodcutting Librarians, and so on. The number of librarians spread throughout the game is immense and you pretty much have to find them along the journey. As a beginner, you don’t have to worry about them, as you will automatically find them when traveling around.

Final Verdict

Books are a real deal in Mortal Online 2, but just like you imagined, every book isn’t of the same importance. Mortal Online 2 has that extensive and complex mechanism for Skills that increases once you purchase books from the librarian and equip them. Furthermore, throughout the game, you will find special/rare/advanced books as well through a more special librarian.

They aren’t easy to find for beginners, but to make things understandable for a new player, we have here the Mortal Online 2 Book Guide. We mentioned the methods of leveling here, how to level up through Books, and mentioned some other details related to it.

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