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Mortal Online 2 Sailing

There aren’t many MMORPG games that allow you to explore the oceans and enjoy sailing as well. But, in Mortal Online 2, you can pretty much do everything now because of the fishing updates. It wasn’t possible before in the Alpha or updates before that, but you can enjoy and explore the ocean in Mortal Online 2. Being something new to the game, it isn’t versatile, nor is it perfect, rather it is mostly just a mechanism that will slowly explore and take the attention of other gamers. For that reason, here we have Mortal Online 2 Sailing Guide. So, without any further delay, let us hop into the details.

Water Adventure in Mortal Online 2

Well, for the most part, you are doing fishing in the water or traveling around with your boat buddies, battling and swimming. After the update every water body like seas and lakes supports fishing. There is a bit of difference with fishing for each water body, but altogether you can enjoy the water more than before.


Get yourself a fishing rod and a bait, then go to the water body you want to fish in. Using the Rod to catch fish while attracting them with bait is surely boring but you can gain some Gils for that. This mechanism is surely old and we are not here to discuss it in detail.


So, here is the interesting thing, you can go for the water combat while sailing and you can also do swimming. At the shore, there are boats that you can use to travel on the water. There is always fighting going on here and there, which results in proper water combat.

To save yourself from physically meeting those people, you can use archery skills or bows to put some enemies to sleep. The stamina also works here because you can get tired from swimming, sailing, and also using archery skills.

Always make sure to take some rest, recover your stamina and get back into action. Swimming for the most part is associated with resistance, dexterity, and speed. Fascinatingly, weight is also a thing here as when you are sailing or swimming the weight defines your ability to stay up for a specific time in the water.

If you are not careful with your weight, you can drown and will surely regret the decision of going into the water. So, go for the light armor with a few tools that you will need on the ocean.

Swimming and Sailing in Mortal Online 2

These things are relatively new and the developers are motivated to bring the real world into the mix of a game, instead of making the other mechanisms perfect. For the most part, Swimming is not the main action, but rather a secondary one.

Yes, it is a skill that can be learned and enhanced through the skills of survival. But, to dominate the art of swimming, you will have to perfect both Swimming and Survival by leveling them up as much as you can.

Sailing is the art of using a boat to travel on the ocean. This isn’t a major, nor a balanced thing in Mortal Online 2, but you can pretty much do everything that you can do in real life. Ranging from those ship battles on the water body to enjoying the beauty of Mortal Online 2, you should try it.

Under the art of Swimming and Sailing, you will further find three more skills that we will discuss below;

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Resistance Swimming

The water body is not usually the same every time, there might be high currents and low currents depending on the weather. The same is the case with Mortal Online 2, and the ability to dominate strong currents is usually dependent on Resistance Swimming.


If you wanted to become a swimmer in real life and you somehow didn’t, you can become a fast swimmer by selecting the Khurite tribe or that good old Alverin character. Crawling is related to the techniques of fast swimming and investing in it means you will be quicker.


Going inside the water, controlling for breathing, and having a bit of resistance to underwater currents is referred to as the Diving.

Not Learning to Swim

If you don’t learn the skill to swim, you won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of Mortal Online 2. You will sink in the ocean, deprive yourself of a mechanism that will surely be a major one in the upcoming days, and finally, you won’t enjoy ship battles.

In case you want to learn about swimming, you can find a book on diving and a book on swimming in the area of Khurite.

Should you spend skill points on Swimming?

As we already mentioned Swimming and Sailing, or even using the water body is relatively new and will probably get better with updates. Things aren’t looking good with spending the Skill Points in this section as the future is unknown.

If you have 100 Skill Points available and your character isn’t that strong, you can put it somewhere else instead of Swimming or Sailing. On the other hand, if you don’t care about Skill Points and want to explore the Mortal Online 2 mechanisms, surely you need to experience both Swimming and Sailing.

Final Verdict

Swimming and Sailing do open the path to exploring the ocean and seas of mortal online 2, but they aren’t balanced yet. In a few months, the developers will put more stuff here and there while balancing a few things that will further make this mechanism great. Just like the other mechanisms of the game where you spend Skill Points to learn and then level up a trait, the same is the thing with Swimming. For the players, we made this Mortal Online 2 Sailing guide to help figure out this new system.

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