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Mortal Online 2 Horse Food Guide

It isn’t a secret that Mortal Online 2 has much about everything you have in real life, ranging from the animals to taming them and worrying about their health altogether. Well, it isn’t as simpler as said because animals do require a lot of caring and worrying to keep them with you, up and running. The most popular animal is a Horse and most of the time players just want to get a horse, spend quality time traveling with that horse, and care for him/her.

But wait, how do you know which type of food is good for your horse? For that specific reason, we have here Mortal Online 2 Horse Food Guide to help you understand Hunger, Loyalty, and the feed for your precious buddy. So, without any further delay, let us hop into the details.

Getting a Horse

Before we get into the details, it is important to mention how you can get yourself a horse, if you don’t have one to feed.


The simplest and easiest method is purchasing one from players. You can check the town broker to know who is selling a horse and then proceed onwards. It is a bit expensive in comparison to the other method but doesn’t require time or effort.


Yes, the other method we have here is the famous tame. As we already mentioned in Mortal Online 2 Horse feed Guide you can tame beasts like in real life and you can get a horse in this way.

Wild Horses are the hardest to tame in this game, as they are wild and big. You can use the tame on a horse to make him/her your best friend but at the start, the horse will run a few steps.

The speed and the time horse will run at the time of taming will be determined by the type of horse. You can always damage the horse you are trying to tame without having to run wild with the horse. Another way is through running or cornering the horse, but you will require skills for this like running and dexterity.

Pet Points

Amazingly you can get more than one pet in Mortal Online 2, but there is a terminology that determines it. We are talking about the Pet Points that determine the limit of power and in time spam, how many pets you can have.

Pet Points for a specific player are determined by the skill of Creature Control. At the start, if the player who has 0 on that skill will have around pet points 25. To control horses of level 50 to 25 or in between, it is essential to have a good creature control level.

For can gain knowledge about specific special that will give you further bonuses. You can rise in these skills to not worry about Pet Points and in this way, you can control higher-leveled horses that are faster, stronger, and have better stats.

When you press the K key on Keyboard, you will be presented with the Pet UI that shows Pet Points and other essential information. If you have control over a horse that takes 25 points and you have the maximum of 25 points, then the Ui will show 25/25 and in another case when you have 25 points and the horse costs 30 points, then it will show 30/25.

You can ride that horse if you like it, but you will lose that good old Loyalty. Haven’t quite heard nor read about this term? Well, we will discuss it later on in the Mortal Online 2 Horse Food Guide.

Stats for Horse Animal

Before we get into the true details of the Horse Food Guide, let us explain what are the stats for horses you need to understand. At the time of purchasing or taming, you need to know these stats like

Strength: The weight a horse can take is determined by it.

Constitution: It determined the reduction in stamina drain with mount

Psyche: Magic damage reduction is indicated with Psyche, while it also determined the boost time increase and the time it takes for the boost to deplete with stamina.

Dexterity: The jump height, speed, rate of turn, and mount speed is determined by the Dexterity

Intelligence: More intelligence indicates that you will least likely be thrown off the mount by a horse

Size: The better the size of the horse, the good its knock will be to put someone down, while also enhancing stamina, speed, and blunt defense.

Max Speed: Indicates the Maximum Jump, effects, and lists related to the stats of speed as well.

Weight: With weight, the stamina drain enhances, slowing down your horse and also increasing the knocking down effect.

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Feeding the Horse Guide

Now that we are in the main part of the Guide, there are certain terms that you need to be aware of. We will first discuss these terms in detail.

Hunger and Loyalty

Every creature in Mortal Online 2 has a Hunger and Loyalty count. Typically, when you don’t feed your Horse, the creature will become hungry and in return, the Loyalty will decrease. Same as that, when your creature isn’t hungry and you take good care of him, the loyalty will increase.

So, Loyalty is the trust your Horse has towards you and Hunger is the basic term that means you are not feeding your Horse property (if it increases). The lower points you have for hunger the better it is like 0/1000 Hunger means that your Horse isn’t hungry and you can’t feed him.

As the numbers start reaching 1000 (as an example), the horse will lose loyalty towards you. Your main goal with your horse is to have the Hunger Low and the Loyalty High as possible.

What to do when the Hunger Increases?

You were busy with other businesses in Mortal Online 2 and couldn’t take care of your Horse fellow, resulting in increased Hunger. Well, in that case, you will have to feed the horse and once the hunger starts dropping from 400, the Loyalty will automatically increase.

Commanding the Horse costs, you those Loyalty Points as well and if you are not patient with your Horse the Loyalty will be to the point when he will simply go away from you. Hitting the Horse has the same effect as Loyalty and your job is simply to keep it above the mark of 800.

How to Feed the Horse?

Well, the simplest way to keep your horse healthy and loyal is to feel him/her. Every pet has a specific choice and Horses typically like the Basileus and barley more. But, when one pet is a meat lover, you will have to go for meat, carcass, and bones.

Every Food you feed the Horse has a different effect on Hunger and decreases the points in comparison to that. You will have to split the food into portions because if you threw all of the food in the pet window, the effect will be the same. After all, a horse can feed himself to a specific amount.

Don’t waste the food, rather make portions or stacks and when the Horse is hungry, feed that fellow accordingly. Food in Mortal Online 2 also has a Poison and Healing effect that further changes the behavior of your Horse. You can use magic as well to heal the wounds, but feeding also has its benefits.

What to Feed the Horse

  1. The main food a Horse likes is Dile, but they also like Fruits, Spelt and Barley. Furthermore, Wolf’s Bush is also considered if you are low on other stuff for healing or feeding.

  2. If you have good Cooking Skills, around 100, you can Cook wolf brush (1) or Dile (1) with a lot of water. The Horse will eat it easily and this will heal the horse as well.

How will you know if the Horse likes the Food or not?

Mostly this question is asked by players who are new to the game and can’t figure things out. It is relatively simple, as in the chat there will be a message that indicates the likeness of the Horse related to the food you just game. Even if the horse doesn’t like the food, He/She will eat it but the amount of Hunger Points dropped down will be low in comparison to the food your Horse likes.

Final Verdict

It is human nature to care for the ones they love, especially the pets. Either in the game or in real life, one might find it difficult to let the pet die because of hunger. Horses are one of the most sought creatures in Mortal Online 2 because of how they help you in traveling and other uses, nevertheless, they make great pets in the game.

But, just like in real life, you will have to feed and take care of that creature, otherwise, you will lose the trust of your fellow, resulting in running away or death. The same is the case with Mortal Online 2, as you have to worry about every little detail yourself. To make things easier for you to understand and grasp, we have here Mortal Online 2 Horse Food Guide that deals with the basic and important terminologies related to pets as well.

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