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Mortal Online 2 Beginner Guide 2022

Mortal Online 2 is a rather new entry in the MMORPG genre, considering the other great MMO have been here for nearly decades. It is amongst the most skill-based games, with a proper system related to combat, crafting, attributes and stats. When you are new to the game and starting it, you will notice a tutorial zone where you can learn about the game itself and try out various things.

But who does that anymore, and neither you want to spend that much time in an area where you can’t enjoy killing other players? Therefore, to make things easier for you, we made this amazing Mortal Online 2 Beginner Guide 2022, to help you with the major concepts that will keep you up and running for later on in the game.

Beginner Guide 2022

Below, we will mention everything from the character selection to the combat and death as well. Afterward, we will mention some of the essential mechanisms that will pump you up for the beginning of the game and pave an understandable way onwards.

Character Selection in Mortal Online 2

The first thing you will be presented with is the Character Selection. Right here you will have to choose the way you will walk in the game. Ranging from the age, race, and height to the weight of a person, everything will be determined here.

There are four ways you can go in the game. You can pick Thursar which is great for DPS builds, you can go for Human who is mostly neutral, you can pick Oghmir who is the tank, and finally, you can go for Alvarin, who is great for magic and ranged combat.

When you pick a character, you will have to define the physical appearance through height, weight, age, and so on.

Clade Selection

After you picked a certain character and the appearance of a character, you will be presented with a Clade that changes the appearance of the character, height, attributes, and the clade gift.

After leaving the tutorial area you can’t change these things and mostly it is for the physical appearance. Do the experiments you want in Haven, afterwards you pretty much can’t do anything.

Bloodline Selection

Afterward, you will be presented with a window that shows you various bloodlines. When you chose a Clade, the Bloodline will be shown accordingly to that Clade. It is much like genetics and Ancestry, which defines your way onwards as well.

Most of the time, the Bloodline you choose makes changes to your attributes and not much, except for some physical appearance like height.

Attributes in Mortal Online 2

There are Five Major Attributes in Mortal Online 2 that define your role in the game. Below, we have all the paths listed with a few details;

Strength: It defines the physical power, weight of armor, damage for melee, and carrying capacity.

Dexterity: It defines the agility of character, movement, stamina, and critical damage dealt with enemies.

Psyche: It is much related to your mentality like Mana, Intelligence, Magic Defense, and so on.

Constitution: It defines your defense or sturdiness, resulting in changes to armor weight, resistance, stamina, and health.

Intelligence: It also represents the mental power resulting in changes to the magic damage and mana.

In the game, you can both put and take points from attributes, but it is mostly dependent on the point pool for attributes. While, based on the previous steps you took to get here, each attribute is bounded by the cap.

But sometimes that same path you chose earlier makes some attributes enhanced as others and you will require less effort to increase them.

Stats in Mortal Online 2

Out of all the stats in Mortal Online 2, the real ones that matter most in the game are;

Age: it defines the maximum stats, meaning the lower your age is, the more your dexterity will be. While more age means higher intelligence.

Psyche: It is mostly related to the defense your character has in the game.

Height: It defines the health, bonus related to damage, armor, and carrying weight for your character.

Weight: There are classes of weight in the game and it affects your whole attribute game.

Clade Gifts/Points

There is a specific panel that gives skill rings associated with the character perks and the active skills. For beginners, our recommendation is to put the points mainly in the inner skills, then you will have to push towards the outer skills.

It is possible to reset it after you messed some things up. In the menu of Clade Gifts, you can press that shiny button that represents reset to go back to normal.

Active Skills

Finally, after rolling into the game you will be presented with some Active Skill Points to start the game itself. Keep in mind that there are a lot of skills to choose from and the majority of points you put into a specific path defile your way onwards in the game.

It is impossible to fill up the skill tree in everything, as you can go for in a specific way. The only thing you can’t change onward in the game is your race and the clade gift you chose at the start of the game.

Training Ground in Mortal Online 2

At the time you enter the game, you will be in the Training Ground, also known as Haven. The name sounds safe and mesmerizing, while it is because you can’t kill other players here, and neither can they.

Here, you can learn the basics of Mortal Online 2 and check out how your character is in the game. Yes, you can alter the physical appearance by going back, but once you proceed further from Haven, you can’t change anything.

Combat System in Mortal Online 2

There are two mechanisms in the game associated with Combat; namely, they are attacking and defending. The skills related to Combat are Decision Making in Combat, Mechanical Skills, and Combat Skills.

Simply press the attack button and you can land a strike that deals damage to enemies. While for defending, you will have to press the defend button to save yourself from enemy attacks.

Charge attacks are also a thing here, as you can press and hold on to the attack, letting the circle fill itself to swing the weapon, dealing the best damage you can to the enemies.

Keep in mind that there is a limit to the time you can hold the charge attack. When the circle fills up and you hold after that, the damage will start lowering, Pressing the attack key, again and again, provides you with combinations of attacks, but they aren’t strong enough.

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Boosting Skills in Mortal Online 2

There is a combat tutor who is present at the tutorial town. Talking to the NPC in the game provides you with a boost in skills but it is not that great. Below we have another method to enhance skills.

Book Reading

While reading books isn’t that common nowadays, developers of Mortal Online 2 put the mechanism of learning skills with book reading. There are a lot of books to read and each of them will grant you a specific skill or boost.

After entering into the game and earning some gold, you will have to talk to the librarian, read books, and learn about a few mechanisms of the game to level your skills up or learn new ones.

Same as always, a librarian can be found in tutorial town, right at the center. If you have trouble finding the specific shop, some signboards contain books on them, and that is where you will find the librarian.

Interact with the librarian to find out if you can purchase books with money. The first step as a beginner is crafting a book that will get you up and running for later on in the game itself.

Earning in Mortal Online 2

In the tutorial area, you can earn money, and get yourself geared up for the difficulties ahead in the game itself. Earning in the game isn’t that hard and matches that of the real game. Below we have some of the easiest ways for a beginner to earn in Mortal Online 2.

  1. Harvest the crops on farms in town, collect the yield and sell it in the market for some profit.

  2. Kill the enemies, collect their material and sell for a profit to earn some gold.

  3. Killing zombies is also an option and you can find them in the graveyard in the town’s southeast part

Death in Mortal Online 2

You can always get bulled by a group of people in Mortal Online 2, taunting you in the mercy mode and making fun of you. But, in the end, you will die in the game. To save yourself from being naked again, there is a Port Home mechanism in the game that can be set to respawn back at your favorite location.

Furthermore, there is also a bank system that stores all your stuff after death and you can get it back from them after respawning back at the location. To save yourself from being bullied again, you can join a Guild or you can find an animal friend.

Below, we have both of these options in detail for you to enjoy;


You can go to the jungle find a good fellow (animal) to tame like a horse and simply interact with him. The response might vary depending on the situation, but mostly that horse will try to break free. Just don’t give up and the horse will be yours. The same is said for other animals.

After making a new friend, you have to deal with two things; Loyalty and Hunger. When your furry friend is hungry, the hunger points will drop and you will have to feed him, otherwise, the Loyalty will decrease and at a certain threshold, the horse will run away.

The less Hungry your animal friends will be, the more Loyalty in return you will get. This is a simple rule. Furthermore, to feed the animals, every creature has a specific choice. They might love it or not, but they will eat it to refill their hunger points. If they like the stuff, the hunger will fill faster.

This is the basics of Taming in Mortal Online 2 and as you proceed further, the advanced things will automatically come back to you.

Joining a Guild

You are special and everyone will most likely want you to join their guild. A guild will not only help you in making friends in the game but will also put forth gear, protection, and so on while having the same expectation from you in return.

It might have sounded a bit simplistic but when you go into details, having a guild tag will make you some friends and some enemies as well. Things will start to get complex from now onwards, as exploration, fighting, and equipment matter a lot. Everything you do and your actions matter a lot, while sometimes there are disputes amongst the guild.

It is not recommended for a beginner to join a Guild in Mortal Online 2 from the beginning, as it doesn’t build the experience in you that is needed for the game. Furthermore, the space is also not provided for some solo journeys. You can always fill the skill related to the guild from outside the guild. But, when you are always bullied or having trouble soloing the game, joining a guild is your only choice.

Crafting in Mortal Online 2

This is where the Mortal Online 2 Beginner Guide 2022 gets series. There are a lot of skills in the game, but crafting is what you should be aiming for. Get yourself a tutor for Crafting and then find the Tutor for Armor.

Both of them can be found alongside the Blacksmithing area. Through talking, you can learn some skills related to crafting, and then you can craft armor or weapons at a basic level.

Afterward, you will have to speak to librarians and gain knowledge from crafting books to create things that are much more useful and advanced. Get your hands filled with those skill books and recipes for crafting things. Go to the same location again alongside blacksmithing and craft some things at the crafting table.

Customizations are what make Crafting difficult; for example, for the round shield, you will have to learn about round shields or other variants. The same is for the weaponry, as you have to deal with the grip, the core, and so on.

Start with the basic stuff mostly and pump yourself to craft advanced weapons while learning the mechanisms related to crafting. Mortal Online 2 Crafting is mostly layered and with each layer, you will start learning the secrets.

Final Verdict

Well, it is really hard to define everything in detail when talking about Mortal Online 2. The only thing that Beginners suffer is in the attributes, character making, stats, crafting, skill boost, death, taming, and money-making. Here in this Mortal Online 2 Beginner Guide 2022, we pretty much dealt with everything in detail that is beneficial for Beginners and can have a great way for them to start the game.

Most of the other mechanisms are sought out from this beginner mechanism that isn’t hard to understand. Therefore, this beginner guide will surely give you the essential knowledge of the game and makes the process of understanding Mortal Online 2 Easier.

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