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Mortal Online 2 Build Guide

Mortal Online 2 is a complex and deep game that requires focus and time to get a hang of. Starting from the character selection to the levels and various mechanisms, you can only take a specific path for the entire journey. In another case, you will have to basically start a new journey and select the path accordingly.

So, this makes the character selection an essential part of the game that paves the path you take later on in the game. Ranging from the food you take, the weaponry you can have, the height, physical appearance, and everything that is affected by the build you make from the start.

Therefore, to help you with the character build, we have here the Mortal Online 2 Build Guide. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details.

Mortal Online 2 Characters

When you are starting the game itself, you will have a total of 25 points to spend. These points are referred to as the Attribute Points because they can be used to enhance the attributes like Dexterity, Intelligence, Size, Age, Constitution, Strength, and Psyche.

At the start of the game each of the paths, you select can vary like age, bloodline, height, weight, and so on. Furthermore, it can affect the game itself resulting in differences between every player in the game.

The various choices you have are;


These are tanky and come with the stats that make them durable. The real difference between this and others is that Oghmir comes with more stat towards Constitution. When you want to go towards the extraction or specialize in the art of crafting, then you truly can’t go wrong with the Oghmir. Because of their durability, you also can pick Oghmir for melee combat.


Yes, there are Humans in Moral Online 2, and why wouldn’t they include us? Well, Humans are more like the Jack of All Trades and Master of none. They can be shifted towards anything you like, but can’t truly master anything. Players mostly use them for the crafting side, but same as before, you can use them for everything else or a mix between all.


If your main goal is to fight and massacre in Mortal Online 2, then there is no better than Thursars. They are powerful, can have weapons on both hands, and are great for DPS. But the drawback is that you pretty much can’t go anywhere else if you wanted to. They only specialize in combat and they are best for this.


Not everyone wants durability and strength, some people simply want agility and intelligence. For that reason, Alverins are your best bet, as they can pretty much dominate in Magic or can be used to make Archer Builds in Mortal Online 2. Because of their agility, you can outmatch anyone if you are playing with your brains.

Mortal Online 2 Character Builds

The only problem with understanding Character Build is that there isn’t any specific class. Rather, you can pretty much mix the things, but the drawback is that you will start to suffer later in the game.

To make things easier to understand, these are divided into groups that are deeply related to the goals you want to achieve in-game.

Footies Character Build

Oghmir if you want to go Tank Footies

Alvarin if you want to go Fast Footies

Thursars if you want to go High Damage Footie

Human if you want to go for Physical Fighter Footie

Mage Character Build

Alverin if you want to go for Dexterity Mage

Human if you want to go Balanced Mage

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Hybrid Character Build

Human if you want to go for Human Hybrid, Heavy Paladin, or Human Hubrid Bruiser

Alvarin if you want to go Sheevra Hybrid

Mounted Character Build

Oghmir if you want to go for Tank Mounted Combat or Mounted Archer

Thursar if you want to go Main Footie with Mounted Archer

Human if you want to go Tri Bred Mounted

Effect of Attribute on Character Build

Three main factors affect your character altogether, which are; Weight, Effects, and Attributes. It isn’t a secret that a higher intelligence character will have more magic power or mana pool. Age will affect the character level of attributes and so on.


With strength, your character will mainly focus on Stamina Pool, Max limit of weight carrying, Bonuses associated with damage, and armor


Constitution also defines the max limit of weight carrying, Health & Stamina Pool, and Armor


It makes up that Mana Pool and the Resistance to Magic


The most versatile of the all that focus on the chance of a weak spot in enemies, Speed (Maximum), Combat in & out, the height of the jump, and Stamina Pool


Finally, this one defines your Mana pool and the amount of damage you deal with magic.

Difference with Stats

The various effects like the age, the height, the bloodline, and the gifts clade define various things in your character build. Below, we have them figured out for you.


In each point you put into height, there will be around the two-centimeter change in character, while it also changes the hitbox, bonus associated with damage, and the weight carrying.


There are various bloodlines in the game and each one of them will pave a different road affecting the pool of attributes, stats maximum, height, and so on.

Clade Gifts

The points you get free of cost to spend on your attribute are changed with this, whereas changing the passive abilities, active abilities, maximum level of attributes, and so on, with the race you select.


Finally, the age of Character Build affects the maximum level of attributes and nothing else.

Steps for Character Creation

  1. The first thing you will be brought to choose is Gender. Keep in mind that the choice is yours and won’t change anything in the game except the physical appearance.

  2. The next thing is Clade selection and it changes a lot of things including the appearance of your character, the clade gift, attribute boundary, and the range of height.

  3. On the third comes your bloodline selection and it is the most important one. There are a lot of bloodlines and each one of them changes the attributes effects and stats.

  4. After these, you will be able to enter the game with that specific character you just built and then carry on with the given attributes, stats, and so on.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of things that you need to worry about before the game of Mortal Online 2 begins. Most of the stuff can alter your path, while some are generally for the physical appearance. To make things easier for you to understand, here we have the Mortal Online 2 Build Guide that comes with all the essential details associated with Character Building.

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