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Best Combat Tips for Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen falls within the soulslike genre, offering a familiar gameplay experience characterized by its challenging nature. Upon creating your character, you're thrust into an immersive and unforgiving world. Success hinges heavily on mastering combat mechanics; failure to do so can pose substantial obstacles.

If you find Lords of the Fallen daunting, fear not. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned soulslike player seeking assistance, this guide provides invaluable tips to navigate the game more smoothly and mitigate its formidable challenges.

Let’s get straight to it!

1. Experiment with Weapons

In Lords of the Fallen, players have access to a diverse array of weapons ranging from swords and hammers to axes and spears. Each weapon type possesses unique characteristics and combat mechanics.

Adapt to Enemy Types

Experimenting with different weapon types is crucial as certain weapons excel against specific enemy types or bosses. For example, facing a nimble boss that allows little room for attack might warrant avoiding heavy weapons due to their slower attack speed. Opting for a lighter, faster weapon could prove more effective in such scenarios.

Versatility for Combat Scenarios

While you may have a favored weapon that suits your playstyle, it's essential to acknowledge that its effectiveness can vary depending on the situation. Therefore, maintaining a diverse arsenal of at least two different weapons ensures adaptability in various combat scenarios. This strategic approach enhances your ability to overcome different challenges encountered throughout the game.

2. Have a Ranged Weapon

A ranged option such as a bow, crossbow, catalyst, or throwable weapon into your arsenal serves as a prudent backup plan.

Addressing Distant Threats

Encounters in the game often involve facing multiple enemies simultaneously, with some launching attacks from a distance. Whether it's fire orbs or lightning strikes from elevated platforms, these distant threats can pose a significant challenge.

Strategic Advantage

Having a ranged weapon provides a strategic advantage by allowing you to eliminate spellcasters and distant foes without diverting your attention from enemies in close proximity. This enables you to maintain focus on immediate threats while effectively dealing with distant adversaries.

Tactical Engagement

To maximize the effectiveness of your ranged option, it's advisable to avoid becoming surrounded by enemies or impulsively charging into the midst of a battle. Instead, adopt a tactical approach by drawing one or two enemies towards you at a time, systematically dealing with them before engaging the next opponent.

3. Take Advantage of Dual Wielding

Lords of the Fallen introduces the dynamic combat mechanic of dual-wielding, allowing players to wield two distinct weapons simultaneously for enhanced damage output.

Amplified Damage Potential

By equipping different weapons such as swords or hammers in each hand, players can significantly amplify their offensive capabilities, delivering formidable strikes to adversaries.

Special Combo Moves

Dual-wielding unlocks a special combo move, enabling players to execute coordinated attacks with both weapons simultaneously. This synergistic approach to combat offers a unique and devastating offensive strategy.

Defensive Considerations

While opting for dual-wielding foregoes the use of a shield for defense, the versatility of wielding two weapons can compensate effectively for blocking incoming attacks.

Experimentation and Customization

We encourage players to experiment with various weapon combinations to identify the optimal pairing that aligns with their individual combat style and preferences. The flexibility of dual-wielding offers a personalized combat experience tailored to each player's preferences and playstyle.

4. Abuse the Dodge Mechanic

Mastering the art of dodging is paramount in Lords of the Fallen as it serves as your primary method of evading enemy attacks and preserving health.

Advantages Over Guarding

While guarding can offer protection, it carries the risk of Wither damage, resulting in the loss of all guarded health upon being hit by an enemy. Dodging not only allows you to evade incoming attacks but also conserves healing resources for critical moments of need.

Vital in Boss Fights

Effective dodging skills are particularly crucial in boss encounters, where precise timing and maneuvering can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Opting to guard instead of dodge in these situations can significantly increase the risk of untimely demise.

Consideration of Weight

It's essential to note that the effectiveness of your dodge is influenced by your weight. Avoid exceeding the Heavy level on your Encumbrance meter, as this leads to a sluggish and less effective dodge maneuver, compromising your ability to evade enemy attacks effectively.

5. Exploit Enemy Vulnerabilities

In Lords of the Fallen, each enemy possesses a vulnerability to a particular type of damage. For example, Holy damage proves effective against Umbral enemies, while Fire or Poison damage is particularly potent against human adversaries. Leveraging these weaknesses can significantly tilt the odds in your favor during battles.

Strategic Utilization of Damage Types

Identifying and capitalizing on enemy vulnerabilities requires strategic thinking. While a boss's weakness may not always be immediately apparent, employing logical deduction can aid in uncovering effective tactics.

Weapon Enhancement Options

The game offers various items that enable players to imbue their weapons with specific damage types. It's important not to hoard these items in fear of depletion but rather to utilize them strategically to exploit enemy weaknesses.

Adaptive Combat Approach

Adapting your weapon's damage type to exploit enemy vulnerabilities enhances your combat effectiveness and increases your chances of success in encounters. Whether adding Holy damage against Umbral foes or igniting your weapon to confront human adversaries, employing the right damage type can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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6. Use the Umbral Lamp for Soulflay

Beyond its role in traversing the Umbral realm and advancing the game's storyline, the Umbral Lamp proves to be a valuable asset in combat situations, particularly during challenging boss encounters.

Soulflay Mechanic

By locking onto an enemy from a distance and activating Soulflay, players can witness the enemy's soul departing from their body. This renders the enemy temporarily incapacitated, rendering them vulnerable to attacks.

Exploiting Vulnerability

Seize the opportunity presented by Soulflay to unleash a flurry of attacks on the incapacitated enemy, maximizing damage output before they recover their faculties.

Manipulating Enemy Position

When an enemy is Soulflayed, players gain the ability to manipulate their position using the right stick, providing strategic opportunities to reposition foes for tactical advantage.

Resource Management

It's important to note that utilizing Soulflay consumes one Soulflay charge, indicated by a small blue flame icon located under the character's Mana pool. Thus, players must exercise discretion in its usage, balancing the benefits of incapacitating enemies with the need to conserve resources for prolonged engagements.

7. Use the Environment to Gain the Upper Hand

The environment in Lords of the Fallen poses threats not only to you but also to your enemies, presenting opportunities for strategic advantage.

Leveraging Red Blisters

Red Blisters on walls are hazardous to both you and enemies, exploding upon attack. However, savvy players can turn these hazards to their advantage by luring enemies close and triggering the Blister with the Umbral Lamp, dealing substantial damage in the process.

Exploiting Enemy Vulnerabilities

Enemies often attempt to push players off precarious ledges, but astute players can reverse the situation. By identifying enemies teetering on the edge, players can administer a well-timed kick to send them plummeting. Alternatively, drawing enemies near precarious drops and executing a timely dodge maneuver can achieve the same result, turning the tables in your favor.

Tactical Efficacy

Employing environmental tactics isn't cheap; it's a demonstration of strategic acumen. Utilizing the environment to your advantage is a testament to your intelligence and adaptability in combat situations, enhancing your chances of success while adding a satisfying layer of tactical depth to gameplay.

8. Take a Break and Come Back

Feeling overwhelmed or under-leveled in certain areas is a common experience for many players. Whether due to extensive exploration or rushing through the game, encountering challenges beyond your current capabilities is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Learning from Setbacks

Unexpected encounters with powerful enemies or formidable bosses serve as reminders to slow down and reassess your approach. Embrace these setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning.

Strategic Retreat

Returning to challenging areas later with improved stats and upgraded gear is a prudent decision. Building up your character's Vigor and enhancing your equipment increases your chances of success in future encounters.

Exploration and Cooperation

Revisiting earlier areas in the game or assisting other players in their journeys can provide opportunities for character development and resource accumulation. Joining someone else's game to lend a hand not only benefits them but also allows you to gain valuable experience and resources.

Wise Strategy

Acquiring extra levels and improving your gear through patient progression and assistance is a wise and strategic approach. Remember, there's no shame in knowing when to step back and regroup before tackling challenges anew.

9. Use the Co-Op Mechanic

Utilizing the co-op summon feature in Lords of the Fallen offers a deeply satisfying experience where you and a friend can seamlessly journey through the game together, facing its challenges side by side.

Enhanced Enjoyment and Eased Journey

Co-op gameplay not only enhances enjoyment but also significantly eases the difficulty of your journey. Collaborating with a friend allows for effective strategizing, with one player able to distract bosses while the other deals damage.

NPC Summons

For those without a friend to play with, the game provides NPC summons to assist in challenging encounters, particularly boss fights. These summons serve as valuable allies, aiding players in overcoming formidable obstacles.

Progression Assistance

The availability of summons is designed to aid players in progressing through the game, ensuring that challenging boss fights do not impede advancement. This feature provides relief for players facing frustration and serves as a valuable resource for overcoming difficult hurdles.

Acceptance of Assistance

There's no shame in seeking assistance when struggling with challenging encounters. Embracing the cooperative and summon features demonstrates a willingness to adapt and overcome obstacles, ultimately enhancing the overall gaming experience.


Mastering the combat mechanics in Lords of the Fallen is essential for success in the game. Experimenting with weapons, utilizing ranged options, dual-wielding effectively, and learning to dodge are fundamental strategies that enhance your combat prowess. Additionally, exploiting enemy vulnerabilities, leveraging environmental hazards, and seeking assistance through co-op summoning contribute to a more strategic and enjoyable gameplay experience.

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