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Lords of the Fallen – How to Spot Mimic Items

In Lords of the Fallen, a dark fantasy game akin to the Souls series, you'll encounter a familiar adversary: the Umbral Mimics. These sneaky foes lurk amidst the fiery Rhogar and divine Hallowed Sentinels, waiting to ensnare unsuspecting adventurers. Often disguised as tempting item orbs, they lure in players with the promise of treasure, only to unleash deadly consequences upon interaction.

But fear not, for there are subtle clues to discern these deceptive creatures from genuine treasures. With a keen eye and a cautious approach, you can outsmart these Mimics and continue your quest through Mournstead unscathed.

Here's a guide to help you identify and avoid Umbral Mimics in Lords of the Fallen, keeping you one step ahead of the game's most cunning adversaries:

What Are Umbral Mimics?

Umbral Mimics, also known simply as Mimics, are deceptive enemies in Lords of the Fallen. Similar to Mimics in games like Dark Souls, they masquerade as harmless objects to lure and attack unsuspecting players. While Dark Souls' Mimics disguise themselves as chests, those in Lords of the Fallen take on the appearance of item orbs scattered throughout the game world.

The Deceptive Appearance

In Lords of the Fallen, nearly every item is represented by a glowing yellow orb in the overworld. These orbs can contain valuable loot, such as weapons, armor, consumables, and quest items. Mimics exploit this mechanic by imitating these item orbs, making them appear indistinguishable from genuine loot.

The Dangers of Interaction

Unwary adventurers who interact with a Mimic's lure, mistaking it for a genuine item orb, face dire consequences. Upon interaction, the Mimic springs to life, ensnaring the player and inflicting severe damage, often resulting in instant death. This not only deprives the player of their current life but also triggers a loss of resources and progress.

The Perilous Persistence

Even while trapped in Umbral—the realm of death and punishment in Lords of the Fallen—the Mimic's lure remains, posing a continued threat to players. Encountering a Mimic while in this state can lead to permanent death, adding an additional layer of danger to an already treacherous situation.

Identifying Umbral Mimics

Though initially challenging to differentiate between genuine item orbs and Mimics, careful observation reveals distinct features that distinguish the two. By studying these key characteristics, players can learn to identify Mimics with confidence, avoiding potentially fatal encounters and preserving their progress in the game.

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How to Spot Mimics in Lords of the Fallen

There are two ways in which you can spot mimics in Lords of the Fallen. Let’s take a detailed look at both of them:

1. Mimics Have Different Light Trails

One of the most reliable methods to distinguish a regular item orb from a Mimic in Lords of the Fallen is by observing their light trails. While both types of orbs emit a distinctive yellow glow, their light trails exhibit distinct behaviors that can help players identify Mimics with ease.

Observing the Light Trail

Regular item orbs emit a consistent light trail that ascends straight upwards with minimal deviation. Although there may be slight undulations from left to right, the trajectory remains predominantly vertical. Conversely, Mimics' light trails behave erratically, twisting and curling in unpredictable patterns. Unlike the orderly ascent of genuine item orbs, Mimics' trails often exhibit abrupt bends and curves.

Taking Time to Assess

Identifying Mimics using this method requires patience and careful observation. Players must slow down and scrutinize each suspected orb, paying close attention to the behavior of its light trail. While this may consume additional time, especially in challenging areas where Mimics are prevalent, it is the most reliable means of distinguishing between genuine items and Mimics.

Developing a Habit

Given the prevalence of Mimics in areas teeming with other threats, such as challenging regions in Lords of the Fallen, it is essential for players to develop a habit of inspecting each orb they encounter. By consistently checking for irregularities in the light trails, players can effectively avoid falling victim to Mimics and safeguard their progress in the game.

2. Odd Item Orb Locations

Another method to identify Mimics in Lords of the Fallen involves recognizing their limited spawn points within a given area. Unlike the light trail method, this approach is less precise but still valuable in avoiding Mimic encounters.

Dynamic Spawn Points

Mimics in Lords of the Fallen occupy a finite number of potential spawn locations within a particular area. These locations vary each time a player experiences a true death or rests at a Vestige. Consequently, players can familiarize themselves with the possible spawn points to anticipate Mimic appearances.

Safe Zones

Unlike genuine item orbs, Mimics cannot usurp the locations of actual items, such as consumables like Briostones or Wild Berries. By observing the consistent appearance of these consumables in certain areas, players can infer safe zones where Mimics are unlikely to lurk.

Developing Map Knowledge

Identifying Mimics through this method requires some level of map familiarity and the ability to recall previous item orb spawn locations. Players may need to revisit areas multiple times to develop this skill effectively. Given the nature of Souls-like games, which often involve extensive backtracking, players have ample opportunities to hone their understanding of Mimic spawn points.

Complementary Method

While this method is not foolproof and may not guarantee a 100% success rate in detecting Mimics, it serves as a valuable complementary approach to the more precise light trail method. By combining both techniques, players can significantly increase their efficiency in identifying Mimics and navigating hazardous areas with confidence.

Can You Kill Mimics in Lords of the Fallen?

The only method of dispatching Umbral Mimics in Lords of the Fallen involves using the Umbral Lamp. When you encounter an item orb suspected to be a Mimic's lure, approach it and direct your Umbral Lamp towards it. This action will extract the Mimic from the orb, effectively killing it. Notably, upon killing the Mimic, you'll acquire Vigor, along with the item that the Mimic was impersonating. It's essential to be aware that this method may require you to already be in Umbral for it to be effective.

Ignoring Mimics

Alternatively, players can opt to ignore Mimics altogether. As long as you refrain from picking up the item orb, Mimics will not engage with you, even if you pass directly over their hiding spot. In crowded areas with numerous threats, it's often advisable to bypass Mimics rather than risking engagement and potential conflict with other enemies.

Stay Alert for Mimic Respawn

Regardless of whether you choose to eliminate or ignore Mimics, it's crucial to remain vigilant. Mimics will respawn in new locations whenever you experience a true death or rest at a Vestige. This means that even if you've dealt with a Mimic once, it may reappear elsewhere in the game world, necessitating continued caution and observation.


Navigating the treacherous world of Lords of the Fallen requires vigilance and strategy when dealing with Umbral Mimics. Whether you choose to eliminate them using the Umbral Lamp or opt to bypass them altogether, it's crucial to remain mindful of their presence and the potential risks they pose. By employing the methods outlined and staying alert to their respawn mechanics, players can effectively navigate the dangers posed by Mimics and progress through the game with confidence.

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