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Lords of the Fallen – Campaign Length & New Game Plus

Lords of the Fallen, released in 2023, is a big step up from its 2014 version. In this game, you play as a Lampbearer, exploring two different worlds filled with danger. Your main job? Stop the demon lord Adyr from taking over. But this isn't a quick job - it takes time and effort to get through the game's story.

Playing through Lords of the Fallen isn't just about beating levels. It's about facing tough challenges and discovering secrets along the way. Every fight and every new area brings something new to explore and figure out. So, while you might want to know exactly how long it takes to finish, what really matters is enjoying the journey and all the surprises it brings.

Let’s get into it!

Estimated Time to Beat

To conquer the campaign in Lords of the Fallen, players typically invest around 40 hours of gameplay, although this figure can fluctuate depending on individual gaming styles and skill levels. While this estimate provides a general guideline, there's usually a margin of flexibility of about five hours, allowing for variations in player experience and approach.

Factors Influencing Playtime

For seasoned players familiar with the series, navigating between the realms of the Axiom and Umbral may come more naturally, streamlining their progression through the campaign. However, newcomers to the franchise might find themselves requiring additional time to acclimate to the game's mechanics and intricacies.

Moreover, various factors such as exploration, side quests, and the player's chosen playstyle can significantly impact the overall duration of gameplay. Thus, while the estimated time to beat provides a reference point, individual experiences may vary based on these influencing factors.

There are a lot of different factors that can drastically change the time it takes you to beat the game. Let’s take a detailed look at them:

Navigating the Realms

In Lords of the Fallen, players must adapt to a dual existence, traversing between the realms of the living and the dead. This transition carries significant consequences, as each realm presents distinct challenges and risks. Newcomers to the game may find themselves grappling with the mechanics associated with this dynamic shift, especially when facing the prospect of respawning in the Umbral realm after meeting their demise in the Axiom realm.

Recovering lost Vigor, equivalent to experience points, becomes paramount, adding a layer of urgency to their endeavors. However, this task is further complicated if players succumb to formidable adversaries, such as challenging boss battles, which can consume valuable time and resources.

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Boss Battles

Boss battles in Lords of the Fallen are not mere skirmishes but arduous trials that demand strategic planning and precise execution. The stakes are high, particularly for players who have already expended one of their lives in the Axiom realm. Each encounter with a boss presents a do-or-die scenario, where every misstep carries dire consequences.

Failure necessitates repeating the same battle until victory is achieved, prolonging the overall gameplay duration. This perpetual cycle of defeat and resurgence amplifies the sense of challenge and intensity, underscoring the significance of mastering combat mechanics and adapting to evolving tactics.

Facing the Undead Horde

Within the Umbral realm lurks a multitude of undead adversaries, poised to thwart the player's progress at every turn. Whether traversing through the desolate landscapes or confronting enemies in the Axiom realm, players must remain vigilant to survive the relentless onslaught.

The continuous engagement with foes, coupled with the unpredictable nature of encounters, contributes to the time-consuming nature of the game. Novice players, in particular, may find themselves investing considerable time in honing their combat skills and devising effective strategies to overcome these formidable obstacles.

Plot Choices

The narrative of Lords of the Fallen is shaped by the choices players make throughout their journey, offering multiple endings based on their decisions. This element of player agency introduces a significant degree of replay value, as individuals strive to explore different story arcs and outcomes.

However, the nonlinear nature of the plot means that reaching a satisfactory conclusion requires careful consideration and deliberation. As players weigh the consequences of their actions, they may find themselves embarking on diverse paths, each with its own implications for the overall duration of gameplay.

Save Points and Navigation

Unlike traditional save systems, Lords of the Fallen restricts saving to specific locations where players have crafted and placed bonfires. This limitation encourages continuous progression, as players must venture forth to establish new save points. The absence of a navigational map compels players to rely on intuition and foresight when charting their course through the realms.

The lack of foresight regarding upcoming challenges and encounters can prolong the journey, as players cautiously navigate the unknown terrain, adding an element of unpredictability to their playthrough.

New Game Plus: A Familiar Journey with a Twist

In the realm of soulslike games, Lords of the Fallen stands as a quintessential representative, boasting a New Game Plus mode that offers players a fresh perspective on their journey. For those uninitiated with this feature, New Game Plus allows players to replay the game from the beginning while retaining most of the items and levels acquired during their initial playthrough.

Exploring Variations

While some may be familiar with New Game Plus modes from renowned titles like Dark Souls 2, where additional challenges such as encountering new red enemies are introduced, Lords of the Fallen takes a different approach. Unlike its counterparts, Lords of the Fallen does not introduce entirely new adversaries in its New Game Plus mode. Instead, it offers a blend of familiar gameplay elements with subtle variations, ensuring a unique and engaging experience for returning players.

1. Starting Fresh

Embarking on a new journey in Lords of the Fallen doesn't always have to entail added challenges and heightened difficulty. While New Game Plus typically offers a tougher experience by ramping up enemy strength, the degree of challenge can vary depending on the player's build and progression. For certain character builds, New Game Plus may actually become easier due to the array of items and levels carried over from the previous playthrough.

Tailoring the Experience to Your Preferences

Not everyone seeks to intensify the gameplay experience with additional challenges. For those who simply wish to tie up loose ends or pursue remaining achievements without complicating matters, Lords of the Fallen provides an option to start a new game without any added enhancements. While this may lack excitement for some players, it proves invaluable for those seeking to indulge in a power fantasy, effortlessly dominating foes and breezing through the game with ease.

2. Retaining Progress

Entering New Game Plus in Lords of the Fallen heralds tougher challenges, but seasoned adventurers need not fear, for they carry their hard-earned spoils from past conquests. Most notably, the arsenal of equipment amassed throughout the initial journey persists into this new endeavor.

This includes not only weapons and armor but also the upgrade levels of each piece, ensuring that players are well-equipped to face the escalating threats that await. Among the cherished possessions retained is the Umbral Lamp, a steadfast companion in the darkest of realms, serving as a beacon of hope amidst adversity.

Continuing Development

Progression in Lords of the Fallen extends beyond material possessions, encompassing the growth and development of the player character. As such, the levels attained in previous exploits persist into New Game Plus, allowing players to maintain their established builds and skill sets.

Unconventional Treasures

In addition to equipment and levels, a myriad of unconventional treasures accompanies players on their continued journey. Armor Tincts, imbued with protective properties, remain steadfast allies in the face of adversity, while currencies like Vigor retain their value, facilitating transactions and acquisitions.

3. Tougher Enemies

In the realm of New Game Plus, adversaries in Lords of the Fallen undergo a remarkable transformation, emerging as formidable adversaries poised to test the mettle of even the most seasoned champions. Expectations are met as enemies demonstrate increased potency, dealing significantly greater damage and boasting formidable health pools that render their original incarnations mere shadows of their former selves.

Familiar Faces, Unchanged Movesets

While the challenge posed by stronger enemies in New Game Plus is undeniably daunting, the breadth of variation in adversaries remains somewhat limited. While Lords of the Fallen may lack the introduction of new enemies or altered movesets for existing foes, this does not detract from the overall experience. Instead, the game relies on the heightened difficulty of encounters to maintain engagement and intensity.

4. Fewer Vestiges in New Game Plus

In Lords of the Fallen's New Game Plus mode, a notable alteration awaits players in the form of a revised checkpoint system. Unlike the static enemy patterns, this adjustment injects a new layer of challenge by reducing the availability of Vestiges, crucial checkpoints that offer respite and resupply throughout the game. With each successive run through New Game Plus, the number of accessible Vestiges diminishes, culminating in a stark limitation by NG+3, where only those at Skyrest Bridge and Shrine of Adyr remain.

5. NPC Questlines: A Fresh Start

As the world resets to its initial state in New Game Plus, players must reconnect with NPCs, embarking on familiar quests anew. While this may seem like a setback, it presents an opportunity for completionists to rectify past decisions and pursue quests previously inaccessible due to divergent storylines. The divergent paths leading to the game's three endings often result in mutually exclusive questlines, adding depth to subsequent playthroughs.

Unlocking Quests Through Iterations

It's important to note that resetting NPC questlines isn't exclusive to New Game Plus cycles. Simply initiating a new game, sans the "Plus" modifier, achieves the same effect, allowing players to explore alternative storylines and pursue missed opportunities. However, players should exercise caution and avoid rushing ahead prematurely, lest they miss out on tying up loose ends.


Lords of the Fallen offers players a captivating journey through its campaign, with an estimated completion time of approximately 40 hours. The inclusion of New Game Plus mode adds depth and replayability to the experience, presenting both familiar challenges and fresh twists for seasoned adventurers.

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