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Lords of the Fallen - Radiant Ending and Unlocking the Radiant Purifier Class

In Lords of the Fallen, reaching the Radiant Ending is just one of the ways to finish your adventure. Throughout your journey, you'll face numerous challenges and dangerous foes in various locations, all building up to a thrilling final showdown. Our guide will walk you through the steps to achieve the Radiant Ending and gain access to the exclusive Radiant Purifier class. However, please note that this guide contains significant spoilers, so proceed with caution.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Radiant Ending and Unlocking the Radiant Purifier Class

In Lords of the Fallen, reaching the Radiant Ending and unlocking the Radiant Purifier class is like embarking on a grand adventure. It's not just about finishing a game; it's about overcoming challenges and making important decisions along the way. This guide will walk you through every step of the process, making it easy to understand even if you're new to the game.

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How to Unlock the Radiant Ending

The key to unlocking the Radiant Ending is to clear all beacons scattered across Mournstead. Unlike the other endings, this path is more direct. Once you've purified these beacons, you're ready for the final showdown against Adyr.

Finding the Beacons

1.      Forsaken Fen

First, navigate through the swampy terrain beyond the battle with Gentle Gaverus to find the first beacon.

2.      Upper Calrath

Next, go to Lower Calrath slums, the mining complex, and the cistern until you reach the upper city, where the second beacon awaits.

3.      Fief of the Chill Curse/Kinrangr Fief

Then, brave the icy lands inhabited by Viking raiders to discover the third beacon.

4.      The Empyrean

After that, explore the grounds of the Leprosarium of the Hallowed Brothers and the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters to reach the massive cathedral where the fourth beacon is located.

5.      Tower of Penance

Finally, explore the courtyard of the Leprosarium to find the Tower of Penance, where the fifth and final beacon awaits.

Challenges Along the Way

Each beacon has a tough boss, making the journey to cleanse them a real test of your skills. You'll encounter tough enemies too, so be prepared for a tough fight.

Things to Keep in Mind

Cleansing the beacons for the Radiant Ending might mean missing out on the Rhogar Ending and Umbral Ending. So, think carefully about your choices. Attaining all endings in one playthrough is tough, and you might need make backups, but it's worth it for the full experience.

How to Reach the Final Boss in Lords of the Fallen

Reaching the final boss in Lords of the Fallen, especially after cleansing all five beacons, is a significant milestone on your journey towards the Radiant Ending. This a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the challenges and obstacles standing between you and your ultimate goal:

Step 1: Head to Upper Calrath Gate

Make your way to the large gate blocked by a rock formation in Upper Calrath. Prepare to face the Iron Wayfarer, a formidable NPC-turned-Sinner miniboss guarding the gate. Defeat him to proceed.

Step 2: Confront Damarose the Marked

After passing through the gate, you'll encounter Damarose the Marked, another NPC-turned-Sinner miniboss. Engage in battle and defeat Damarose to clear your path forward.

Step 3: Traverse Bramis Castle

Proceed onward, navigating through the hazardous terrain and lava flows until you reach Bramis Castle. Inside the castle, prepare to face numerous Conflagrant Seers, Ruiners, and other Sinner bosses who are now your regular enemies. Overcome these adversaries with skill and determination as you make your way deeper into the castle's depths.

Step 4: Confront the Sundered Monarch

Your next challenge awaits in the form of the Heresy boss known as the Sundered Monarch. Prepare for a challenging battle as you engage in combat with this powerful adversary. Utilize your skills and strategies to defeat the Sundered Monarch and emerge victorious.

Step 5: Enter the Rhogar Realm

With the Sundered Monarch vanquished, proceed to the tendril-covered doorway located at the back of the throne room. Interact with the doorway to open a portal that will transport you to the Rhogar Realm, setting the stage for your final confrontation.

How to Defeat Adyr, the Bereft Exile

Facing off against Adyr, the Bereft Exile, as the final boss in Lords of the Fallen is a daunting challenge, especially if you're aiming for the Radiant Ending. Unlike typical boss battles, defeating Adyr requires a unique approach that doesn't involve direct combat. Here's what you need to know to emerge victorious:

Understanding the Encounter

Adyr, the demon god you've heard about throughout the campaign, stands at the edge of the arena, overseeing the battle. An altar next to him acts as a timer, signaling the urgency of your task.

Defeating Adyr

Your primary objective is to kill all the cultists in the arena. These enemies pose a significant threat with their fire-based attacks, explosions, and lava flows that inflict burn and ignite status effects.

·        Whittle Down Adyr's Health

Each cultist you defeat chips away at Adyr's health. Focus on dispatching them swiftly to weaken Adyr.

·        Time is of the Essence

Be fast and efficient in eliminating the hostiles, as there's a hidden timer ticking away. Pay attention to cues such as Adyr's monologue, the pulsing sound effect, and the altar, which indicate the dwindling time.

·        Trigger the Cutscene

Once Adyr's health reaches zero, a cutscene will ensue. Your character will utilize the Umbral Lamp, a powerful artifact, to obliterate Adyr completely.

·        Witness the Conclusion

Following Adyr's demise, your character will experience a dramatic sequence, culminating in a fiery spectacle. While it may not seem like a traditional happy ending, it signifies the culmination of your journey.

The Radiant Purifier Class: Starting Items and Spells

Upon completing the Radiant Ending and witnessing the final cutscene in Lords of the Fallen, players are presented with several important notifications and choices. Among these are the option to start a New Game Plus (NG+) and the introduction of the Radiant Purifier secret starting class. Let's delve into the specifics of this unique class, including its starting items and spells:

New Game Plus (NG+)

Upon completion of the game, players have the option to embark on a New Game Plus journey. Accepting this prompt will overwrite the current save file. However, players can decline this option for the time being and still access NG+ later by interacting with vestiges.

The Radiant Purifier Class

Unlocking the Radiant Ending reveals the secret starting class known as the Radiant Purifier. This class boasts distinctive attributes and equipment tailored to its holy and righteous nature.


The Radiant Purifier class starts with the following base stats: STR 12, AGI 10, END 13, VIT 14, RAD 18, INF 8.


Players are equipped with the Radiant Purifier Polearm and the Radiant Purifier Catalyst, reflecting the class's focus on melee combat and spellcasting.


The Radiant Purifier Armor Set offers high resistance against holy attacks, providing added protection against foes of darkness.


Wearing the Empyrean Pendant increases both holy damage dealt and defense against holy attacks, enhancing the Radiant Purifier's effectiveness in combat.

Starting Spells

The Radiant Purifier class begins with a set of powerful spells tailored to support both offensive and defensive strategies:

1.      Piercing Light: Unleashes a radiant beam of light, piercing through enemies and dealing significant holy damage.

2.      Aura of Tenacity: Surrounds the caster with a protective aura, bolstering defenses and resilience against enemy attacks.

3.      Healing Sigil: Conjures a sigil of healing energy, restoring the caster's health over time and aiding in prolonged engagements.


The Radiant Purifier class in Lords of the Fallen stands as a compelling choice for players seeking a potent and versatile playstyle centered around holy magic. With superior attributes, weapons, armor, and spells compared to the default Orian Preacher class, transitioning to the Radiant Purifier offers an enhanced gameplay experience.

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