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Lords of the Fallen – How to Increase Ammo Capacity?

In Lords of the Fallen, when you start playing, your character can only carry a small amount of ammo. This varies a bit depending on which character class you choose, but generally, it's not enough for a full ranged playthrough. As you go through the game's story, you'll need to increase your character's total ammo capacity so you can carry more ammo.

But the game doesn't explain how to do this very clearly, so many players are confused about how to make the most of their ranged options. This guide will show you some things you can do to increase the total amount of ammo you can carry in Lords of the Fallen.

Best Way to Increase Ammo Capacity

In Lords of the Fallen, players aiming to boost their character's ammo capacity should prioritize upgrading two key stats: Endurance and Vitality.

Understanding Endurance and Vitality

Endurance and Vitality are closely linked stats in Lords of the Fallen. They not only affect your character's carrying capacity but also play vital roles in enhancing health and stamina. Every time you level up these stats, your character's carrying capacity increases. Regardless of the chosen class, the cost for upgrading these stats remains consistent.

Leveling Up for Ammo Capacity

As players progress and level up, their carrying capacity for ammo increases incrementally. On average, players can expect to gain approximately 1 ammo capacity for every 2 to 3 levels they advance. However, significantly boosting ammo capacity requires substantial investment in Vigor.

Farming Vigor

Vigor serves as a crucial currency in Lords of the Fallen, obtained primarily by defeating enemies in both Umbral and Axiom worlds. Accumulating enough Vigor to make substantial upgrades can be time-consuming, especially if players aim to reach the 20-30 ammo capacity range.

Prioritize Vitality and Endurance

In Lords of the Fallen, focusing on leveling up Vitality and Endurance is crucial regardless of your chosen build.

Importance of Survivability

Survivability is paramount, especially in the early stages of the game. Improving Vitality and Endurance enhances your ability to withstand challenging encounters, making progression smoother.

Enhancing Vitality and Endurance

By prioritizing the leveling of Vitality and Endurance, you naturally increase your character's overall survivability. This not only improves your chances of surviving tough battles but also boosts your carrying capacity for ammo.

Natural Progression

Since Vitality and Endurance are fundamental to character progression, investing in these stats aligns with the natural course of skill development. As you work on improving these stats, you'll find your character's ammo capacity increasing alongside their resilience.

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Replenishing Ammo and Mana in Lords of the Fallen

In the challenging world of Lords of the Fallen, managing your resources effectively is crucial for survival. Whether you're a non-catalyst class relying on ranged weapons or a catalyst class casting powerful spells, running out of ammo or mana can spell disaster in the midst of battle. Fortunately, there are several strategies and methods available to replenish your supplies and keep you in the fight.

Ammunition Replenishment

For non-catalyst classes specializing in ranged combat, maintaining a steady supply of ammunition is essential for dealing with enemies from a distance. Here's a breakdown of how you can refill your ammo reserves:

1.      Ammunition Pouches

Scattered throughout both worlds, Ammunition Pouches serve as convenient sources for replenishing your ammo stockpile. Keep a keen eye out for these pouches while exploring the game world, as they can provide a quick and easy solution to ammo shortages.

2.      Purchase from Stomund

If you prefer a more direct approach to restocking your ammo, you can purchase Ammunition Pouches from Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis, located in Skyrest. While this method offers convenience, be prepared to part with 500 Vigor for each pouch.

3.      Exploration and Enemies

In addition to finding Ammunition Pouches, you can also acquire ammo through exploration and combat. Keep an eye out for lootable items and defeated enemies, as they may yield valuable consumables to replenish your supplies.

Mana Replenishment

Catalyst classes, on the other hand, rely solely on mana to unleash powerful spells and abilities. Here's how you can ensure your mana reserves remain topped up:

1.      Manastone Clusters

Specifically designed to replenish mana, Manastone Clusters come in two sizes, each providing varying degrees of mana restoration. Larger clusters offer a more substantial boost to your mana reserves, making them particularly valuable during intense battles.

2.      Exploration and Enemies

Similar to ammo, Manastone Clusters can be discovered while exploring the game world or obtained as drops from defeated enemies. Keep a lookout for these valuable resources to ensure you always have enough mana to cast your spells.

3.      Merchant Purchases

Throughout your journey, you'll encounter various merchants offering a range of goods and services. Some of these merchants may sell Manastone Clusters, albeit at a cost in Vigor. Consider investing in these clusters to ensure you're always prepared for the challenges ahead.

Resting at the Vestige

As a last resort, resting at the Vestige offers a reliable method for replenishing not only your health but also your ammo and mana reserves:

By resting at the Vestige, you can fully restore your health, cure any negative effects, and replenish both your ammo and mana reserves to their maximum capacity. While resting at the Vestige should be reserved for emergencies due to its limited availability, it serves as a valuable lifeline during particularly challenging encounters.


How can I increase my character's ammo capacity in Lords of the Fallen?

Focus on leveling up Vitality and Endurance stats, as they naturally increase carrying capacity. Consider using ammunition pouches found throughout the game world or purchasing them from merchants.

What should I do if I run out of ammo during gameplay?

Look for ammunition pouches scattered across both worlds in the game or purchase them from Stomund, the Captain of the Fidelis in Skyrest. Alternatively, rest at the Vestige to replenish ammo reserves.

Can I replenish ammo without manually searching for it?

Yes, ammunition pouches can be purchased from Stomund for 500 Vigor each. This provides a convenient way to refill your ammo reserves without extensive exploration.

Are there any other methods to increase ammo capacity apart from leveling up stats?

Yes, players can also equip items or use consumables that increase carrying capacity. Additionally, upgrading weapons and armor may indirectly enhance ammo capacity by improving combat efficiency.

What should Catalyst classes do to replenish their mana reserves?

Catalyst classes rely on spells and mana. To replenish mana, they can use Manastone Clusters, which come in different sizes and can be found while exploring, looted from enemies, or purchased from merchants.


Increasing ammo capacity in Lords of the Fallen is critical for prolonged engagements. By prioritizing the leveling of Vitality and Endurance stats, players naturally enhance their carrying capacity alongside survivability. Utilizing ammunition pouches and satchels, along with exploring for consumables or purchasing them from merchants, provides further opportunities to boost ammo reserves. With these methods, players can ensure they have ample ammunition to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious in their adventures.

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