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Best DPS Build for New World Season 3 Expansion

New World Season 3 Expansion (Rise of the Angry Earth) is finally here. Gaming enthusiasts would be eager to know what are the best DPS builds in the game. Though it would be quite early to say which builds are actually the best in those regards, we have prepared this guide to tell you about the 3 of the best Builds for New World Season 3 Expansion. The Latest edition of the New World comes with new features and upgrades, but we are going to focus on the builds for now. Let's get started then.

Best DPS Builds In New World Season 3

As mentioned, this is the first major upgrade for this edition of the game, and it is bound to come with some of the most amazing features and gaming content. The Elysian Wild zone is ready to be explored for awesome weapons such as the new Flail; the latest gears are waiting to be picked, new mountains to climb, and don't forget the new Savage Divide expedition. But for now, our focus would be on the best DPS builds in the game. We've got the top 3 best builds, and we advise you to first explore these and then move on to the others to see which one fits your playstyle the best. Also, keep a good stock of New World Gold Coins before moving directly to try out these builds. You will require the coins to complete your builds. So get these coins for real money.

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The Musket is a ranged DPS weapon focused on dealing damage to individual targets. Thanks to its hit scan capabilities, it boasts top-tier potential for player-versus-player (PVP) encounters. However, it's presently not the optimal choice for player versus environment (PVE) content. Dexterity influences the firearm's performance, so it's advisable to pair it with another weapon that also relies on Dexterity for scaling.

For the Musket DPS build, the main weapon option or approach will be the Rapier. Isn't it obvious why Rapier is the first-choice weapon? This approach gives you a Dexterity of 250 and an interrupt of 350. Moreover, you've got a Tier-5 gem (Elemental) that can be used with it. The range of the Musket is quite large, so you have to take full advantage of it. Targeting an enemy from long range can be quite helpful as it protects you from coming in direct contact with the enemy. But you should also keep this in mind that the enemy can close on you by hiding. The Rapier and the Sticky Nades associated with it gives you the invulnerability frames. You can use them in order to control the flow and the grids.

The 2nd option that you can look out for is the VG. Using the VG (Void Gauntlet), you have various options. You can choose to specialize in different ways, like utilizing the tether rupture scream for a mid-range competitive approach, focusing on rupture orb oblivion to excel in long-range engagements, and perhaps assisting with clumps or adopting the current popular build. This approach offers a good balance between using the scream for self-protection and potentially setting up root for the nades and oblivion for empowerment. Moreover, it weakens the opposition if they get too close to you. Additionally, you still have your supplementary damage capabilities. 

If you decide to move forward with this option, you need to have the tech artifact. This is a mandatory condition in order to use the Void Gauntlet (VG). This is because the primary weapon that you've chosen is the Musket. This addition and integration of Musket along with VG is really good and can help you in difficult situations. You can now deal DOT damage and stack it for 3 times. This is going to make you strikes hurt much more.

The final approach stands out as the most optimal among the trio. Clearly, when adopting the glass cannon build, your primary focus should revolve around maximizing your range and mastering the art of kiting opponents, all while inflicting substantial damage and securing eliminations. The life taker artifact contributes to additional damage due to its random dot effect. On the other hand, the BB secondary comes into play with a disease-inducing feature, linked to the pestilence artifact. Similar to the life taker, the pestilence artifact inflicts a debuff upon foes when engaging them with either the Musket or the BB. However, instead of a random effect, it imposes a 7% disease debuff that can stack up to three times, resulting in a total of 21% anti-healing.

With this approach you are going to slow down a lot of healing processes in the enemy camp. If you are targeting someone who is running away from the pack or that target is getting healed by a teammate or if you are just attacking a healer who's been healing itself, then your approach slows down and negates the healings. This in return is going to help you secure a lot of kills.

Additionally, you have the option to attach the comprehensive net shot enhancement to the pestilence, resulting in a 60% stamina depletion for anyone you directly strike with it. This will significantly impede their ability to approach you closely or move away from you in the game.

New World Season 3 Musket Build


The second DPS Build on this list is the Blunderbuss. The Blunderbuss build comprises the spear artifacts also known as the scorpion sting. The scorpion sting javelin throw applies a 40% tax for anyone above 50 HP and attracts them to you in a knocked-down state. This makes it quite convenient for swiftly defeating players employing this alternative weapon. You can utilize the Blunderbuss for the left-click action and shrapnel, which inflicts a substantial amount of damage. 

The primary purpose of the spear is for setting up scenarios and employing its abilities, whereas the Blunderbuss is primarily for dealing damage. You can employ the net shot, skewer, and close shot for either escaping or applying pressure, depending on your preference. Use the Blunderbuss for significant damage and the spear for setting things up. The alternative path in the spear skill tree can also be used, even in conjunction with the sword shield instead of the Blunderbuss. 

New World Season 3 Blunderbuss Build

Flail Blunderbuss

The last but not the least on the List of Best DPS Build in the New World Season 3 Expansion is going to be the Flail Blunderbuss build. This is impossible to penetrate, and it has the potential of causing great damage. The flail Blunderbuss can provide you with the Crowd control abilities and also the debuff disease-inducing capabilities. It has everything you can hope for. The flail blunderbuss is one of the best builds in the New World season 3 Expansion. Clearly, you'll encounter the pestilence and the item that inflicts disease on all of your weapons (generally the two that you have). Consequently, when utilizing the strategy, you'll be imposing a 7% accumulation of disease, with the potential for up to three stacks, amounting to a total of 21%. Additionally, you possess numerous skills that are pertinent to these circumstances, such as the plague-splitting grenades, which should be affixed to the actual item itself. This approach not only conserves a slot on your equipment but also enhances your gameplay.

Furthermore, there's a plethora of skill combinations at your disposal. You possess the trip maneuver, the smites in your arsenal, and the option to employ your net shot for escaping sticky situations. Additionally, you can effectively close distances using the net shorts. The inclusion of blast shots in your repertoire not only inflicts damage but also sends adversaries tumbling to the ground. These knockdowns pave the way for chaining together various other abilities. Given your 350 constitution, you benefit from a 15% reduction in damage, alongside gaining grits on your primary weapon, which happens to be the flail. It's unquestionably one of those builds that absolutely merits inclusion on the list.

New World Season 3 Flail Build


This was all about the Best DPS Build for New World Season 3 Expansion. We've mentioned 3 such builds in this article. The first build is the Musket. The Musket, a ranged DPS weapon, can be used for ranged attacks. It can be used to deal damage to a single target. It boasts top-tier potential for player versus player (PVP) encounters, thanks to its hit scan capabilities. The second is Blunderbuss with the Spear artifacts, and the final build is the Flail Blunderbuss. So, this will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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