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Best Starter Builds in Last Epoch

The most anticipated action role-playing game, Last Epoch, has many unique and sought-after builds for every player. There are a ton of amazing beginner-friendly Last Epoch builds available for all five classes in the game. Both seasoned players and novices can find plenty to enjoy among the five distinct classes. But without any experience, building a build as a new player in the game can be intimidating.

With so much depth to character creation and skill selection, starting Last Epoch might be a daunting experience. To enjoy the game without becoming weighed down by intricate mechanics, beginners must select the easiest construction. A simple build provides players the confidence to investigate more complex alternatives later on and lets them master the fundamentals at a comfortable pace. 

Though there may be better classes to play if you want to speedrun the campaign to get to the end game, you might be tempted to pick the one you want to play right away. This early-game build guide will help you identify the best class and the ideal starter build for your class and explain various Masteries you can choose from. Once you’re off to a strong start, you can adjust these levelling builds to achieve your perfect endgame build eventually. 

Build Your Character 

Building a strong character foundation is crucial when playing Last Epoch. Selecting a class, being an expert at the build you've picked, and comprehending gear progression are all necessary to become as effective as possible in the game.

Choose Your Class 

In Last Epoch, every class has a different playstyle: Rogue, Mage, Sentinel, Primalist, and Acolyte. What kinds of skills and passives you can use depends on your decision. Sentinels are more defensively oriented, whereas rogues are nimble and quick to do significant damage. Necromancer and Bladedancer builds are well-liked options for fast levelling and survival. The game has the following classes with their unique perks: 

  • Rogue: Outstanding in burst DPS and speed.

  • Mage: Expert in both magical and elemental attacks.

  • Sentinel: Robust, with a good mix of attack and defence.

  • Primalist: centred on nature and possessing both strength and usefulness.

  • Acolyte: specialises in Curses, minions, and dark, necromantic arts

Last Epoch Best Starter Builds

Below are the best-started builds of the Last Epoch. But let us tell you that, to make these builds, you will have to spend gold, the in-game currency of Last Epoch. If you are falling short of the same, the best way to get it is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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The Necromancer Mastery Build (Acolyte) 

Necromancer is ideal for its minion-focused gameplay, which makes the game easier to advance through. The large number of minions acts as a strong shield when teleporting past opponents. A long-range player who can let their minions deal damage for them would find this build ideal. 

Skills used

Summon Skeleton: This helps to summon a skeleton warrior or archer to defend you. There can only be three Skeletons active at once.

Summon Volatile Zombie: Create a volatile zombie that rushes the closest enemy. It bursts if it comes into contact with an adversary or dies, causing fire and physical damage to all-around adversaries.

Summon Bone Golem: Call forth a slow-moving golem that, if struck, has a 15% chance of retaliating with a Bone Shatter.


  1. Acolyte’s sealed Revenant plate of fortification

  2. Vital sealed Revenant Mask of the defence

  3. Shade’s Julra’s obsession

  4. Commander’s Sealed Praetorian belt of the ox

Last Epoch The Necromancer Mastery Build (Acolyte) 

Werebear Druid

This build emphasizes strength and mobility. Primalists can move across terrain while inflicting damage thanks to its jump attacks, even though it isn't as quick as the Rogue. Furthermore, the Werebear builds provide players with a more deadly yet resilient character that can take on bosses and minions with little danger. With this loadout, users simply need to make sure they have movement speed items to make up for their reduced moving speed.

You can change into a werebear and acquire four more abilities by using the Werebear Form ability. You can proc Maelstroms in this form, which offers potent buffs that greatly increase your capabilities. You can also use rampage as a mobility skill.

Skills used

Swipe A melee attack that strikes every adversary in your line of sight. The range of the weapon has no effect on this skill attack.

Summon Thorn Totem: Call out a totem that shoots thorns at any adversaries in the vicinity. By default, you are able to summon and hold two totems at once.

Spriggan Form: Turn into a Forest Spriggan to enhance your spell-casting power and acquire four new abilities: Summon Vine, Summon Healing Totem, Spirit Thorns, and Thorn Shield. When you enter Spriggan form, your Mana is changed to Rage, and you revert to your original form when the meter reaches zero.

Sentinel Mastery: Paladin Build

The Paladin Mastery build from the Sentinel class is the second Last Epoch Starter Build that is suitable for beginners. The most effective way to target enemies with this construct is to melt them with a javelin that is extremely hot. As you get access to more Passive Skills in the end game, this setup scales incredibly nicely. It's an incredibly balanced build for a novice, dealing a ton of damage while recovering quickly.

Skills used

Lunge: Quickly go to a close enemy and deal a blow with your weapon. The usage of this Skill requires a suitable target. Additionally, the farther the target is from your current location, the more Mana it consumes.

Rive: A triad of close-quarters strikes. Rive slashes in a full circle around the character every third successive melee attack, delivering twice damage.

Javelin: Launch a javelin straight ahead, penetrating every foe in its path. The extra melee damage, at 30% of its usual amount, is applied to the javelin as additional throwing damage if you have a spear equipped. 

Last Epoch Sentinel Mastery: Paladin Build

Critical Strike Hammer Throw Paladin

Our next build is a Hammer Throw paladin that is focused on critical strikes. This build makes use of Enra's Technique and Mana Starved Forging, two strong nodes in the Hammer Throw skill tree. In essence, we will be using our mana to spam hammers for free until we run out of it.

Rogue: Ballista Falconer

A rogue is usually a stealthy warrior who uses traps and other tools to their advantageThe Ballista Falconer build, combines the formidable force of an old missile weapon known for its ability to unleash massive bolts, with the ability to call falcon allies to battle alongside you. But Explosive Trap summons the ballistas, and since the Sapping Strikes node allows it to generate mana instead, it needs to have a zero mana cost talent. 

The Next Step is Understanding Your Build

You must select a mastery after picking your class; once chosen, it cannot be altered. This choice defines your playstyle and plays to your character's strengths. To succeed:

  • Concentrate on one primary damage type and use well-synthesized talents to support it.

  • Organize your passives to best support the talents you have selected.

  • Crucial Gear progressionGearing is a vital component of Last Epoch that keeps you viable in combat.


In Last Epoch, adaptability is crucial, so be prepared to modify your setup as you acquire new materials and knowledge. Seek for build instructions to assist you in maximizing your selected class and steer clear of typical problems.

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