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Last Epoch Guide to Level Up Fast

The ARPG Last Epoch offers character levels from 1 to 100. Sometimes, it can be difficult for beginners to level up in the game, so we have prepared this guide. It will provide new players with the required information to level up fast in Last Epoch and reach level 100 faster. 

Last Epoch: Levels & XP

To start with, let's break down the basics. There are XP (experience) requirements that need to be fulfilled to reach level 100 from level 1. With each level, the amount of required XP increases, making it hard for the player to reach the next level. The following is a list of advancing XP requirements for leveling up:

  • Level 1 – 77XP

  • Level 10 – 5,245XP

  • Level 20 – 35,886XP

  • Level 30 – 121,424XP

  • Level 40 – 310,077XP

  • Level 50 – 727,459XP

  • Level 60 – 1,828,987XP

  • Level 70 – 5,202,023XP

  • Level 80 – 15,642,744XP

  • Level 90 – 45,803,516XP

  • Level 100 – 125,524,652XP

As this game supports both online and offline play, it gives rise to several opportunities for leveling up fast. One of the best methods is to use to Gold, the in-game currency for levelling up. If you are falling short of the same, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Classes and Class Skills

In Last Epoch, every player has to choose one ‘Base Class’ upon ‘Character Creation’ in the beginning of the game. From these five main classes, players have the ability to unlock and equip ‘skills’ which greatly help in leveling up one’s character by providing a helping hand during combat. This results in decreased combat time and in turn, increased XP gain! 

These are some of the best skills for leveling up fast in each of the five classes:

Mage: Fireball: It grants the player the ability to throw a ball of raging fire at the target or opponent. Also grants 125% effectiveness for added spell damage. 

Sentinel: Shield Bash: It grants the player the ability to stun enemies by use of multi-directional melee attack. 

Acolyte: Summon Skeletons: It grants the player the ability to summon a maximum of three skeleton archers or three skeleton warriors to guard the player.  

Primalist: Maelstrom: It grants the player the ability to summon a maelstorm that shields the player by surrounding them and deals ‘Cold Damage’ to any nearby enemies or mobs consistently. 

Rogue: Shuriken Toss: It grants the player the ability to throw three shurikens at once directed at the target or opponent. 

Last Epoch Classes

Last Epoch Campaign

The Last Epoch Campaign is basically the main story that you dive into directly after ‘Character Creation’. It has a total of nine chapters spanning across five individual timelines; 

  • The Keepers, from the Divine Era 

  • The Ruined Future, from the Ruined Era 

  • Seeking the Last Shard, from the Ruined Era 

  • The Outcasts and the Empire, from the Imperial Era 

  • Aid From An Oracle, from the Imperial Era 

  • Infiltrating the Immortal Citadel, from the Imperial Era 

  • The Might of Gods, from the Divine Era

  • Lagon’s Blessing, from the Divine Era

  • The Sands of Majasa, from the Divine Era

Completing the main storyline will not only reward you with useful loot and materials, but also – EXP! This makes it a great way to level up your character fast in the game. 

Campaign: Side Quests 

During the player’s journey through all nine chapters and completing the main quests, the player will also have the opportunity to complete side quests. Although optional, side quests are the most impactful ways to level up fast from 1-100 as a beginner! 

These are some of the many side quests that the player should focus on completing for each individual chapter;

  • Chapter 1 – ‘Storeroom Saboteurs’

  • Chapter 2 – ‘Ezra’s Ledger’ and ‘Evacuation’ 

  • Chapter 3 – ‘The Last Refuge’ 

  • Chapter 4 – ‘The Corrupted Lake’ 

  • Chapter 5 – ‘Hidden Gems’ 

  • Chapter 6 – ‘Alric’s Revenge’ 

  • Chapter 7 – None 

  • Chapter 8 – ‘Liath’s Tower’ 

  • Chapter 9 – ‘Oasis Hunt’


Once you have started to grind through the side quests and main story chapters, you will initially unlock more opportunities and ways to gain XP and level up even faster! One such example is ‘Monoliths’. Upon completion of each one of the ‘Last Epoch Campaign’, you will be tasked with the “Monolith of Fate” quest.

Timelines: Islands present inside the Monolith of Fate are known as ‘Timelines’. They consist of various tasks, quests, and boss battles. These get progressively more difficult as you advance through new timelines but in turn, also provide great rewards as well as increased XP! 

Tip – It is best to complete all or most of the quests and side quests to get max idol slots before entering the Monoliths. 

Arena Nodes

As with every ARPG game, there exists an Arena where players can battle with various enemies and bosses, gaining XP throughout the way. 

To access the Arena in Last Epoch, a player must unlock the ‘Arena Key’ which can be earned by defeating mobs in the Monolith, completing certain nodes in the Monolith, or by completing the ‘Arena Run’ 

Last Epoch Key

Arena Battle

Once inside the arena, players are faced with recurring waves of mobs as well as bosses. These waves of mobs and bosses progressively become tougher to defeat. Their health and damage bars increase consistently. Their XP bars also increase, but, this is beneficial for the player because once the player defeats these enemies, the player is rewarded with their respective XP. 


The main bosses inside the Arena are referred to as ‘Champions’. There are in total 3 champions. 

  • Vaion the Arsenal

  • The Crimson Blade 

  • Alfrig Wolfmaw 

Alternate Leveling Methods

Once you have leveled up at least one or two characters to the max level, it may get tiring to repeat the same methods for each of the characters. For such instances, experienced players opt for an alternate leveling method which navigates around skipping campaigns or completing only half of the campaigns, then moving on to dungeons, to claim all the idol slots as well as the passives. 


With all that said, it is best practice to keep in mind that leveling up faster in any game requires dedication and focus the most. Last Epoch provides players with an enticing storyline and even more enticing gameplay! So, as you follow this guide and make your way up the level ranks, be sure to enjoy the experience along with focusing! 

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