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Last Epoch Guide to Crafting Legendary Items

Fans have been enthralled with Last Epoch, an Action RPG that was recently released, and players are therefore unfamiliar with a lot of the game's mechanics. One of these aspects is crafting legendary items, as it is already hectic to accustom yourself to the crafting criteria of the game. Players may only construct powerful builds with enough equipment and naturally, the rarest items—Legendries—demand the greatest work. Legendary items are the rarest and most powerful form of equipment available. You have to construct them instead of just picking them up as drops. Legendary items are essentially a combination of Unique items and exalted items with an additional one to four powerful affixes added to them. In this guide, we will tell you how you can make legendary items and where to get the crafting material for them as well. 

What are legendary items?

Legendary Gear is one-of-a-kind gear with one to four additional affixes that can greatly expand your setup's optimisation possibilities. In keeping with the rarity colour pattern, these items are red. There are only three ways to get these items: through the Merchant's Guild, rolling Weaver's Will, or creating Legendary Potential. Unique items can be turned into legendary items with the right type of affixes used. Therefore, unique items must have a legendary potential of one to four. 

Last Epoch Legendary Items

What is Legendary Potential?

The amount that indicates the number of Affixes the item can inherit from the Exalted item is called Legendary Potential. The "Legendary Potential" attribute can be dropped by every Last Epoch Unique Item. Its value goes from 0 to 4, with 4 representing the ideal number—which is also incredibly uncommon—of course. The Legendary Potential of a Unique influences its potential for creating a great Legendary Item. A unique item with a legendary potential of two, for example, can only have two affixes carried across. Four is the maximum legendary potential for an item. Remember this the next time you craft legendary items. Also, we advise you to join a guild as soon as you can, in order to obtain additional legendary-potential equipment.

How to craft Legendary items?

In Last Epoch, you have to combine Exalted and Unique items to obtain Legendary items. However, it's not as easy as it seems, therefore the objects need to fulfil specific requirements. Remember that the Temporal Sanctum dungeon is the only place where players can combine these items utilizing the Eternity Cache. i.e. you cannot obtain the Legendary gear until you have finished the campaign. Additionally, in Last Epoch, you are only able to create one Legendary Item per run. Thus, if you wish to wear the best gear in the game, be prepared to search for the Temporal Sanctum Key. Depending on the level of the Unique item's Legendary potential, this process will consume the Exalted item and transfer some of its affixes to the Legendary item at random. The affixes that move will be random as previously mentioned therefore you won’t have control over that, and these affixes will retain their previous values when they transfer. By the way, you can also craft a legendary item using a unique with Weaver’s Will as well. 

An example of how to craft legendary Items

For example, you will need both an exalted bow and a unique bow with legendary potential if you are attempting to build a legendary bow. A glove and a bow are not compatible. Remember this before attempting to create a legendary item. This means the item you need to craft must have the same type of unique and exalted items as well. Now, bring both the unique item and the exalted item of the same kind to the Temporal Sanctum once you have them. This is where the Eternity Cache is located. Your exalted and unique goods can be combined with this container to create legendary items. 

Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum

How to get the components for Legendary Items?

Although creating a Legendary is quite simple, getting the necessary Unique and Exalted goods might be difficult. Various things impact the probability of discovering an item with Legendary Potential:

For Last Epoch unique items:

  • In the game, each Unique has a level of Legendary Potential. 

  • Legendary Potential Uniques are more likely to drop from zones with greater area levels.

  • Uniques that are dropped by different bosses can be farmed by defeating those bosses.

For Last Epoch Exalted items:

  • The Lightless Arbor dungeon is an excellent place to grab a lot of Exalted items all at once.

  • You can use Rune of Creation to create a replica of an amazing Exalted item if you want to utilize it as a

  • Legendary but don't want to lose the Exalted item or want more chances to achieve the proper affixes on your Legendary.

Things to remember 

  • The level limitations of the Last Epoch Unique items that can be employed in the process of crafting legendary items must also be considered. The number of Unique Items that can be used increases with the Temporal Sanctum Tier; at least temporarily, Exalted Items used are exempt from these limitations for now. The tier level is like this:

    - Tier I - Use of unique items is permitted up to a level 50 threshold.

    - Tier II - a minimum level need of 65

    - Tier III - a maximum level requirement of 75

    - Tier IV - no restrictions 

  • Affixes that are already on the utilized Unique Item will never be removed and won't be impacted in any kind by the Legendary Crafting procedure. 

  • In Legendary item crafting, Last Epoch Exalted Items with 0 Forging Potential are also usable.

  • As long as they have four unsealed affixes, Exalted Items with a sealed affix can still be utilized in legendary item crafting.

  • Gold, the in-game currency of Last Epoch will play a greater role in crafting Legendary items. Make sure you have enough stock of the same. If you are falling short, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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To sum up, creating legendary items in Last Epoch is a difficult yet rewarding task. Through comprehension of the crafting system, acquisition of required materials, and clever application of shards and runes, players can enhance their prospects of success and crafting potential. 

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