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Last Epoch Beginner's Guide: Getting Started

Last Epoch is an action role-play game developed by Eleventh Hour Games (EHG). It is set across different timelines and stretches across a place called Eterra. The launch of the full game has been delayed since 2018. Only the demonstration of the game was launched in 2018; the complete game was launched in February 2024. It is available in both multiplayer and single-player formats. We see that 3 versions of the games have been launched, and the settings of the game vary a bit in all 3 of them:

  • The last Epoch standard edition

  • The Last Epoch deluxe edition

  • The Last Epoch ultimate edition 

The game has gained more and more popularity since its launch because it offers a wide diversity of character builds and gameplay options. If you're professional in similar games like "Path of Exile" or "Diablo 4", then it'll be a lot easier to understand the mechanism of Last Epoch. 

How to Get Started?

To establish your gameplay, you have to start by choosing the realm, game mode and the optional challenges. It can be played both online and offline. The difference between the two is that in online, you get to play PvP with a maximum of 20 character slots, while in offline mode, since there is no internet connection required, there is no limit to character slots, and you can create as many as you want. 

The game mode in the Last Epoch comes in two formats: Normal and Hardcore. The normal game mode comes with standard characters and challenges. You can continue the game in the same realm even after dying. There are no set limits or penalties for death. In the hardcore version of game mode, there is a set penalty of death, and once the experience penalty of a character gets over, you can no longer fight in the hardcore realm and are set back to the normal game mode version. 

Last Epoch - Getting Started

In selecting the realm, you again get 2 choices: The cycle and the legacy. In the cycle realm, you always begin with a new environment, and the past character slashes and leaderboards are not repeated. The economy is set back to brand new, too. In the legacy, you can access your last environment and see your character slashes, economy and leaderboards. The cycle characters are sent to the legacy after the current cycle ends, typically 3 to 4 months. 

The challenges offered by the game can be divided into solo characters and solo accounts. The solo account is shared with all your characters; that is, the stashes and crafting materials are all shared in different realms. The solo character offers a new start for those wanting single-character gameplay. The environment is new alongside the crafting materials: no gold and an empty stash. This provides a fresh beginning. However, both challenges are for PvE gameplay only. To get the gold, the best way is to get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Class System

The Last Epoch has been divided into a total of 5 classes, which are : 

  • Mage

  • Sentinel

  • Acolyte 

  • Primalist

  • Rogue

You can pick any of the classes and choose a total of 3 masteries. The mastery remains permanent to that class and cannot be reversed. You can invest points in any masteries you like, which means you can explore different classes even if the mastery choice remains permanent. Each mastery gains a skill with points that remain unique to that mastery. 

There are a total of 9 chapters offered in the game. There are multiple quests to be finished with each chapter. You journey along the different timelines and collect rewards in the world of Eterra. The rewards are passive points, idol slots and attribute stats. There are far more quests than rewards; hence, you will have many opportunities to collect these rewards. 

Last Epoch Class System

Level Up

You must level up your and your character's skill in Last Epoch. You also have an experience bar and gain experience with each level. A character's skill has its experience bar. When you've gained enough experience, the bar goes up, indicating that you've gained enough experience and your skill levels up. Each skill comes with specific tags, and you must complete those specific tags only to upskill. To understand how to complete those tags, you get it on the scaling tag option and press [alt] to get a more detailed version for completion of the tag. 

Gearing is another trick for character progression. It is important for damage control, survival of the character, etc. The gears come in different types, and they represent their level. The better the type, the higher the level. The different types are: 

  • Common

  • Magic 

  • Rare

  • Exalted 

  • Set

  • Legendary 

  • Unique 

To become a pro with gearing, it is good to learn crafting. Crafting is a very distinguished part of the Last Epoch. You can craft the items that you see in the forge. The more you craft, the more you upskill and get rewards. 


This guide helps you better survive through the realm in the Last Epoch. Like many games that we see are pay-to-win types, in this gameplay, you can only trade via game currency and have to reach up to the endgame solely by skill. The company kick-started it as a story campaign and has kept the users waiting since 2018 for the full game. The gameplay has a story format, too, with the formation of classes, characters, realms and everything else. Another facility that the Last Epoch has provided is that the game's cost will not increase with gameplay and will remain the same. 

This isn't the only path that one must follow for the gameplay; the EHG gives a few more classes. You are given options to choose from hundreds of dungeons, hunt epic roots, craft legendary weapons, and unveil the power of skills. It is like a little science lab where you can test the build of combat, figure out its needs, etc. It provides many levelling builds, allowing you to explore more throughout the game. 

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