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Last Epoch Guide to Best Farming Spots

Farming is one of the occupations in the Last Epoch. Farming is the method by which unique or set items are obtained. The farming materials are dropped by bosses. There are different places one could look for farm uniques like dungeons, arenas, etc. You can also find them anywhere in the game where the zone level is higher than that of the level of the unique item required. 

There is a circle of fortune given in the game, where you can Target farm. You can Target farm for both unique or set items. Both of these are the most powerful items required for a build. They even increase the power of a build. Hence, it also becomes important to find the good strategy to look for these items, especially the ones that fits our build. Target Farming is divided into north, south, east, west. 

  • North Target farm: farm armour items 

  • South Target farm: farm trinklets and jewellery items 

  • East Target farm: farm weapons 

  • West Target farm: farm idols, runes and glyphs

The drop of items can be both acquired from anywhere in the world or from the bosses, but the items are specific to bosses or random drops. The boss specific item will only drop from one specific boss, so if you want to farm that item, one will have to kill that boss until the item drops. You cannot fetch that item from any other boss. Hence, the drop rate of the item depends on what kind of boss carries it. It is divided into 4 types in monolith of fate:

  • Common: There are two of common drops for each boss. But they will only one of these each time only. 

  • Rare: Each boss carries one of these but there's a very low chances that they'll drop this on each kill. You can improve the drop rate with the rarity of the item. 

  • Rare empowered only: These have specific empowered timelines and drop during that timeline only. There's a very low chances of their drop but can be improved.

  • Ravenous void: These comes off as an exception among the items. Their drop chances are exceptionally low but can be seldomly found at Gaspar.

In random drops, the unique/set items can drop anywhere in the world. As long as the place is accessible at your level. You get rewards upon collection of these items. There are two kind of these rewards that you get, one that will drop anywhere unique or set and the other that will only drop a specific unique or set. You get rune of ascendance, which is a rare crafting material that converts any common/rare/magic/exalted item into a unique/set items. 

Best Spots for Target Farming

If you look for best spots for farming, you should also remember that spots are specific to the item, you only get certain items at a place. That's why the Last Epoch boasts Target Farming. Some of the farming spots to look for drops are : 

  • Fall of the outcast: You can look for bows and quivers here. 

  • Stolen Lance: It provides wands, catalysts, scepters and staves.

  • Raya in the black sun: You can look for helmets and shields in this area.

  • Blood frost and death: It provides body and armour. 

  • Flagon: You'll find gloves here.

  • Heart and ship: You'll find belts here. 

  • Reign of dragons: You'll find swords, axes, daggers etc.

Last Epoch Farming

Other than these spots, there are few other tips you can follow for farming in Last Epoch : 

  • Farming in empowered monoliths: When you farm in empowered monoliths with higher corruption, it increases the drop rates and also the chance for special nodes. 

  • Timelines: As stated above, the timelines are specific to the items. If you want a specific unique or set items, you should look for it in the associated timeline. 

  • Location - based uniques: Some items are found at specific monoliths. For example - the stolen Lance monolith that we stated above has specified rewards for wands, scepters, catalysts etc. 

  • Lower level content: Sometimes you shift back to lower level farming to look for things in bulk to upskill. 

  • Vessel of memory: This is used to reset all completed regular echoes and beacons.

With timeline bosses, you get four specific unique or set items. Timelines offer unique set of quests, map tiles, enemy types etc. but each set of timelines offer beneficial rewards that help you in upgrading the level. You want to pay attention to the rewards offered here as fetching the drops is a high level activity here and so the rewards offered here are very rare. You should also bring a we'll built character before attempting to kill the bosses. 

Other than the ones stated above, there are other spots for farming too. You can also do gold farming in the Last Epoch. The whole Target Farming steps can be condensed into the three basic steps that one should follow : 

  • Start by picking a monolith timeline.

  • Until you see the timeline stabilizing, you need to grind echoes.

  • You can tum the same timeline again or pick a different one. 

Apart from farming, the best and easiest way to get gold is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel. If you are falling short of the same, get it for smoother progress in your farming journey.

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Before choosing any sort of timeline, one should be aware of the type of loot it offers. Some timelines offer the loot for higher level which cannot be fetched at lower level, it becomes a waste of effort to visit such a timeline at a lower level. Focus on your corruption meter, it goes up as you complete a timeline, as it reaches ~ 300 of corruption, the quality of rewards start improving. 

You can get your hands on empowered monoliths during the endgame of Last Epoch, it offers even better rewards and higher levels. This comes with ~ 300 corruption and are a harder version of ~ 100 corruption. The best thing about it is, they have no limit to corruption which basically helps you push your character further and score greater loots. 

The gameplay gets more interesting with the development of your character as it gets more and more pushed into the war of gods and stumbles into the time rift that keeps a player hooked throughout. The good thing that the EHG offers is that you don't have to pay more for the gameplay with the progression of your character. You pay once and for all for the entire series and can build your character over any timelines you choose. 


This was all about the Last Epoch farming spots guide. We have mentioned all the important spots on the map and the items you can get from there. As mentioned, to farm from the bosses, you have to be powerful enough to defeat them and get the things. Good luck with your farming jourmey. 

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