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Best Starting Class in Lords of the Fallen

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In Lords of the Fallen, one of the big choices you'll face is picking your starting class. It's a crucial decision because it affects not only your initial stats but also the gear you'll have as you begin your journey in Mournstead. If you're feeling a bit lost about which class is right for you, don't stress. 

Today, we are going to break down each class, covering their stats, what those stats actually do, the gear they start with, and their strengths and weaknesses. It's your go-to guide for making the best choice for your character's beginning adventure.

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Lords of the Fallen stats explained | GamesRadar+

In the realm of Lords of the Fallen, understanding the intricacies of each class begins with a closer look at their stats and attributes. These numerical values play a pivotal role in determining the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen character. Below, we delve into the details of each stat and how they contribute to shaping your character's capabilities.


Strength is a fundamental attribute in Lords of the Fallen. It not only dictates your ability to wield gear with Strength requirements but also significantly enhances your physical damage output. Choosing a class with a higher Strength stat can pave the way for wielding formidable weapons and dealing devastating blows to your adversaries.


Agility is another crucial stat that influences your combat prowess. Similar to Strength, it determines your eligibility to use gear with Agility requirements and amplifies your physical damage. A higher Agility stat bestows a greater degree of nimbleness, allowing for swift and precise movements in the heat of battle.


Endurance governs essential aspects of your character's survivability and combat efficiency. It directly impacts your stamina pool, maximum equipment load, and ammunition capacity. A judicious investment in Endurance ensures that your character can endure prolonged engagements, carry more equipment, and sustain a steady offensive or defensive strategy.


Vitality plays a pivotal role in bolstering your character's vitality and resilience. It governs your character's health points, maximum equipment load, and ammunition. Prioritizing Vitality grants your character a substantial boost in survivability, allowing them to withstand more punishment and carry additional gear without sacrificing mobility.

Radiance and Inferno

The mystical elements of Radiance and Inferno add an additional layer of complexity to character customization. These stats are crucial for utilizing gear and spells associated with their respective elements. Furthermore, both Radiance and Inferno govern your character's mana pool, shaping their capacity to unleash powerful spells in the heat of battle.


Is the Dark Crusader Class Worth Buying for Lords of the Fallen?

In the intricate world of Lords of the Fallen, determining the ultimate "best" class is no easy feat. The game's design, reminiscent of Soulslike RPGs, ensures that each class serves a distinct purpose, catering to diverse playstyles and character builds. While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, some classes stand out, each excelling in specific aspects.

  1. Dark Crusader

The Dark Crusader emerges as a top recommendation, boasting heavy armor for robust protection, ample HP and stamina reserves, and impressive initial damage output. Its well-balanced Strength and Radiance stats pave the way for a hybrid paladin-style build. Despite its lack of focus on Agility or Inferno setups, the Dark Crusader remains formidable and versatile. Notably, access to this class requires ownership of the Deluxe Edition, limiting its availability in the first playthrough.

  1. Hallowed Knight

The Hallowed Knight closely follows as a solid choice, resembling the Dark Crusader but with a slight trade-off—less Radiance. What it lacks in radiant energy, it compensates with heightened durability, courtesy of a large shield that effectively mitigates incoming damage when blocking. This class is particularly adept at withstanding adversaries and provides a sturdy foundation for those who prefer a defensive playstyle.

  1. Mournstead Infantry

For those who appreciate the strategic advantage of spears, the Mournstead Infantry class emerges as a noteworthy option. In addition to the versatility of spear combat, this class offers a unique playstyle that can be highly effective in various situations. While not as heavily armored as the Dark Crusader, its focus on spear utility adds a distinctive flavor to the gameplay experience.


Best starting build for Hallowed Knight class in Lords of the Fallen (LotF)

  • Level: 15

  • Stats: Strength 12, Agility 8, Endurance 15, Vitality 11, Radiance 9, Inferno 8

  • Ammunition: 13

  • Starting Weapons: Hallowed Knight Sword, Hallowed Knight Shield, Grenade (3 ammo/throw)

  • Starting Armor: Heavy

  • Bonus Item: N/A

The Hallowed Knight, standing at Level 15, emerges as an excellent choice for newcomers venturing into the challenging realms of Lords of the Fallen. Boasting a blend of accessibility and potency, this class is particularly appealing for those seeking a resilient and formidable character.

Armor and Shield Advantage

One of the standout features of the Hallowed Knight is its impressive defense. Clad in heavy armor and armed with a substantial shield, this class excels in mitigating damage, making it a robust option for players desiring a more defensive playstyle. The Hallowed Knight Shield, a starting gear, significantly contributes to this defensive prowess.

Stamina and Strength Synergy

A notable strength of the Hallowed Knight lies in its substantial Endurance, offering a generous pool of stamina for sustained combat. With a commendable Strength stat of 12, this class allows players to quickly establish an effective Strength build early in their playthrough. This combination of endurance and strength sets the stage for a character capable of withstanding prolonged battles and delivering impactful blows.

Radiance for Hybrid Potential

With a slightly elevated Radiance stat compared to other non-magic classes, the Hallowed Knight provides players with a head start if they choose to pursue a paladin-style Strength/Radiance hybrid build. This versatility adds depth to character customization, allowing players to explore a diverse range of combat strategies.

Ammunition and Tactical Considerations

While the Hallowed Knight benefits from ample ammunition due to high Endurance and Vitality, the starting Grenade presents a tactical challenge. Requiring three points of Endurance per throw, players might find it beneficial to seek an alternative ranged weapon early in the game to maintain versatility in combat situations.


Which Starting Class Should You Play - Lords of the Fallen Guide - IGN

  • Level: 12

  • Stats: Strength 16, Agility 10, Endurance 13, Vitality 10, Radiance 8, Inferno 8

  • Ammunition: 9

  • Starting Weapons: Udirangr Werewolf Sword, Bloody Hatchet (2 ammo/throw)

  • Starting Armor: Light

  • Bonus Item: 2x Minor Fire Salts

The Udirangr Werewolf, standing proudly at Level 12, offers an enticing choice for Lords of the Fallen players seeking an aggressive and high-damage playstyle. This class is the epitome of a Strength-focused character, excelling in dealing heavy blows at the cost of a more fragile defense.

Strength Unleashed

Boasting a formidable Strength stat of 16, the Udirangr Werewolf delivers devastating damage right from the outset. Its starting weapon, the Udirangr Werewolf Sword, becomes a weapon of choice for cleaving through hordes of enemies. However, the strength of this class lies in offense, making it imperative for players to rely on agility and well-timed dodges to compensate for the lack of robust defenses.

Agility for Survival

With an Agility stat of 10, the Udirangr Werewolf possesses a moderate level of agility, emphasizing the importance of precise dodges to evade incoming attacks. This heightened agility becomes crucial, especially considering the class's light armor that offers minimal protection. Players opting for the Udirangr Werewolf should be prepared to rely on nimble movements to avoid taking excessive damage.

Ammunition and Consumables

While the Udirangr Werewolf has limited ammunition, the starting Bloody Hatchet provides a ranged option with 2 ammo per throw. The class receives 2x Minor Fire Salts as a bonus item, presenting a strategic advantage. These consumables prove valuable for buffing the weapon and inflicting extra damage, particularly recommended for challenging encounters, such as boss fights. Wise conservation and timely use of these resources can enhance the class's overall effectiveness.


Lords of the Fallen: A guide to picking the best starting class - Epic  Games Store

  • Level: 12

  • Stats: Strength 13, Agility 12, Endurance 12, Vitality 12, Radiance 8, Inferno 8

  • Ammunition: 10

  • Starting Weapons: Partisan Flail, Partisan Shield, Partisan Crossbow (2 ammo/shot)

  • Starting Armor: Medium

  • Bonus Item: 3x Unripe Berries

The Partisan class in Lords of the Fallen, standing at Level 12, is a versatile choice that excels in crowd control, making it a standout among the game's all-rounder classes. With a balanced set of attributes, the Partisan offers a compelling blend of offense and defense.

Flail for Crowd Control

The unique moveset of the Partisan Flail becomes the hallmark of this class, providing an array of horizontal sweep attacks. This makes the Partisan particularly effective in managing crowds of enemies. The quick attack speed of the flail enhances the fluidity of combat, allowing players to navigate through multiple adversaries with precision.

Ranged Precision with Crossbow

Equipped with the Partisan Crossbow, this class introduces a valuable ranged element to its arsenal. The crossbow, with 2 ammo per shot, allows players to engage enemies from a distance, offering strategic advantages in various combat scenarios.

Balanced Stats for Hybrid Build

The Partisan's balanced distribution of Strength and Agility opens the door to a hybrid "quality" build. With near-equal amounts of these two stats, players can effectively wield weapons that scale with both attributes. This flexibility provides a wide range of weapon options, catering to diverse playstyles and preferences.

Armor and Shield Dynamics

While not as heavily armored as the Hallowed Knight, the Partisan's medium armor and Partisan Shield offer a commendable level of protection. This balance ensures a sufficient defense without compromising the agility required for effective crowd control.

Strategic Boost with Unripe Berries

The bonus item, 3x Unripe Berries, proves to be a tactical asset for stamina regeneration. Players can strategically use these berries to maintain agility and stamina during prolonged engagements, enhancing the overall efficiency of the Partisan class.


Lords of the Fallen: A guide to picking the best starting class - Epic  Games Store

  • Level: 12

  • Stats: Strength 12, Agility 14, Endurance 12, Vitality 11, Radiance 8, Inferno 8

  • Ammunition: 9

  • Starting Weapons: Mournstead Infantry Spear, Mournstead Infantry Shield, Short Javelin (2 ammo/throw)

  • Starting Armor: Medium

  • Bonus Item: Briostone Trio

The Mournstead Infantry class in Lords of the Fallen, standing proudly at Level 12, is a master of precision combat with a focus on Strength and Agility. While sharing similarities with the Partisan class, the Mournstead Infantry distinguishes itself with the unique advantage of the Mournstead Infantry Spear. It is tailored for poking at enemies from a considerable distance.

Strategic Weapon Choice

The Mournstead Infantry Spear, the class's signature weapon, is crafted for precise and extended-range combat. Unlike the Partisan's flail, the spear excels in single-target engagements, allowing players to maintain a safe distance while strategically poking at adversaries. This design makes the Mournstead Infantry highly effective in battles against individual foes.

Agility for Maneuverability

With a notable Agility stat of 14, the Mournstead Infantry emphasizes agility as a core component of its combat strategy. This agility proves crucial when facing multiple opponents, requiring players to adopt a kiting strategy to avoid being surrounded. However, the agility advantage allows for strategic maneuvers, including stabbing through multiple enemies if they align in the right formation.

Medium Armor for Balanced Defense

Equipped with medium armor and the Mournstead Infantry Shield, this class strikes a balance between defense and agility. While not as heavily armored as some counterparts, the medium armor provides sufficient protection without sacrificing the nimble movements required for precision combat.

Versatility with Short Javelin

The inclusion of the Short Javelin as a ranged option enhances the Mournstead Infantry's versatility in combat scenarios. With 2 ammo per throw, players can strategically engage enemies from a distance, further complementing the class's precision-oriented playstyle.

Briostone Trio for Strategic Boosts

The bonus item, Briostone Trio, adds a strategic layer to the Mournstead Infantry's toolkit. This consumable item provides players with options for temporary enhancements, allowing for adaptability in challenging situations.


Lords of the Fallen Blackfeather Archer Build - Bow Build Guide - Fextralife

  • Level: 8

  • Stats: Strength 11, Agility 13, Endurance 11, Vitality 10, Radiance 8, Inferno 8

  • Ammunition: 8

  • Starting Weapons: Blackfeather Ranger Axe, Blackfeather Ranger Shield, Blackfeather Ranger Bow

  • Starting Armor: Light

  • Bonus Item: 2x Ammunition Pouch

The Blackfeather Ranger, with a modest starting level of eight, stands as the third and final jack-of-all-trades class in Lords of the Fallen. Characterized by well-balanced stats across the board, this class offers players a blank canvas, allowing them to shape their character according to their preferred playstyle.

Versatility in Stat Distribution

With relatively equal stats in Strength, Agility, Endurance, and Vitality, the Blackfeather Ranger provides players with unparalleled versatility. This class serves as a versatile foundation, making it easy for players to tailor their character to suit various roles, whether it be a nimble rogue or a resilient warrior.

Axe Limitations and Defensive Trade-offs

While the Blackfeather Ranger's axe may have limitations, such as average damage, short range, and a narrow hitbox, it serves as a starting point for customization. The class's lower armor and less-protective shield make it imperative for players to rely on agility and evasive maneuvers, compensating for the lack of robust defenses.

Bow Excellence and Ammo Management

The standout feature of the Blackfeather Ranger is the Bow. Despite the class's lower level, the bow delivers high damage, and its arrows cost only one ammo point per shot. This makes the bow a formidable ranged weapon, offering players a strategic advantage in dealing damage from a distance. The bonus item, 2x Ammunition Pouch, enhances this advantage by allowing players to restock on arrows during their journey.

Adaptability with Low Starting Level

The Blackfeather Ranger's low starting level, though a potential drawback, contributes to its adaptability. Players can mold the class into their desired character without the constraints of predefined attributes, providing a unique and customizable gameplay experience.


Best starting build for Exiled Stalker class in Lords of the Fallen (LotF)

  • Level: 10

  • Stats: Strength 9, Agility 16, Endurance 11, Vitality 11, Radiance 8, Inferno 8

  • Ammunition: 9

  • Starting Weapons: 2x Exiled Stalker Dagger, Lacerating Knife (1 ammo/throw)

  • Starting Armor: Light

  • Bonus Item: 3x Poison Salts

The Exiled Stalker, a Level 10 class in Lords of the Fallen, emerges as the epitome of a nimble and deadly close-range assassin. With a focus on agility and rapid dual-wielded daggers, this class excels in delivering swift and high-damage strikes to adversaries.

Agility for Lethal Precision

With an impressive Agility stat of 16, the Exiled Stalker embodies unparalleled nimbleness. This agility becomes the cornerstone of the class's playstyle, allowing players to engage in rapid and evasive maneuvers. The dual-wielded Exiled Stalker Daggers complement this agility, enabling players to unleash a flurry of lethal blows upon their enemies.

Strategic Application of Poison Salts

The inclusion of 3x Poison Salts as a bonus item adds a strategic layer to the Exiled Stalker's toolkit. Players can apply these salts to their daggers, introducing a damage-over-time effect to their attacks. This proves particularly effective against bosses or formidable enemies, enhancing the class's potency in prolonged engagements.

Lacerating Knife for Bleeding Strikes

The Lacerating Knife throwables serve as a versatile tool for the Exiled Stalker, causing Bleed upon impact. This status effect inflicts significant damage over time, making it an excellent choice for weakening adversaries from a distance before engaging in close-quarters combat.

Caveats of Light Protection

Despite the class's lethal capabilities, the Exiled Stalker comes with a trade-off—very light protection. Players must exercise caution, as the lack of robust armor leaves them vulnerable to damage. Precision in dodges and parries becomes paramount, emphasizing the need for skilled and calculated gameplay.


Steam Community :: Guide :: Lords of the Fallen - Strongest Build To Finish  The Game

  • Level: 11

  • Stats: Strength 10, Agility 8, Endurance 9, Vitality 11, Radiance 18, Inferno 8

  • Ammunition: 8

  • Starting Weapons: Orian Preacher Hammer, Orian Preacher Shield, Orian Preacher Catalyst, Radiant Flare (Spell)

  • Starting Armor: Light

  • Bonus Item: 5x Small Manastone Cluster

The Orian Preacher, standing at Level 11 in Lords of the Fallen, emerges as a radiant spellcaster, wielding the power of healing, Holy damage, and status effect cleanses. With a starting arsenal that includes the Orian Preacher Hammer, Shield, Catalyst, and the offensive Radiant Flare spell, this class is tailor-made for those seeking a support-oriented magical playstyle.

Radiant Spell Mastery

The defining feature of the Orian Preacher lies in its proficiency with Radiant spells. The class starts with the offensive Radiant Flare spell, but it opens the door to a plethora of support-oriented spells that can be accessed early in the game. Boasting a generous 18 Radiance, players can seamlessly integrate these spells into their arsenal from the very beginning, creating a dynamic and versatile spellcasting experience.

Paladin Potential with Strength

With a Strength stat of 10, the Orian Preacher offers players the opportunity to explore the paladin playstyle. This synergy between Radiance and Strength enables the class to deliver formidable melee attacks while harnessing the power of radiant magic.

Strategic Support with Manastone Clusters

The bonus item, 5x Small Manastone Cluster, further enhances the Orian Preacher's magical capabilities. These clusters serve as a valuable resource for spellcasting, allowing players to strategically manage their magical energy during encounters.

High-Risk, High-Reward Dynamics

The tradeoff for the Orian Preacher's magical prowess is evident in its near-useless armor and low stamina. This places a premium on careful decision-making, as players must choose when and where to cast their spells judiciously. While the class excels in co-op scenarios, solo players will find the need for strategic planning and precise execution.


Lords of the Fallen Leveling Guide: Best Stats to Level Up First for Each  Class | Attack of the Fanboy

  • Level: 10

  • Stats: Strength 9, Agility 8, Endurance 11, Vitality 9, Radiance 8, Inferno 18

  • Ammunition: 8

  • Starting Weapons: Pyric Cultist Staff, Pyric Cultist Catalyst, Infernal Orb (Spell)

  • Starting Armor: Light

  • Bonus item: N/A

The Pyric Cultist, a Level 10 class in Lords of the Fallen, embodies the essence of destruction, focusing on aggressive and damage-centric pyromancies akin to those found in Dark Souls. With a formidable Inferno stat of 18, this class is designed for players who revel in the power of fiery sorceries.

Inferno Spell Mastery

At the heart of the Pyric Cultist's arsenal lies the mastery of Inferno spells. Armed with the Pyric Cultist Staff and Catalyst, players wield the power of destructive pyromancies. The starting spell, Infernal Orb, serves as a potent tool for wreaking havoc upon enemies, offering a dynamic and aggressive playstyle.

Aggressive Pyromancy Gameplay

As a more damage-focused counterpart to the Orian Preacher, the Pyric Cultist invites players to unleash the full force of Inferno. If you enjoy the pyromancy aspects of Dark Souls, this class is tailored to cater to your penchant for fiery, destructive magic. The aggressive nature of pyromancies aligns with a playstyle that seeks to overwhelm adversaries with relentless and potent attacks.

Stamina and Protection Dynamics

While sharing the light armor and low protection characteristic of spellcasting classes, the Pyric Cultist compensates with better stamina compared to the Orian Preacher. This affords players a more sustained and aggressive approach, allowing for a higher frequency of spellcasting and evasive maneuvers.

Strategic Considerations

The absence of a bonus item for the Pyric Cultist means players must rely solely on their innate abilities and equipment, making strategic decisions crucial for success. The class's lower starting HP emphasizes the need for caution, demanding players to balance aggression with tactical awareness.


Which Starting Class Should You Play - Lords of the Fallen Guide - IGN

  • Level: 1

  • Stats: Strength 9, Agility 9, Endurance 9, Vitality 9, Radiance 9, Inferno 9

  • Ammunition: 7

  • Starting Weapons: Broken Bucket, Throwing Rock (1 ammo/throw)

  • Starting Armor: Light

  • Bonus item: N/A

The Condemned class in Lords of the Fallen emerges as the ultimate challenge for seasoned players and dedicated Souls fans, akin to Dark Souls' Deprived or Elden Ring's Wretched. Starting at level one with an equal allocation of nine points in each stat, minimal armor, and the humble Broken Bucket as a weapon, the Condemned class is not for the faint of heart.

Unforgiving Starting Conditions

The Condemned's journey begins with a stark disadvantage — minimal stats, rudimentary weaponry, and lightweight armor. This class mirrors the challenging experiences offered by its counterparts in other Soulsborne games, demanding a high level of skill and resilience from players.

Canvas for Specialized Builds

The unique advantage of the Condemned lies in its flat stat spread and low starting level. While it presents a formidable challenge early on, this class serves as a blank canvas for players to craft highly specialized builds as they progress. For hardcore players and min/max enthusiasts, the Condemned becomes a captivating choice, offering the opportunity to tailor their character with precision and creativity.

Strategic Considerations

The Condemned's versatility comes with the caveat of a difficult early game. Players must navigate through challenges with limited resources and make strategic decisions to survive and thrive. The class becomes a test of player skill, emphasizing adaptability and mastery of game mechanics.

Not Recommended for Newcomers

The Condemned class, with its punishing starting conditions, is not recommended for newcomers or those seeking a strong early-game advantage. It is a deliberate choice for players who crave an intense and unforgiving experience, where victory is earned through skill, perseverance, and meticulous planning.


  • Level: 14

  • Stats: Strength 12, Agility 8, Endurance 14, Vitality 14, Radiance 11, Inferno 8

  • Ammunition: 13

  • Starting Weapons: Paladin Isaac's Sword, Radiantburst Parchment (3 ammo/cost)

  • Starting Armor: Heavy

  • Bonus item: Paladin's Pendant (+2 Strength and +2 Endurance)

The Dark Crusader, standing proudly at Level 14 in Lords of the Fallen, emerges as a radiant warrior, blending the might of Strength with the luminance of Radiance. This class, akin to a variant of the Hallowed Knight, offers a formidable combination of offensive power and radiant prowess.

Strength and Radiance Synergy

With a solid Strength stat of 12 and an elevated Radiance of 11, the Dark Crusader becomes a powerhouse for players inclined towards Strength/Radiance builds. The class excels in delivering potent melee attacks while harnessing the benefits of radiant energy, providing a versatile and dynamic combat experience.

Signature Weapon and Offensive Spell

Equipped with Paladin Isaac's Sword, the Dark Crusader starts with a weapon that rivals the Udirangr Werewolf's, emphasizing its focus on formidable melee capabilities. The Radiantburst Parchment spell serves as the class's offensive tool, adding a ranged dimension to its arsenal with 3 ammo per cast.

Heavy Armor and Protection

In contrast to the Hallowed Knight's shield, the Dark Crusader opts for heavy armor, reinforcing its commitment to defense through durability. This choice enhances protection, allowing players to withstand enemy attacks while delivering decisive blows.


In the dynamic realm of Lords of the Fallen, the choice of a starting class shapes the very essence of your journey. Whether you seek the aggressive pyromancies of the Pyric Cultist, the nimble precision of the Exiled Stalker, or the radiant strength of the Dark Crusader, each class offers a unique odyssey.

While there's no definitive "best" class, the decision hinges on personal preference, playstyle, and the desired challenges. As you embark on your adventure, remember that the journey is not merely about the destination, but the distinctive path you carve with your chosen class.

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