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Boosting Your Vigor Multiplier in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen - How to Increase Vigor Multiplier For More Efficient  Farming

As an authentic representative of the soulslike genre, Lords of the Fallen incorporates hallmark elements, including a distinctive in-game currency known as Vigor. This currency serves as a versatile resource, facilitating character upgrades, item acquisitions, and gear enhancements.

Distinguishing itself from conventional games, Lords of the Fallen introduces a unique risk-reward system. Players have the opportunity to amass significantly more Vigor by undertaking straightforward yet perilous tasks, adding an element of challenge and strategic decision-making to the gameplay experience.

Understanding the Vigor Multiplier in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen Umbral traversal guide: Best way to farm vigor, upgrade  materials, and more

In the realm of Lords of the Fallen, mastering the Vigor multiplier is key to enhancing your gaming experience. This vital metric is prominently displayed on the top right corner of your screen, comprising your current Vigor level and an accompanying multiplier.

1. Locating Your Vigor Multiplier

To begin, direct your attention to the top right side of the screen where your current Vigor and its associated multiplier are visible. This dynamic duo serves as the linchpin for optimizing your character's performance and resource accumulation.

2. The Axiom World: x1.00 Multiplier

While traversing the living world of Axiom, take note that your initial multiplier stands at x1.00. Understanding this baseline is crucial for gauging your Vigor earnings during regular gameplay scenarios.

3. Transition to Umbral: x1.10 Multiplier

When you go in the eerie realm of the dead, Umbral, and there is a significant shift in your Vigor multiplier. As you step into Umbral, the multiplier escalates to x1.10, a boost that directly impacts your Vigor accumulation, allowing you to earn more with each successful kill.

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Unlocking Umbral's Passive Vigor Multiplier Boost

Lords of the Fallen: How To Use Umbral Lamp (& How To Upgrade It)

At the onset of your Lords of the Fallen adventure, the game tantalizingly hints at opportunities to augment your Vigor multiplier while navigating the mysterious Umbral realm. Though the initial explanation is sparse, keen observers may notice intermittent increases in the multiplier while dwelling in the world of the dead.

Unraveling Umbral's Secrets

As you embark on your journey through Umbral, the game discreetly introduces the concept of a passive Vigor multiplier boost. While the details remain somewhat elusive, the prospect of amplifying your multiplier unfolds as you delve deeper into this ethereal dimension.

The Silent Surge in Multiplier Values

Contrary to the conventional notion that increased multipliers demand active engagement, Umbral challenges this assumption. Astonishingly, there are instances where the Vigor multiplier elevates without any discernible actions on your part. In these moments of serene inaction, the multiplier has the potential to surge to an impressive x3.00.

The Art of Doing Nothing

Surprisingly, achieving a heightened Vigor multiplier in Umbral necessitates minimal effort on your part. Embrace the art of doing nothing – a strategic idleness that sees your multiplier incrementally rise, granting you the invaluable advantage of a significantly boosted Vigor accumulation.

Embracing Umbral's Passive Power

Seize the unique opportunity presented by Umbral's passive Vigor multiplier boost. In moments of stillness within this mysterious realm, allow your multiplier to organically ascend, reaching the coveted x3.00 threshold. 

Umbral's Eye Icon Mechanism

Lords of the Fallen: How To Use Umbral Lamp (& How To Upgrade It)

Upon stepping into the enigmatic realm of Umbral in Lords of the Fallen, a subtle but significant detail emerges – the eye icon positioned just below the Vigor counter. This icon serves as a symbolic indicator that the departed souls are vigilant observers of your presence.

Unveiling the Eye Icon

Direct your attention to the bottom of the Vigor counter, where the eye icon makes its appearance upon entering Umbral. Its initial appearance signals the ethereal scrutiny of the deceased, marking the commencement of a unique interaction with the game environment.

Clockwise Countdown

As you stand under the watchful gaze of the eye icon, an intriguing clockwise countdown ensues. The outline of the eye icon begins to fill gradually, unfolding a captivating mechanism tied to the Vigor multiplier. This countdown holds the key to unlocking enhanced multipliers and the accompanying advantages.

Incremental Multiplier Escalation

Track the progression of the eye icon's fill-up process for strategic empowerment. At the halfway mark, as the eye icon reaches 50% completion, the Vigor multiplier surges to x1.20. When the outline is three-quarters full, signaling 75% completion, the multiplier elevates further to x2.00. Witness the culmination of this countdown, as the eye turns red upon complete fill-up, unlocking the formidable x3.00 multiplier.

Beware the Red-Eyed Pursuer

While basking in the empowering glow of the x3.00 multiplier, a cautionary note prevails. The red-eyed transformation of the eye icon heralds the arrival of a formidable demon, equipped with a menacing red-glowing visage. In this heightened state, your healing abilities, notably the Sanguinarix, become temporarily inaccessible, requiring a strategic approach to survival.

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What is the Vigor Multiplier in Lords of the Fallen, and how can I increase it?

The Vigor Multiplier in Lords of the Fallen is a crucial metric affecting resource accumulation. To boost it, enter the Umbral realm and let the eye icon below the Vigor counter fill up. At half-fill, it reaches x1.20; at three-quarters, it hits x2.00, and when completely full (turning red), it grants an impressive x3.00 multiplier.

Can I increase the Vigor Multiplier passively in Umbral, and are there any risks involved?

Yes, the Vigor Multiplier in Umbral can increase passively. By simply staying in Umbral, the multiplier can rise to x3.00 without specific actions. However, be cautious as achieving the maximum multiplier introduces a powerful demon with a red glowing face, preventing healing using the Sanguinarix.

Where can I find the eye icon related to the Vigor Multiplier in Umbral?

Upon entering Umbral in Lords of the Fallen, you'll notice the eye icon right below the Vigor counter. This icon signifies the attention of the deceased, triggering a unique mechanism that, when activated, increases the Vigor multiplier.

What benefits does the Vigor Multiplier offer, and how can I strategically use it?

The Vigor Multiplier provides increased Vigor per kill, offering advantages in character progression. Use it strategically by paying attention to the eye icon's fill-up process. Timing is key—unlock x1.20 at half-fill, x2.00 at three-quarters, and the potent x3.00 at complete fill-up.

How does the Umbral Vigor Multiplier impact healing abilities in Lords of the Fallen?

Achieving the maximum x3.00 Vigor Multiplier in Umbral triggers a red-eyed demon, temporarily disabling the use of healing items like the Sanguinarix. Balancing the increased power with the heightened threat is crucial for navigating the challenges presented in this heightened state.


A precise understanding of elevating the Vigor multiplier in Lords of the Fallen proves instrumental in optimizing your Vigor farming strategy. Consider strategically selecting areas in close proximity to a Vestige, immersing yourself in Umbral, and patiently allowing the multiplier to ascend. This tactical approach offers a dual advantage. 

Firstly, by strategically placing yourself near a Vestige, you streamline the recovery process in the unfortunate event of succumbing to the challenges posed by the red demon, a recurrent obstacle in the game. Secondly, the elevated Vigor multiplier ensures a more substantial yield per enemy vanquished, maximizing the efficiency of your farming endeavors.

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