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Diablo 4 All Unique Items Guide - What are they and How to find them?

Diablo 4 offers you a ton of in-game mechanics and unique items are one of them. Being used to upgrading things around, making your character look more special and stronger in return. Here in this Diablo 4 All Unique Items Guide, we will be sharing with you all their locations, how to find them, and what they do in the game. Also, you will find Unique Items for All 5 Classes sorted out individually in this guide.

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What are Unique Items?

Diablo 4 All Unique Items Guide - What are they and How to find them?

Unique items, just as the name suggests, are unique and much harder to find in the game. Being less in amount means they will grant you the ability to craft stronger armor in the game. 

Getting them simply through game progression doesn’t seem fair and that’s why you can only get them through the Torment and Nightmare World Tier Difficulties. The higher difficulty of the world tier ensures that fewer players get them and make the late game more exciting.

One more thing, the unique items in Diablo 4 are also the strongest and hardest items in the game as of now. 

Types/Rarity of Items

Currently, in the game, you will find 5 Item types. These are different from each other based on their rarity. Let’s talk about the lowest to highest rarity items in Diablo 4.

  • Normal

  • Magic

  • Rare 

  • Legendary

  • Unique

So, this makes it true that unique items are at the peak of existence in the game. 


Unlike the other item types, the unique items are golden-brown in color, quite similar to the legendary in the aspect that they are orange. When you equip them, they give off an affix or simply called an effect. 

The main thing about unique items is their appearance as no other item in the game has that. 


It isn’t as simple as you might think. The unique item affixes in Diablo 4 are 4, but you can only have 1 equipped at a time. You can’t change the affix afterward and will remain the same throughout the game. Another thing is that the affixes are sometimes unique to the classes themselves. Some are made for necromancers, while some are for rogues, and so on.

You further can’t also remove or even buff those affixes, and neither put them into other items in the game. But, there is one thing that makes things easier. Affixes have number values that can vary from one another. It includes the defense rating and the damage output as well.

How to get Diablo 4 Unique Items?

How to get Diablo 4 Unique Items?

There are a ton of ways to get the unique items in the game. Keep in mind that this doesn’t make the process easier. Being the top-tier items in the game, they are quite rare and depend on your luck most of the time.

To get Diablo 4 Unique Items, you can try out the following things;

  • Going through the helltide areas and finding the tortured gifts there. Upon opening, you might get unique items.

  • In the sanctuary, find bosses and defeat them. There are all types of bosses in the game with different weak points and strong points. Try to find their weakness and defeat them to get the unique items. The harder the boss is, the better the unique item you will get.

  • In the world tier difficulty level, you will find Diablo 4 unique items throughout the fourth and third difficulty levels. Not the lower ones, but rather the higher ones. With each step you take to higher difficulty, the chances of you getting unique items will increase

  • You can also get unique items in the second difficulty world tier. It can be done by clearing the dungeon known as the Cathedral of Light Capstone. It is found in the area of Kyovashad, which is already popular amongst farmers.

There are a few things to understand here as well. The first thing to note is that the unique items are specific to the torment and nightmare world tiers. In order to get both of them unlocked, you will have to first clear the campaign and make sure it is done on either the veteran tier or the adventure tier.

After that, you need to clear the cathedral of the light capstone dungeon. It is found in the area of Kyovashad. Complete it on the veteran tier to get unique items. Also, make sure you are above 50 level before going to the dungeon otherwise you are going to have the hardest time in your Diablo 4 tenure.

The obvious reason for developers to focus on higher levels to get unique items is that these are end-game items and are not meant for the early or mid-game.

In the torment and nightmare, you will face bosses with a chance of dropping unique items after getting defeated. You will have to simply grind more in the game to get them whatsoever.

One such example is the butcher boss in Diablo 4. He has a lower chance of giving you the good old butcher cleaver after being defeated. The butcher might also appear somewhere in the dungeon suddenly without you knowing. These dungeon bosses might also give you unique items if you are playing in the nightmare or torment mode.

At the end of Diablo 4, the end-game bosses might also give you unique items in return. One such example is the Lilith Lament and even the bosses in the Nightmare Dungeons. 

Lastly, when you enter the helltide areas of the game, you might get the unique items there. The helltide events are known to be one of the best areas to farm for unique items. If you are considering making a living out of them, you can simply go onwards and get started with the helltide areas.

Diablo 4 All Unique Items Guide

Now that you have an in-depth knowledge of what Unique Items are, how they work, and how you get them in the game, let’s start talking about all of them in detail here.

One thing to mention beforehand is that the game might change unique items during the game. There are always changes happening in the game and unique items are probably getting exchanged here and there.

We mentioned above in our Unique Items Guide that affixes are sometimes meant for specific classes. This does indeed go the same way for unique items in the game as well. But, just as with everything, the division also includes some unique items that are meant for all the classes.

Diablo 4 All Unique Items (Without Class Limitation)

Diablo 4 All Unique Items (Without Class Limitation)

The Grandfather

It is a sword that gives you a critical strike buff. Enhancement in the critical strike damage to 100 percent and along with that the other abilities can go higher than they are typically.

Andariel’s Visage

It is a helmet that gives you poison nova. There is a 20 percent chance that your attacks will trigger poison nova. It is a poison skill that does DPS, lasting for a total of 5 seconds straight. It works in an area, so that’s something to consider as well.


It is a sword that works its charm on shadow damage. Upon use, there is a 25 percent chance that you will do shadow damage as well. It works on the enemies in your surrounding and further reduces the damage from the enemies to 20 percent. On top of that, there is a 5-second working damage reduction

The Butcher's Cleaver

It is an axe that enhances your critical strikes, adding slowness and fear to it as well. After dealing critical damage to the enemy, you will have a guaranteed slow and fear skill cast on them. The effect is 75 percent and works on the enemies for a total of 4 seconds.

Fists of Fate

These are gloves that enhance the damage. After attacking the enemies with fists of fate, there is a chance that you will deal 1 to 300 percent of the normal damage to them as well.


These are pants that enhance your healing. When you use the effects that heal you more than 100 percent. These pants will give you a barrier to a maximum of 80 percent of the life you possess. The time for the barrier to last is around 8 seconds.


These are gloves that add the effects of freezing. There is a 25 percent chance that the enemies will be frozen for two seconds in the area around you.

Ring of Starless Skies

It is a Ring that enhances the core skill cast of your class. After using the core skill consecutively, the cost of resources for the next skill (core) will be reduced from 8 percent to somewhere around 12 percent. The maximum that you can go is 40 percent.

Harlequin Crest

It is a helmet that provides you with damage reduction. You will have a 20 percent reduction in damage on all the attacks that are coming towards you. On top of that, there are +4 all skill gains as well.


It is a chest piece that lets you get a total of 24950 thorns in Diablo 4.

Melted Heart of Selig

An amulet enhances the resource count, also giving you life sources. You get 30 percent max resource and after taking the damage, drain resource from the list you list (1 percent).

Penitent Greaves

These are boots that chill enemies. After walking with these Unique Items on, you leave behind chill steps that chill the enemies. The child enemies will take 10 percent more damage because of that.

Mother’s Embrace

It is a ring that works its charm on the core skills. After hitting five or more enemies with the core skill, you will get the resources back. The amount for the refund is around 40 percent.

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Diablo 4 All Unique Items for Rogue Class

Diablo 4 All Unique Items for Rogue Class

In the realm of Unique Items for Rogue Class in Diablo 4, you will find that nearly all are based on the power status effect. Some are great for enhancing the attack speed, while others are great for DPS. This goes well for Rogue because this class is also based on the power status effect like attack, speed, DPS, burst, critical, crowd control, and so on.

Here are all the Rogue Unique Items as of now;

Word of Hakan

It is an amulet that enhances the rain of arrows. After using this Unique Item, your rain of arrows will have all the imbuements applied at once.

Asheara’s Khanjar

It is a dagger that enhances the attack speed. After attacking the enemies with this dagger, the attack speed is enhanced to 6 percent but only applied for 4 seconds. The percentage might increase to a maximum of 30 percent.


It is a bow that enhances the damage. There is a 20 percent chance of dealing double the damage after hitting with this weapon in the game. Also, the enemies will be knocked back along with the double damage.


It is a dagger that works its charm on the core skills. The core skills you use with this dagger equipped will deal 40 percent enhanced damage, but only after throwing three combo points. When the basic skills are using this, there is a 30 percent chance to make three combo points on its own.


It is a bow that provides you with a critical strike bonus. After hitting directly and dealing direct damage, it turns into a guaranteed critical strike. After casting the skill and having the max precision key passive, you will also get 25 energy as an extra gain. But, it is quite rare and works only one time in the cast.

Cowl of the Nameless

It is a Helm that enhances the lucky hit chance. There is a 25 percent chance to enhance the chance of a lucky hit when in a crowd-controlled enemy situation.

Grasp of Shadow

These are gloves that provide you with a shadow clone. After damaging a vulnerable enemy using your cutthroat or the marksman skill, there is a chance of calling a shadow clone. This chance is low, somewhere around 30 percent.

Eyes in the Dark

These are pants that work on the death trap skill. The death trap skill will work again and again until an enemy is killed. This doesn’t work on a player or a boss, but you do have the death trap increased cooldown to somewhere around 30 percent.

Diablo 4 All Unique Items for Sorcerer Class

Diablo 4 All Unique Items for Sorcerer Class

Sorcerers all work on their abilities and skills like fire, ice, lightning, and so on. The same thing is seen in their unique items as well. Nearly all of them are focused on enhancing the damage of skills that you can spam. It can be seen in the Raiment of Infinite and Esu’s Heirloom.

Here are all the Sorcerer Unique Items as of now;

The staff of Lam Esen

It is a Staff that enhances the charged bolts. Using charged bolts with this staff allows it to pierce, but there is a drawback. Damage dealt with the charged bolts is reduced to 40 percent.

Esadora’s Overflowing Cameo

It is an amulet that adds lightning nova after collecting crackling enemies. When you collect crackling energy with this staff equipped, there is a 10 percent further chance to have lightning nova around you, dealing a ton of lightning damage to the enemies.

The staff of Endless Rage

It is a staff that adds fireballs. The third fireball cast you to do with the endless rage staff will put two extra projectiles on top.

Esu’s Heirloom

These are boots that enhance the critical strike chase. The critical chance is further bumped to 25 percent based on your movement speed.

Raiment of the Infinite

This is a chest piece that bumps the teleport. After using the teleport with the Raiment of the Infinite equipped, the enemies that are closer to you will be pulled and stunned. The effect lasts for a total of 3 seconds. As a drawback, the cooldown for teleport is 20 percent more than usual.


This is a wand that buffs your incinerate skill. After using the ability, you also shoot some embers that follow the enemies dealing a ton of periodic fire damage to them.

Iceheart Brais

These are unique pants for the sorcerer class. The frozen enemies after dying in the state will have frost nova as a 20 percent chance.

Gloves of Illuminator

These are also gloves that enhance your fireball skill. After using a fireball, they bounce onwards and after hitting the ground it will explore. The explosion damage will be reduced to around 75 percent.

Diablo 4 All Unique Items for Druid Class

Diablo 4 All Unique Items for Druid Class

Druid Class is all about shapeshifting and changing the powers, either increasing defense or attack abilities. Then again the druid can call upon the fellow rodents to help him in combat. 

So, nearly all the unique items of druid are based on the shapeshifting power, either increasing damage or making it much more durable. If you are considering going for the werewolf build or the werebear builds, you might want to stick with the mad wolf’s glee or the insatiable fury.

These are essential in making a crazy strong druid build in the game. Then again, there are some options that players can use who don’t want to stick with the typical shapeshifting.

Here are all the Druid Unique Items as of now;

Vasily’s Prayer

It is a helmet that makes the earth skills accessible to the werebear skills and then fortifies you as well.

Great staff of Crone

It is a staff that converts the claw to a storm skill and then uses the storm skill strike from 150 percent normal damage.

Storm’s Companion

These are pants that infuse your wolf companion or summon to the power of the storm. Further, it will deal with lightning damage and also get the ability to storm howl.

Hunter’s Zenith

It is a Ring that gives you a bonus for killing the shapeshifter. As a return, the next werewolf non-ultimate skill will cost no resources and there is also no cooldown here. For the werewolf, the next skill is going to give you a healing bonus when you deal the first damage.

Mad Wolf’s Glee

It is a chest piece that turns the werewolf form into a true permanent form and there is a +2 on all werewolf skills on top as well.

Insatiable Fury

It is a chest piece that turns the werebear form into a true permanent form and there is a +2 on all werebear skills on top as well.

Diablo 4 All Unique Items for Barbarian Class

Diablo 4 All Unique Items for Barbarian Class

Nearly all the Barbarian Unique Items are based on core skills and loop ability. Some can take away the cooldown and cause bleeding as well.

Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus

It is a sword that enhances damage per point for the fury, but after each second you will lose two furies.

100000 Steps

These are boots that automatically cast the ground stomp and give you 50 fury as well. But, only after walking arsenal key passive final damage bonus achieved. In 30 seconds, it occurs only once.

Rage of Harrogath

It is a chest piece that reduces the cooldown of non-ultimate. The cooldown reduction is 1.5 seconds and the chance is 40 percent. But, occurs when you put the bleed effect on the elites.

Ancient’s Oath

It is an axe that lets the steel grasp two extra chains and the enemies hit with it will take 65 percent slow for 3 seconds.


It is a mace that lets upheaval skill put the ground on fire, damaging enemies with the burn over time. Occurs for 3 seconds.

Battle Trance

It is an amulet that enhances the max stacks of frenzy to two. When having max frenzy, there is an attack speed boost of 20 percent on your skill

Gohr’s Devastating Grips

These are gloves that enhance the whirlwind, exploding at the end and dealing 26 percent of the base damage on the surrounding foes. It is fire damage.

Fields of Crimson

It is a sword that targets one enemy and puts rapture, creating a pool of blood and occurring for 6 seconds. All the enemies in that pool will take increased bleed damage of 10 percent.

Diablo 4 All Unique Items for Necromancer Class

Diablo 4 All Unique Items for Necromancer Class

Finally, we are here at the last class, known as a necromancer. Necromancer is versatile, so the Unique Items are all based on different builds. Below, we have the Necromancer Unique Items in detail for you.

Ring of Mendeln

It is a ring and when you have more than seven or seven minions, there is an empower minion chance of 10 percent. The next attack from them is going to deal extra physical damage.

Black River

It is a scythe that lets a corpse explosion have four extra corpses consumed around that first one. Further, it will deal 130 percent more damage and have 25 percent more area on each corpse added.

Howl from Below

These are Gloves that slow the corpse explosion and in return, there is a corpse explosion volatile skeleton summon that sprints on foes and then explodes. The explosion damage is 40 percent more.

Blood Artisan’s Cuirass

It is a chest piece that rewards you with a free-bone spirit after picking blood orbs. It does extra base damage based on the life percentage.

Greaves of the Empty Tomb

These are boots that make the ground desecrate as the specters are going onward, dealing damage to the enemies based on the shadow damage for two seconds.

Bloodless Scream

It is a Unique Scythe that enhances darkness skills. It now chills the foes for 40 percent and gives you a 100 percent chance to get extra essence for the frozen targets.

Deathspeaker’s Pendant

It is an amulet that allows the blood surge to put on a smaller nova on the minions and that does extra damage. There is a 10 percent increase in damage based on the initial target drained and reached a maximum of 50 percent.

Deathless Visage

It is a helmet that lets the bone spear leave echoes while it is going onward. These echoes will explode, dealing extra damage on top.


The new concept of Unique Items in Diablo 4 is quite fascinating for players, especially those in the late game. The depth of these items, the bonuses they provide you with, the chances of you getting them, and the appearance, all of this and more makes them the best items to have in the game. As to where are unique items and how to get Unique Items in Diablo 4, we have here in-depth details. Furthermore, our Diablo 4 All Unique Items Guide covers the universal ones, as well as the five classes as well. Don’t forget to Buy Diablo 4 Gold, Items, Elixirs, Boosters, and Gems from MMOPixel, when you need them.

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