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Diablo IV Guide to Completing Poisoned Hearts Side Quest

Do you want to know how to finish the Diablo 4 side quest Poisoned Hearts? You’re in the proper location! It makes sense that you might be interested in what occurs once The Heretic questline is completed and you have learned the mysterious secrets of Hawezar. The next such mission that explorers will run into is the intriguing Poisoned Hearts side quest, which calls for meticulous preparation, sharp observation, and tactical combat prowess. To help players successfully finish the Poisoned Hearts side quest and receive the benefits that are waiting for them, we will lay out a step-by-step instructions in this guide.

Learn more about the Diablo 4 Poisoned Hearts quest by reading this article in depth. To refresh your recollection, you were required to alert Vera of Aneta’s absence in the previous task. You discover Aneta was not cursed, nevertheless, after being instructed by Suzana to assist the ailing Aneta. The story now advances, and the action gets more intense.

Understanding Hawezar

The Diablo 4 zone of Hawezar contains 49 side quests. Along with offering various benefits, each side mission also grants the locale 20 Renown. Gestures are required for a number of tasks. Just talking to a person marked on the location map with a blue! will unlock many tasks. While some quests need the completion of prior tasks before they become available, others can only be started if a certain quest item that can drop in specific locations is picked up. The Hawezar side quests provide players the ability to go deeper into the world, unearth untold stories, and gather insightful knowledge about the game's larger plot. One of the most exciting quest available in the Hawezar region is the Poisoned Heart in this quest you wil have to perform a variety of task including interacting with NPCs, fighting and solving puzzles, all this makes the Poisoned heart side quest more adventurous.

Diablo 4 Hawezar Guide

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Step-by-Step Guide to Complete the Quest

  • Complete A Price to Pay Quest- The side quest Poisoned Heart will only be available once you complete the A Price to pay quest which the quest preceding and is part of the Heretic quest

  • Interact with Vera- Like many other Vera is also a NPC in the game. To kick off the quest you will have to speak with Vera who is the mother of Aneta. You will find Vera in front of the Blind Burrows dungeon in the Diseased Embankment. You will have to ask Vera what is she doing here.

  • Aneta’s Keepsake- After interacting with Vera you will have to collect Aneta’s keepsake which will be around somewhere near the pot. You will collect it and bring it to Vera.

  • Finding Aneta- You will then have to travel far east from the Blind Burrows or from where you currently will be to the South-western part of Forsaken Coast. The area will also be displayed by a blue circle in the map, you can place a marker on the map to follow the shortest route possible or can even teleport to the location using waypoint closest to it. Aneta will be inside the Gulya’s Hovel at the southwest part of the circle.

  • Extinguish the Braziers- As soon as you get there, you’ll notice Aneta in the centre of a triangle formed by three braziers performing some ritual. Go to every one of the braziers & put out the flames. This will release her.

  • Speak to Aneta- When you approach Aneta you will talk to her and say “I found your Necklace. Are you alright?” You will soon realise that Aneta was performing the ritual to help her with something but it was not working.

  • Speak to Gulya’s- The you will have to go and talk to Gulya’s and ask her what can be done. The Gulya’s will tell you that you must help Aneta to perform some Ancient Magic and for that some items are required.

  • Gather Rotten Livers- Head directly east to the vicinity for the Faceless Shrine dungeon. You'll be followed by Aneta as you comb the terrain. Aneta gathers the four rotten livers from four deceased bodies. They are situated, respectively, at the east, southeast, southwest, and north corners of the area indicated on the map. The one that's located in the southeast resembles a snake, while the others resemble a dead body. While Aneta gathers the livers, you will need to fend against enemies that you have drawn. Just maintain your eye for anything that resembles a dead snake or a corpse of a dead person; the specific locations are not known.

  • The Hidden Glade- Once you have collected what you want, you will be instructed to travel to the Hidden Glade, that is a Cellar west of Backwater in the Blackguard Bog.

  • Follow Aneta- Once inside you will have to follow Aneta as she takes you to the end of Glade. It is a single path so you have no touble there.

  • Speak with Gulyas- Interact with Gulyas and tell that you are ready for the ritual. The Gulyas will start the ritual which will attract enemies so you will have to defend them as long as the ritual continues.

  • Filling the Blood Altar- The ritual will attract all types of enemies like wild beast, crawling creatures and other insects, so you will not have to go anywhere else for blood. Just keep killing all the creature which tries to enter the red circle. How much blood you need will be displayed by a red bar on the screen.

  • Protect Aneta from Villagers- The villagers will also try to attack and disturb the ritual you will have to fend off the villagers and kill them and protect Anta untill the ritual is complete.

  • Follow Aneta- Aneta will leave the cellar (Hidden Glade) with her mother, you will have to follow Aneta outside the cellar. The marker will lead you to the exact location beside the Manhunter’s Hollow.

  • Speak with Aneta- Interact with Aneta and tell her you are sorry on the demise of her mother.

  • Return to Gulyas’ Hovel- Follow them back to the Gulyas Hovel. You will find that Aneta is not there but she has left behind a letter for you. Pick up the letter and head northwest you will find a table, interact with it.

  • Read the letter- After clicking on Aneta’s letter your task will be completed.

Diablo 4 Poisoned Hearts Side Quest Guide

Rewards earned

After completing this long and tricky task you will earn 20 Renown points along with Gold and Experience points. The Gold and Experience points will depend on the level of your character. Excepts these you will also be in the possession of Aneta’s Keepsake.


In Diablo 4, the Poisoned Hearts side quest presents players with a captivating and difficult experience that calls for careful planning, great observation, and tactical combat abilities. Players can successfully complete the quest and reap the prizes that are waiting for them by following a step-by-step tutorial. The Poisoned Hearts side quest showcases the richness and adventure that Diablo 4 has to offer, providing gamers with a compelling and gratifying experience overall.

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