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Dual Universe Builder Guide

Dual Universe can be pretty overwhelming to anyone new to the game, and the size of the game is pretty huge, so there are multiple things included in the game, and it might take some time to get the proper hold of the game. So here is a building guide to make your initial game hours a bit smoother and more productive. 

Building, manufacturing, and crafting are the three subcategories of building in the Dual Universe. Virtually all of the items utilized by players, from gear to orbital stations, can be produced using the mechanisms found in these three activities. In addition, all three occupations involve utilizing resources acquired through mining or commerce and substances and components produced from those resources, even if the procedures may differ greatly.


The process of employing essential resources to build something, such as a spaceship hull, a home, a settlement, or a space station. A Core Unit, a component required to create a building region where you can alter a construct, is needed to develop a construct. When the player enters a construction zone, a special jetpack option is enabled to move about the structure with great precision. Editing of construction details is permitted down to a scale of 25 cm.

Dual Universe Building


A cube of cubes known as a voxel is produced when a Core Unit is placed. With no texture, mass, or collision applied, these voxels begin as "Air Voxels." A player can use various tools inside a construction zone to alter the form of these voxels and attach material to them. The player can copy and paste parts of the construct, substantially expediting the construction process. In addition, keybindings make it possible for the player to duplicate and turn the clipboard before repasting, simplifying the construction of symmetrical structures. Strong undo and redo sequences are also an element of the system, and they remain active until the player signs out.


You can adjust the radius in which the Mining Tool will take resources by holding down the Control key and rotating the mouse wheel while the Mining Tool is selected. By increasing the diameter, you can dig deeper holes and remove stuff from a greater area.

Your Mining Tool will automatically mine if you click and hold the middle mouse button (or mouse wheel, if you want), which is a little faster than tapping each time.

Numerous tools available in the building system can be used to make irregular shapes. The two types of these tools - creation and modification, can be broadly divided.

Creation Tools

Using basic 3D shapes like spheres, cubes, and prisms, the user can add or remove shapes from a construct using creation tools. Using the line tool, the builder can also make linear, asymmetrical-shaped entities between two established surfaces. The form contour will show up in one of the three colors when you choose an area to add voxels or other elements:

  • A blue ghost means the action will go exactly as planned.

  • A yellow ghost signifies that inserting such a shape is feasible but will display strangely due to certain conditions, such as rendering size.

  • Last but not least, a red ghost denotes that constructing such a structure is not feasible, and the player will receive an error message explaining the issue, such as scarce funds or trying to place voxels beyond the build zone.

Modification Tools

The user can alter the construct's shapes and properties using tools like the Smooth Voxel, Area Smooth, or Line tools to create the required shape or design. 

Dual Universe Tools

Tools are a vital part of the building job, and having a good amount of quanta can help you acquire a lot of valuable tools easily and also can be used to upgrade them and give you a good head start in the game, so make sure you are never low on quanta.

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Voxel elements and mesh elements are the two main types of pre-made construct components known as elements.

Voxel elements

Voxel Elements are intricate shapes that can be pre-made or made by the player to speed up the construction process. A Voxel Element is anything the player has produced and stored for later use, such as a spiral staircase or a custom-made airplane wing. The builder won't have to keep making intricate designs from scratch by using these elements in later structures. Additionally, these components can be positioned using a material other than the one specified in the original design.

Mesh Elements

Mere elements are known as pre-built functional parts, including engines, control panels, sensor arrays, weaponry, and other items. According to Novaquark, these components have predetermined statistics and purposes. These components are the main contact points between players, structures, and the surrounding area. Additionally, these components can be affected by unique LUA scripts that can change how mesh pieces interact with one another and their surroundings.

Construction Types

Both static and space constructs must be completely disassembled and their cores removed to be moved throughout the game environment. A static construct may be placed on any tile on which the player has the necessary permissions, such as a tile they own. A static structure cannot be positioned on a planet where it would be higher than 1 kilometer above sea level. After it has been constructed, a dynamic construct can always be moved. 

Dual Universe Construction


The physics of the game worlds have an impact on dynamic cores. A dynamic construct's flight pattern, turning speed, acceleration, and a host of other elements crucial to building an effective vehicle is affected by the arrangement of directing units and motors. For instance, if four hover engines are positioned on one side of a square-shaped build, the engines' uneven lift may make the structure unstable and hinder it from flying directly.

Build Helper

A toolbar that gives the player constructing the ship useful real-time information will show at the top of the screen while they are engaged in a dynamic construct.


The player can make a construct's core blueprint once fully constructed. Then, a precise replica of the original can be made using the core blueprint and the identical quantity of the resources, materials, and components used in the original construction. The blueprint may also be copied for sale or distribution. However, previous blueprints won't be updated if that construct is changed in the future.

Manufacturing and Crafting

By using the character crafting option, which is accessible to all players, users can refine resources into materials or materials into elements. All players have access to the crafting menu from any location in the game (including build mode), and they can make materials and elements provided they have the needed things in their nanopack. As a result, crafting is the most fundamental method of producing items, but it also takes the longest as it cannot be automated. Many crafts tasks can be automated by industrial equipment; however, that is referred to as manufacturing.

Some other things to remember

With Linked Containers, downtimes are eliminated

You can check the contents and add ore to a container from a distance once you designate one of your bins as "connected." With the right talents, you can expand the actual spectrum of what you can perform. As long as you don't go too far, you won't need to return to base whenever you fill up your stock because of this.

Skills play a crucial role

Your character will be considerably more effective at resource extraction if you specialize in mining. You could even think about making an alt character whose sole goal is resource mining.

Territorial Scanners are useful

You should eventually benefit the industry of your mining operations. One of your first investments should be in a Territory Scanner, which enables you to search vast territory for natural resource resources.

Your closest buddies are the Directional Detector and the Scanner Tool

They will enable you to find ore veins. You will initially utilize the Scanner Tool, which is quite easy to operate. The line on the heads-up monitor tells you how near you are to the ore, and because it is formed from right to left, the most recent readings are always displayed on the right side. Therefore, you want the line to decrease since it shows that you are drawing nearer. When the reading falls to extremely low digits, you should begin digging; if the scanner displays "0," you are on the 1pinnacle of the vein.

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