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Dual Universe Builder Guide
Gaming NewsDual Universe Builder Guide
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By Himanshu|October 23, 2022|1103 Views,0 Comments

Dual Universe can be pretty overwhelming to anyone new to the game, and the size of the game is pretty huge. So here is a building guide to make your initial game hours a bit smoother and more productive. 

Dual Universe Money Making Guide
Gaming NewsDual Universe Money Making Guide
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By Sumant|October 22, 2022|1482 Views,0 Comments

A Paris-based game development company called Novaquark is working on a first-person space simulation sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Dual Universe. The game combines Space Engineers, Eve Online, and No Man's Sky elements.

Dual Universe Mining Guide
Gaming NewsDual Universe Mining Guide
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By Sumant|October 16, 2022|1905 Views,0 Comments

Mining is known as removing resources from a planetary body, such as a planet, moon, or asteroid. In the Dual Universe, mining is the primary method of resource acquisition.

Dual Universe Quanta Farming Guide
Gaming NewsDual Universe Quanta Farming Guide
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By Sumant|October 13, 2022|1323 Views,0 Comments

The idea of Dual Universe in MMOs is incredibly intriguing. There is a single, huge world where all users congregate and play in one common sandbox rather than several servers. It's a Voxel MMO, similar to Trove, but unlike that game, you can construct anything, from a house to a space station.