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Dual Universe Mining Guide

Mining is known as removing resources from a planetary body, such as a planet, moon, or asteroid. In the Dual Universe, mining is the primary method of resource acquisition. With the territorial scanner, scanning tool, or Deep Space Asteroid Tracker, all mineable resources can be located (DSAT). Then, those materials are extracted using the mining units, known as nanoformers (mining and harvesting tools).

Each character has a hand scanner, a small mining unit, and a nanoformer by default. After finding the target resource, mining is supposed to follow. The type of resource and the player's degree of mining expertise determine how long it takes to mine a certain volume. Because every voxel inside the game essentially qualifies as a material, mining, even for the basic stone of an asteroid, falls under the same categories and regulations as harvesting any other resource.

Dual Universe Mining

How do Mining Units Work?

Let's begin with both fundamentals.

You can add additional components, known as mining units, to your static constructions on planet surfaces. They must be attached to an output receptacle, and once operational, it will autonomously distribute ore into it at predetermined intervals requiring your participation in the game.

Every tier has one mining unit, which consists of a big element. Mining units of the same tier can mine ores of the same tier. In contrast to these five substantial mining units, a smaller unit is available exclusively for Tier 1. Novices are the target audience for this unique tiny mining machine.

Let's see these majestic animals in action.

A simple mining structure housing functioning mining equipment and its trusty container. The mining ray in the screenshot above must be unhindered and also be able to reach the ground for all these mining devices to function. The mining ray may travel as far as 50 meters.

You can decide which ore the mining unit will mine and activate the machine once it is installed, connected to an output container, and then within range of the ground. This will mine regularly & deliver a batch of ore inside the output container each hour once it has been calibrated (more on that below). The output container may be chosen as that of the starting point of an industry line to even further automated the operation.

Dual Universe Gameplay

Territory Pools

All around Dual Universe, different kinds and levels of ore were scattered with varying degrees of abundance. They aren't all gathered in one location for you to find.

Each region in the gameplay can produce up to a specific amount of ore every hour to symbolize that. The "ore pool" is what we refer to as. A territorial scan can display the many types of ore available and their liters per hourly yield rate. This region can deliver a range of tier-1 ore.

This maximum rate with each ore in this territory, as determined by the territorial waters, is shown in the picture above. Beyond a certain point, increasing the number of mining units is futile because there is a limited yield per hour. Part of these resources is "consumed" by each active mining unit. These mining rates, rather than total ore reserves, are represented by these territory pools. For instance, if a territory does have a source of an ore that can be mined at a rate of 50 l/h and that each mining unit can extract 100 l/h of that ore, you would need two mining units to reach your maximum extraction rate; but, more than four mining units won't affect your production.

The new mineral pools are limitless, in contrast to the prior "manual mining" technique. As long as a preset mining unit is operating here, you will always be capable of extracting these ores at about this rate.

The ore pools in this region are diverse and unique. This new repartition ought to roughly mirror the initial allocation for underground mechanical mining on a global scale. There have been some adjustments, but generally speaking, a planet that once had some tier 3 ore will still have some. However, the distribution of low and high-tier ores is quite variable, including from territory tile next territory tile.

Active Territories

The territory should be active for mining units to function. Simply put, that indicates that the applicable territory tax must always be paid. So, yes, paying taxes is a requirement to obtain sparkling rocks.

Dual Universe Active Territories

Mining Privileges

You could wish to save the valuable subsurface ores for yourself if you divide your territory tile with friends or an organization, or you might want to restrict who can use mining units on their territories. We include the Mining Unit Right for this reason. Mining units cannot enter the ore pool and, therefore, can mine on their territories without this.

Adjacency Reward

Units in mining are social. They enjoy being with their buddies. Because of this, the mining units operating on your nearby active territories receive an "adjacency bonus" and can produce extra ore in each batch. However, remember that the same company must own all the regions.

Talents In Mining Units

Due to how novel mining units represent the Dual Universe, they also come with a range of new skills to enhance their utilization.

Your character's mining unit efficiency, element deploys basic mining rate and the pace at which they renew calibration charges the highest mining fees. When calibrating, your character may keep the quantity of extracted ore.

You will be required to unlock more activities, buy ships to sail or buy supplies and weapons to protect yourself from harm, and it will require you to spend Quanta, the in-game currency. The best and easy way to get Dual Universe Quanta is by purchasing them using real money.

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Mining Tutorials

Please take note that the accompanying walkthrough is intended to be utilized as a reference clarifying every stage of the online tutorial, which can be accessed as follows:

To begin, you may identify the Mining Institute at this location: pos{0,2,29.0607,95.1856,291.9155} A VR instructional station can also be found within any of the Markets or Districts, anywhere on any of the planets or moons. Once there, using the floor pad or VR station will allow you to select from any of the offered tutorials, including the Mining tutorial.

M1 - Surface Harvesting Instructional Walk-Through, In-Game Institution / Surrogate VR Tutorials

Mining Tutorial M1 - Surface Harvesting

You arrived at the Mining Exhibition Area after stepping inside the building. If you want some basic information about the materials you will find in Dual Universe and the Tiers they are categorized into, you are welcome to move on to the area.

In Dual Universe, all raw resources and finished elements are divided into "Tiers," ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 5.



  • refined bauxite produces aluminum

  • refined coal yields carbon

  • refined iron from hematite

  • polished quartz produces silicon



  • polished limestone produces calcium

  • processed chromite to have chromium

  • refined malachite into copper

  • refined natron yields sodium



  • refined garnierite into nickel

  • processed petalite yields lithium

  • refined pyrite yields sulfur

  • Silver is made from acanthite



  • Purified fluorine from cryolite

  • Cobaltite has transformed from cobalt gold nuggets, whereas kolbeckite is transformed into scandium.


  • refined columbite to niobium

  • refined rhondite from manganese

  • purified illmenite produces titanium

  • refined vanadinite yields vanadium

A golden path outlined that you must travel will take you into the tutorial area, which allows you to use a VR pod to attend the mining tutorial.

Dual Universe Guide

Surface Harvesting Process
  • To reach the Surface Harvesting Tutorial Area, just use MI elevators. Locate an empty Tutorial VR Pod.

  • By raycasting (gazing at) the pad on its own and hitting the [F] key, you can launch the Surface Harvesting Tutorial Pod.

  • Once plugged in, you'll be in a room led by Aphelia to start following the green route. You will find a showcase of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Ores once you approach the path's finish. These displays demonstrate the ores as they are in the world, in addition to how the superficial rocks that can be harvested from these ores differ in form from the ore itself. The fundamentals of the ores, as well as the Tier system used to classify each, are described by Aphelia.

  • At this mark, Aphelia places a location on the map outside the building that you must visit to proceed with the tutorial.

  • Travel to the waypoint marked in your UI by taking the white-lined pathway and crossing the station through the ramp.

  • Install the default [1] surface harvesting instrument, which Aphelia has indicated with such a green box in your user interface (UI) at about this point.

  • Gather additional resources of Tier 1. If in doubt, look at the goal reminders for these goals in the upper left corner of the screen. Hovering the reticle (mouse pointer) over the material with a harvesting tool attached will reveal if they are harvestable surface materials.

  • When stated in the Objective Remembrances, carry out the harvesting of the Necessary Tier 1 resources.

  • By raycasting (gazing at) the surface rock, harvest the materials by pressing and keeping the left mouse button (LMB) until the harvesting mechanism is completed. The reticle's increasing diamond, which will become invisible after the targeted surface material is collected, serves as a visual cue for all this. Gather sufficient hematite (iron ore) to produce a quantity of pure iron; iron is hematite ore that has been refined. All ore can be converted into pure materials, although the process will take more knowledge and technology for higher-tier resources.

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