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Dual Universe Quanta Farming Guide

The idea of Dual Universe in MMOs is incredibly intriguing. There is a single, huge world where all users congregate and play in one common sandbox rather than several servers. It's a Voxel MMO, similar to Trove, but unlike that game, you can construct anything, from a house to a space station. This is not a game where you can win right away. You have to put time and patience into the game. This enables people to cooperate and compete while creating, mining, refining, exploring, and building in a vast gaming universe. It is exciting to witness the incredible things gamers are already accomplishing in the game. The absence of a genuine tale is a drawback. You can create your own story in an open universe.

We will discuss the in-game currency, Quanta, in this article and a lot more about the same. The upcoming guide will help you farm Quanta, a tedious process; as a new player, we recommend buying Quanta using real-life money to get started.

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Dual Universe

Get into Manufacturing

Those who appreciate manufacturing might choose from a wide variety of career options. Establish refineries to transform ore into pure metal. Process alloys and components are required to keep plants operating. Make Honeycomb Voxels that can be used to build structures and ships. Make everything from furniture and plants to strong, exotic engines and weapons. Improve the effectiveness of your industries to meet the demands of your business or the marketplaces.

Some Manufacturing Tips to keep in mind

  • Stockpile advanced and rare intermediate parts, critical goods (L and XL elements), and t4-5 mats.

  • Increase all manufacturing to 100%. Source t4-5 mats and sell them at higher pre-patch pricing.

  • Get an XL assembly unit right now and produce anything while it's still free if you have the materials to build an XL part but don't already have one. Post-patch, its price will rise sharply. But attempt to sell your XL assembly unit as soon as possible to avoid a post-patch value crash.

  • Alternatively, if you're feeling bold, let it run through the patch and hope that ongoing WIPs are completed. In any case, the item's ROI will probably exceed the risk. Furthermore, no industrial unit should remain idle. Any advanced or rare item should be produced and held.

Do Missions

The best way to acquire active quanta is via running missions. Examine the missions tab and experiment with flying. Start with safe zone missions to familiarise yourself with them. Before participating in PvP zone missions, you must study pipe avoidance because your chances of surviving if you just jump from one planet to another are slim. There are various categories of missions that a player can do.

Dual Universe Missions


Hauling tasks need you to transport a packaged good from one location to another. Each mission will show the distance to the start location, the trip's distance, whether or not it passes through a PvP zone, the amount of time it has left before it expires, the reward, and any collateral required. You can set a hauling mission to pick up or drop off items to a Parcel Container or to sell at a Market. A hauling mission's duration can be limited to a week. When packaging goods for haul and sale, all things must be the same.

 The mission's collateral is instantly used when a player accepts a hauling task from the mission menu. If the mission package is opened, damaged, or otherwise unable to be delivered to the issuer, the issuer receives the collateral, and the mission is completed. In every other case, the respondent receives the reward the issuer determines if the mission is successful.


There are two sorts of Aphelia missions available: Classic and Special.

The player gets 31 days 108 minutes to finish a classic task, which is permanent, doesn't alter, provides a reward of fewer than 200,000 quanta, and is persistent. Every day at 10:00 UTC, special assignments that pay more than 200,000 quanta are modified and offered to the user. The player has 24 hours to finish the mission. Warp drives are inoperable while packages are on board the player ship during any Aphelia mission, so the player must only utilize conventional engines. Although assignments can be stacked, they must be taken and finished in person. View the complete list of Aphelia missions.


Any form of job can be created by a player, including hauling, competitive gaming, cab services, and more. They are not scripted, do not require collateral, and can only be scheduled for one day, in contrast to the specialized hauling missions.

Consider getting Ore

Some will argue that the miners are the true heroes because they supply the endless industries of the universe with the raw materials they need. Ore can be gathered in two ways: by locating and securing the ideal locations for your autominers or by locating and exploring asteroids strewn throughout space in safe and PvP areas. With ore, money can be made. Ore can be sold to the robots at market 6. 

Additionally, you can add 3 more extractors for the resources of bauxite, Hema, and coal, each of which mines roughly 100L. Get them all calibrated to 100%, as that should be the best setting for that tile. You then receive a territory unit, allowing you to occupy a second tile. Next, place 4 more mining units. To sell at market, you can load "some" ore into your ship. One day, you'll be able to purchase a territory scanner that will enable you to scan a tile before claiming it to see whether any Ore pools are present.

Create Ships and Sell them off

Selling ships is one of the most profitable ways to earn Quanta in Dual Universe. When constructing and arranging components, consider physics. For example, the craft's center of gravity will be thrown off if there are too many engines on one side, making it unstable in flight. The Atmospheric Flight Engineer panel allows you to monitor the operation of your new ship. This will show how much thrust and other chances your spacecraft can generate and maintain. To get a ship built, you must have Quanta available to purchase the engines, parts, raw materials, and other items you will require. Now that the supplies are on hand, it's time to discuss the construction itself.

Making ships that are either incredibly attractive (like Damphousse) or incredibly powerful (like Blinding Bright), ideally both, is the key to selling a lot of ships in DU (see TicTaqJim). Conversely, you won't gain much attention if you release anything with average capabilities and aesthetics.

Dual Universe Ships

Become a Retailer/Trader

Made-in-the-USA products don't sell themselves. Fortunately, many options are available for prospective purchasers to notice them. For example, you can sell them in open marketplaces or use the Missions system or local trading channels for advertising for wholesale clients.

To sell items, you don't even need to manufacture them. The player-driven, free-form market structure is suitable for successful arbitrage opportunities. Simply put, traders buy items at the lowest price and transport them to another location, either on the same planet or elsewhere in the cosmos. Knowledge of supply and demand is essential. Your success will be ensured by keeping an eye on market trends and understanding where to find the finest deals.

Some Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Holding rarer items till later while others sell down their stockpiles, industrialists start selling stockpiles at higher prices when they refit prod lines.

  • Determine the primary areas where phase 2's implementation of the schematics falls short of need.

  • Transfer outmoded end-part production lines to essential intermediate parts that are now also in demand.

  • Your character will be considerably more effective at resource extraction if you specialize in mining. You could even think about making an alternate character whose sole function is resource extraction.

  • You are always better off selling the ore directly rather than trying to make stuff to sell because you are competing with people who can make it for a lot less money than you can. Industry and refining skills are compelling, and if you don't have a trained-up toon to make stuff cost-effectively (which takes months of training), you are almost always better off just selling the ore directly. Mining and quests are the quickest ways for a new player to make 1 million.

  • You may organize a competition, charge a fee for participation, and keep a portion of the prize money. You could level up particular abilities, for example, by leveling up your talents so you can enhance ship engines.

  • You might charge people to fly over and adjust their factories or engines.

  • You can develop an LUA script, sell it in-game for money, and participate in the daily delivery challenge in virtual reality

Always prioritize having fun above playing "exactly" or constantly looking to optimize everything. Doing so will rapidly make you lose interest in the game. Instead, play for pleasure and avoid letting that happen! We sincerely hope you have found this tutorial to be instructive and helpful.

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