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Elden Ring Best Madness Build Guide

There are a ton of ways to damage enemies in the Elden Ring. It can either be a Physical Attack, a Spiritual Attack, or a Mental Attack. The physical one is quite clear because you can swing your weapon or throw an arrow to do that. The Mental or Spiritual attack can be madness, bleeding, sleep, rot, and so on. These are the effects that you can utilize in the game to throw enemies off guard. Here in this Elden Ring Best Madness Build Guide, we will be going into the depth of the Madness Effect. So, buckle up and enjoy the trip!

As a side note; The Madness Effect is basically a Debuff that enemies used in the game against you, but turned out the same thing could be done by you in the game later on. It was a means of mental torture “As the name suggests - Madness”.

Elden Ring Best Madness Build Guide

Best Madness Build in Elden Ring

One thing to know about Madness is that it is quite like the Bleed Effect in the game. When you inflict enemies with the Madness Effect, there will be a bar that starts filling up. When it fills up to the maximum, the enemies will be inflicted with Madness.

The Madness Build in Elden Ring is quite useful against the PvP scenario when you are fighting with other human beings. It can’t be said in the same way for the PvE scenario when you are fighting AI enemies like Bosses. 

You can work this around there but in the end, it all falls on the shoulders of your skills. If you are good with the combinations and fighting in-game bosses, you can take them down effortlessly with the Madness.

With that being said, let's cut to the chase here and talk about the Elden Ring Madness Build.

Types of Madness Build

There are a ton of Madness Builds in Elden Ring, but out of them all, there are two that dominate all others. These are the Frenzy Spam Build and the Tank Madness Build. Let’s talk about both of them below.

Frenzy Spam Madness Build

This Build will focus more on the Attributes like Endurance, Mind, Vigor, and Faith. The reason is as follows;

  • Faith and Vigor are used to enhance your HP and FP, giving you more time to inflict Madness on the enemies. You will have nearly endless FP and HP if you are playing wisely.

  • Mind and Endurance will allow you to use Spells for a longer period. Also, it will enhance your durability for Madness and Sleep in case the other one is using strategies against you.

  • Endurance alone will help you increase your Armor, protecting you from the deadly strikes of enemies, and also giving you stamina. You can use the Heavy Attacks without worrying about depleting your Stamina.

Tank Madness Build

You will basically become a Fighting Machine here because the build itself is based on forcing your attacks on the enemies without looking for strategies. It is based on Strength, Dexterity, Vigor, and Endurance.

  • The first preference is Vigor and Endurance because they will allow you to enhance your resistance and take on attacks from enemies. It is a tank build after all and you need to pump these.

  • After that, you can start investing in the area of Strength. It will allow you to have powerful weapons, as well as armaments in the game. 

  • Finally, Dexterity will allow you to have powerful armor, and spells and deliver better attacking power as well.

Equipment for Best Madness Build

In the area of weaponry, there aren't many options here if you want us to be honest. The reason is that there aren’t many things in the game that can deliver Madness Effect or can save you from one. So, the choice is quite limited.

Vyke’s War Spear

It is a special weapon and 1/1 when talking about Great Spears because there aren’t any others in the game. It can cause a Madness Effect when you deliver the blows. Therefore, it is the best weapon for the Madness Build if you ask us.

It is owned by none other than Vyke - Roundtable Hold Knight, dealing heavy physical damage to enemies. It scales primarily with the Fatih attribute and then it spreads to Strength and Dexterity.

In case you are going with the Frenzy Spam, there is nothing better than having a Vyke’s War Spear by your side. Get this weapon from Vyke - Festering Fingerprint. You need a shield with a weapon like this as well. Carry on with our Elden Ring Best Madness Build guide to learn which suits you best here.

Fingerprint Stone Shield

For the optimal Elden Ring Madness Build, you need to have the Fingerprint Stone Shield along with the Great Spear. It is a shield that scales primarily with Strength and no other Attribute in the game. 

The large shield that is made up of the Magical Stone, covers your whole body from attacks and it can also throw off some Madness on the enemies when you block their attacks. In simple words, when enemies attack you and you block them with your Fingerprint Stone Shield, it will inflict Madness on them.

With Vyke’s Great Spear, you can attack enemies and add Madness. Defending will also inflict Madness on the enemies, giving you a better opportunity to fill in the bar. In order to get this beautiful shield, you will have to take your path toward the Cathedral of Forsaken. Here you need to fight with the Omen King named Morgott. Yeah, he is pretty famous and you can find a ton of guides to get there early and take the Spear from him.

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Frenzied Flame Seal

You will be needing something to throw off those spells and incantations as well. In that case, the best thing is the Frenzied Flame Seal. It doesn’t deal with the Madness directly or passively on the enemies. 

But, the reason is that it can give you a bonus on all the Frenzied Flame Spells that you will be using. With the Madness Build, you will be using the Frenzied Flame Incantations most of the time because they cause Madness Effect. 

It will enhance those spells when used through the Frenzied Flame Seal, giving you a 20 percent bonus on all the Frenzied Flame Spells. Just do the Hyetta’s Questline and you will get the Seal in no time.


There is only one weapon that can allow you to inflict Madness on the enemies directly. In order to compensate for that you will have to put some crazy strong spells or incantations in the build. In case you can’t physically harm the enemies, you can always throw a spell to defeat them.

  • Flame of Renzy Summons - It throws multiple flames that track the enemies and deal a ton of physical damage, also inflicting madness

  • Frenzied Burst - Same as before, but with a strong Burst of Frenzy Flame.

  • Frenzy Flame Thrust - A skill for the Vyke’s War Spear that causes your character to thrust onwards with a slam, dealing explosive damage and putting Madness on yourself as well as the enemy.

  • Unendurable Frenzy - There will be a Yellow Flame Burst that comes out of the eyes and causes damage as well as Madness.

  • Inescapable Frenzy - A spell that is attached to the enemies and then starts building a Madness effect on them.

  • Howl of Shabriri - Conjures a magical circle that stops enemies from getting inside. In case the enemies touch it, there will be a Madness buildup on top of Physical Damage.

How to Save Yourself from the Madness Effect?

Save Yourself from the Madness Effect - Madness Build

The strange thing about Madness is that most of the time when you cast it on the enemies, it will be in-return cast on you. It is a popular choice in PvP, meaning they are also going to throw off some amazing combinations to build Madness. How to save yourself in that case?

Honestly, you can’t guarantee 100% save yourself from the Madness Effect when someone else is using it and that goes both ways. You can just increase your chances of survival here. 

You can put a ton of points in the category of Mind that enhances the Madness Resistance of your character. It further enhances Sleep Resistance as well. 

You can further wear armor that gives you Madness Resistance. On top of all of this, we recommend you learn how to Dodge Attacks timely in case of a fight with Madness Build. 

Put some Consumables to increase your Madness Resistance as well because it will enhance your chances of survival. One thing to note here is that all of the things done to protect yourself from Madness are done at the start of the fight. So, it is important to know beforehand that the other one is using a Madness Build. 

Finally, don’t let the Madness Bar fill up. Try to lure enemies and waste their time. They will put their guard down and will try to fight you. You can use this opportunity to kill them at will.

There is also a spell that goes by the name of Lucidity that mitigates the meter build of the Madness Effect. Don’t mistake it for a cure or healing, but rather a mitigation. Clarifying Bonuses is the Consumable that you can put in your arsenal for some extra time.


Elden Ring is one of the best games to ever exist. The Open-World design on top of the typical Souls-Bourne Genre makes it that great of a deal. Furthermore, you can enjoy the game and finish it based on what you truly prefer and life. There are a ton of Builds, Weapons, Spells, Play-styles, and so on. Here’s our Elden Ring Best Madness Build Guide in case you want to take the route of Madness, putting in the preferred weapons, seals, attributes, and spells/incantations. 

Worried about saving yourself from one? Well, here we also got an amazing guide to help you take the necessary precautions to survive in a dual with Madness Build. Don’t forget to play with the things here because it isn’t written on stone. We just recommend some things that are a great way to start from. 

You can add other things on top or change things completely here. As a result, you will get something that you truly prefer and want to play with till the end. 

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