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Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide - Farm 300k Runes in 1 Hour

Runes are your best friend in Elden Ring because you will be needing them to basically make the game quite easier. Yes, you will find them along your journey, while you are traveling around, killing enemies, looting areas, and so on, but that isn’t efficient. Here we have an amazing Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide where we mention a 300k Rune Farm in 1 Hour. So stick with us till the end to get the secrets of getting rich fast in the Elden Ring.

In the massive Open World of Elden Ring, you will find Runes as the main currency. They are used to level up characters, upgrade items, get new gear, and basically get stronger in the game.

You will find various Farm Locations in the game where you fight enemies to get 5k to 10k runes in a few minutes and then restart to get them again. But that doesn’t seem fit because not all of us have the patience to go around doing the same thing hundreds of times to cross the 100k mark.

To tackle that we have here the Best Rune Farming Elden Ring has to offer. You will be making around 300k Runes in around an hour’s period. So, let’s get started with the details here.

Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide - Farm 300k Runes in 1 Hour

What you will be needing?

In order to get the best out of the Elden Ring Rune Farm, you will have to get your hands on some things first. You will be needing the Gold Scarab Talisman. You might ask what’s this Talisman? Well, it will enhance the receiving Runes to around 20 percent. In simple wording, you will be getting more runes every time you have this Talisman with you.

The thing that taunts players, especially in the early game is that the Gold Scarab Talisman is exceptionally hard to get. You will have to travel towards an area known as Caelid which is already quite hard to get through and then you will have to fight with Cleanrot Knights in the Abandoned Cave Location.

Furthermore, you will have to be really smart here because of fewer Bonfires. In case you might lose an attempt, you will have to start all over again, but this time you will have some experience on your hands. So, you need to be really patient here.

Elden Ring Caelid Rune Farm

Elden Ring Caelid Rune Farm

The First Spot we are going to mention here is Caelid Rune Farming Location in Elden Ring. Yes, it is made specifically for the early gamers who just got started with Elden Ring and have yet to explore the wonders.

Reaching the Destination

Primarily, you will have to pack your stuff and get going with the trip. Your first destination is none other than the Third Church of Marika which is found in the region of Limgrave. After that, you will have to travel toward the North East side of the map, where you will find a Portal through the water hidden in the bushes.

When you activate the portal, you will be going toward the Geyoll’s Dragonbarrow in the Caelid’s North-East Side. Now, it’s time to activate the Lost Grace which is just beside you. 

Outside that region, there will be a big boss just below the stairs. You don’t have to fight that beast on your own. You will just have to travel down the hill and towards the Large Bridge, where you will reach another Site of the Lost Grace yourself.

Doing the Farm

Now that you have reached the location on your own, you will have to do the Farming. You will notice that between the Lost Graces, you will find a ton of enemies that are small. You can get them for around 1k runes max if you have the Gold Scarab with you, which we highly recommend here in our Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide for 300k Runes in 1 Hour.

Remember, the enemies might be small, but they are quite spectacular hitters. So, don’t forget to stick with your trusty horse and swing past these enemies from one place to another. Don’t jump from your horse nor try to be a brave heart because these small enemies will destroy you in the early game scenarios.

You will find around 10 to 12 or more enemies here that you have to kill. After getting rid of them completely, you can just go back to the Lost Grace and then reset for loot. After an hour, you should be standing with thousands of Runes.

Well, you might be saying that it’s not enough for you, but this is the best Early Game Elden Ring Rune Farm you can come up with and these thousands of Runes mean a lot. Don’t forget to spend these amounts on upgrades and your stats. 

When you are jacked up, you can just get back on the grind and go to the Next Elden Ring Rune Farming Location we have below for you.

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just sit back, relax and get yourself a ton of Runes without sacrificing any of your precious time? Now you can Buy Cheap Elden Ring Runes and Items here at MMOPixel.com.

Elden Ring Lieunia Rune Farm

Elden Ring Lieunia Rune Farm

The second location is the Lieunia Region where you can effortlessly farm all the runes you will ever need in the game. In order to get there, you will have to first get towards the Stormveil Castle. In case you are coming from the Hidden Pass, you will have to come from the back side before the area.

Then get your stuff together and start going towards the way up the road on the east side. You will then come up to the Lieurnia Highway North Lost Grace side. Just in the front, you will see a battlefield where the field is filled with spirit soldiers and also a giant. They are in a fight of their own.

Just take a step forward and hit the trigger for all the enemies there and they will start spawning. Then you will have to take some steps back and enjoy the scenery where they kill each other. You will passively be getting around thousands of runes without doing anything.

While this happens, you can let the game be and try going outside or something else. When it is over, you can just go back and reset it once more. Do this and you will be Rich in no time. 

Elden Ring Moghwyn’s Palace Bird Rune Farm

Elden Ring Moghwyn’s Palace Bird Rune Farm 

The Late Game Farming Location we are going to mention here is Moghwyn’s Palace Bird. For the most part, this area isn’t accessible to everyone, especially beginners or early game players.

How to access Palace Bird Rune Farm Location?

You can access it through the Varre Questline and complete it. The area that we are going to mention here is known as the Elden Ring Bird Farm due to the process. You will have to kill some crows again and again in order to include yourself in the Palace Bird Rune Farm in Elden Ring.

The first step here is to speak to the Varre after coming to the open world. He will be right in front of you and there is no need to find him. Now track him down and you will be at a location known as Liurnia which is quite popular in the Elden Ring. 

Now, your job is to get rid of a Boss known as Godrick at Stormveil. It is quite hard but you have to get through it somehow. After that, you will have to speak to the founder reader who is available in the Roundtable Hold. 

You are done with everything! It’s time to pack your stuff and go towards the Rose Church which is in Liurnia, available at the Raya Lucaria Academy’s South Side. Here you will again cross paths with Varre. Interact with him and select “they didn’t seem right”.

He will give you Festering Bloody Fingers and through that, you can invade others. These Fingers will allow you to invade three players. Get it over with and join the order by going back to Varre.

He will start a dialogue where you have to say “yes” and he will give you the Lord of the Blood’s Favor item. You are a maiden less after all but for the next step, you will have to find one for yourself.

Find a Maiden and then give her that item. You might be confused at this point. So, your best bet is going to an area known as Four Belfries which is found on Liurnia's West side. You will find it on the top of the incline. 

Locate the torrent and run up to it and don’t fight any enemy you will find in your path. Neglect all the enemies and go up there to activate the Lost Grace. On the top belfry, you will also find a chest. Open it and you will get your hands on the Imbued Stonesword Key. 

In order to activate the Teleporter to the second belfry, you will need this specific key. On the map below, we have pointed out the Four Belfries and Varre himself. You will start at a location that seems quite familiar.

Yes, you are at the location you started the game from. This time you will have a fully justified chance to fight Grafted Scion Boss without dying. You will have to kill him and then go towards the bridge. From there take the stairs and get the Maiden’s Blood from a corpse around you.

Go back to Varre which can be found in the area of Rose Church. He will give you the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. Make sure you are talking to him multiple times in order to get it. With that, you can teleport toward Moghwyn’s Palace directly in the game.

At that location, you need to go up the stairs and then activate the Lost Grace. Turn around that area and jump down. Call upon the Horse and stick to the edge and never fight any enemy you cross your paths with. 

Starting 300k Rune Farm Run

You will soon reach the Palace in Lost Grace and here you will be going for the Elden Ring Bird Farm. At the cliff nearby, take a look at the crow enemies of big size. Use the Ranged Weapon to shoot those and the enemies will start to aggro. 

The enemies will fall off the cliff, but make sure you don’t fall from that area. Passively you will be getting around 13k rules from that single arrow and aggro. You can take a rest and reset the Rune Farm in Elden Ring. Then again do the same.

Within an Hour you will get 300k Runes in Elden Ring without fighting a single enemy and using arrows. Yes, this is the best pot in the game for farming, but make sure you are following the steps we mentioned here in our Elden RIng Rune Farming Guide. 


Well, that’s all for our Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide. We mentioned three different Rune Farming Locations for you to look out for. One is made for the Early Gamers, the second one is made for the Mid Level Gamers and the final one is the most difficult to reach but gets you the most Runes. 

Don’t forget to read the article multiple times because only then you will be able to reach Moghwyn’s Palace Bird Farm. Once you get a hand in that area, you can just do the Farm in a loop and earn around 300k Runes or more in 1 hour only. If you have the Talisman with you, the earnings will be 20 percent more every time you get the Runes.

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