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ESO Dragonknight Tank Build - Immortal Dragon Build Guide


Who doesn’t want to become immortal in ESO? With the Dragonknight class, there are a lot of possibilities and then there is the Tank Build that makes you extremely hard to kill. Here we have the Dragon Knight Tank Build - Immortal Dragon Guide which focuses on the healing for most part.

These Tank Builds are extremely useful for team play, where you taunt the enemies and debuff them while buffing your allies. Unlike the typical Tank Build, here you focus most on the healing, and abilities are picked in such a way that you become hard to kill because of that healing.

It isn’t like that you can’t solo with this build or play PvP. You can do anything you like because it is a versatile build and a bit of change to the points/equipment leads to something new. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump straight into the Immortal Dragon Build Guide for Dragonknight Class.

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Background for Immortal Dragon Build Guide


As we already mentioned the whole build revolves around healing yourself and your allies constantly. By spamming the heals, it is so hard to kill that you become immortal in a way. Dragonknight is a great class for this build because it comes with stats that match perfectly with the concept of this build.

Furthermore, the back concept from typical Tank Builds isn’t that far apart either because you combine both aspects of healing and tanking in this Dragonknight Tank Build - Immortal Dragon Guide. Your team can happily enjoy killing enemies while you are there to heal them and provide support.

Race Selection for Dragonknight Tank Build - Immortal Dragon Guide


If you want to push the limits of this Dragonknight Tank Build then you need to pick one of the following races;

Orc: There is an enhanced Recovery of Health of around 20 percent, while the max rank allows for an extra 5 percent healing received.

Argonian: Enhances the healing to around 5 percent for received and done, while also making all the heals better.

The other choice for Races is Nord and then Imperial because of their stats that match with the concept of your Immortal Dragon Build.

Point Division for Dragonknight Tank Build - Immortal Dragon Guide


For this build, your main focus should be Stamina because you are using abilities and tanking all the time. Besides Stamina, there is nothing you need to focus on. Just put some points into Health and Magicka to keep your character boosted for certain scenarios. Except that, you only have to put the points in Stamina.




42 to 47







Abilities for Dragonknight Tank Build - Immortal Dragon Guide

Same as always, your abilities are divided into a Front bar and a Back bar. On the front bar, you need to put the abilities that can be spammed (short period). While on the back bar you need to put the abilities that have a longer duration. All the abilities are somehow related to the healing and tanking because it is an Immortal Dragon Build Guide.

Front bar Abilities


Inner Light

When you have this ability slotted it enhances the Magicka and critical of spells to around 5 percent.

Magelight Morphed


Pierce Armor

A taunt ability that puts Breach (Major) and Fracture (Major) on enemies for around 15 seconds. This in return lowers the resistance of spells and physical attacks of enemies

Puncture Morphed


Echoing Vigor

is An AoE Ability that puts a radius in which you and your allies get healed with time.

Vigor Morphed


Igneous Shield

Gets you and your allies a shield that protects you from damage by absorbing it.

Obsidian Shield Morphed


Heroic Slash

This ability gives the enemies Maim (Minor) that not only reduces their damage but also their movement speed.

Low Slash Morphed

Back bar Abilities


Hardened Armor

Ability is used for defense because it gives you a shield based on the health pool (15 percent), while also enhancing the resistance of spells and physical damage

Spiked Armor Morphed


Inner Beast

A ranged ability that is used to taunt enemies in long-range. Further because of the synergy it becomes an AoE ability that also damages the enemies in an area

Inner Fire Morphed


Cinder Storm

Heal ability that is for a longer period and puts a heal over an area for your allies as well.

Ash Cloud Morphed


Green Dragon Blood

In case things get out of hand, you can use this ability to heal yourself based on the health pool (33 percent missing health) while also giving you the Fortitude (Major), Vitality (Minor), and then that amazing Endurance (Major)

Dragon Blood Morphed

Ultimate Abilities

Aggressive Horn: Enhances the Stamina and Magicka while also giving you the Force (Major) for around 30 seconds. Because of the Force, you get enhanced critical damage to your allies as well.

Magma Shell: According to your 3 percent of total health this ultimate puts a limit to the damage dealt with you. Further gives you a shield to your allies that blocks damage according to the health pool (100 percent) and is available for something around 9 seconds. This ability truly makes the Immortal Dragon Build Guide possible.

Champion Skills for Dragonknight Tank Build - Immortal Dragon Guide

Points Distribution for Thief Skills


Shadow Ward











Points Distribution for Fighter Skills


Thick Skinned



Quick Recovery









Elemental Defender





Points Distribution for Mage Skills











Precise Strikes


Equipment for Dragonknight Tank Build - Immortal Dragon Guide



We divided the armory section into various parts to make things easier for you

Heavy Sets

Battalion Defender

Leeching Plate

Both of these Heavy sets are exceptional for our Dragonknight Tank Build - Immortal Dragon Guide. The reason is that these sets grant you healing every second to around 6. The Leeching Plate allows you to get some healing after using the Heroic Slash or that ability by name of Pierce Armor. On the other hand, the Battalion Defender gives you healing after blocking.

Monster Sets

Scourge Harvester

Mighty Chudan



The best pick for this Immortal Dragon build is Scorge Harvester because of its ability to get health from the foes and gives you Vitality (Major) after activation.


Glyph of Crushing

Glyph of Weakening

Powered for weapon

Health for Armor

Divines Trait


Glyph of Shielding

Ritual Mundus Stone

Healthy Trait

Triune Trait

Final Verdict for Dragonknight Tank Build - Immortal Dragon Guide

Every tank build works around that block mechanism, but once you have that Battalion Defender equipped, your allies also get the benefit of this set. After blocking you will have an extraordinary amount of healing around 4k minimum and with some abilities it can top up to 10k. This is what makes the guide Immortal Dragon.

The spam able ability you should focus on here is the Igneous Shield that grants you a lot of benefits due to the Mending (Major). All in one, this is one of the most OP Builds for a team fight because your team is always getting healed, making it impossible for enemies to kill them.


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