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The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road Wildburn Lynx Mount Guide

Gold Road is another chapter to the thrilling experience of Elder Scrolls Online that was dropped recently in-game, better called "The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road. And what's more fascinating about this chapter is the Wildburn Lynx mount or Gold Road Wild Burn Lynx. This gold road mount is one of the sought-after mounts. In this article, we are going to cover everything about this mount, from obtaining it to utilizing and customizing it. So, let's begin.

ESO Gold Road Chapter

The mysteries of the Forgotten Prince are revealed in this new chapter of Elder Scrolls Online, "Gold Road." This Gold Road chapter continues with a new plot featuring new areas of West Weald and the city of Skingrad, entirely new and distinct skills that can be customized, and some brand-new mysteries, obstacles, and rewards. In addition, the recently added Wild Burn Lynx mount is a noteworthy addition. This companion has fiery eyes and sleek fur. This ferocious feline is a faithful and courageous Aly for adventures, radiating the wild spirit of the outdoors.

ESO Gold Road Wild Burn Lynx Mount

The Wild Burn Lynx Mount belongs to the Feline. Once the player collects this Wild Burn Lynx as a reward, the player gets the duty to be the Savior of West Weald. The player will have to complete various achievements such as:

  • West Weald Master Angler

  • Antiquarian Chase: West Weald

  • West Weald Skyshard Hunter

  • Gold Road Sword for Hire

  • Hero of the Gold Road

Let's begin the comprehensive guide. Above, we mentioned that to obtain the mount, the players must complete the mentioned achievements. But do you wonder what the use of this mount is? Why is it so crucial? How can it benefit the gameplay? Well, let's find out.

How to use the Wild Burn Lynx Mount?

Unlock this mount and use it throughout the gameplay. Here are the steps as to how to activate the mount:

  • Click on the collection menu and scroll to the mounts category.

  • Several lynx will pop up, find the wildburn lynx and select it.

  • Once you find it, tap on the mount and click on the "set active" button to choose the Wildburn Lynx mount as the primary mount.

  • Lastly, to get the mount summoned, click on Mount Keybinding.

  • Moreover, players can upgrade and customize their mounts as required.

ESO Wild Burn Lynx Mount

How the mount will boost the gameplay?

The Wild Burn Mount not only adds to the unique and intricate designs, and impressive and aesthetic looks but is also a thing of prestige for the players. This mount is not obtained very easily but demands a high level of effort and time. Therefore, the players with this mount show their dedication and their accomplishments. But the benefit is not limited until here; there is more to this. Once a player obtains the Wildburn Lynx, here are some of the benefits one can enjoy:

  • This mount is special as it adds mobility to travel across the regions of Tamriel. This increased mobility enhances gameplay by saving time. 

  • The mount comes with many features for upgrades. The players can upgrade their speed, carrying capacity, and even stamina, which in return enhances travel times, improves sprints, better escapes combats, increases inventory spaces, and increases the ability to carry loot and gatherings.

  • You may be required to spend ESO Gold to make the upgrading process smoother. So make sure you have enough stock of the gold. If you are falling short, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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How to obtain the Gold Road Wild Burn Lynx Mount

The first and foremost task is to obtain the mount. This mount can be obtained for free, and there are various methods to get one, such as:

  • Complete the main storyline quests

  • Engage in the Antiquities

  • Finish the side quests

  • Collect sky shards

  • Participate in Mirrormoor incursions

  • Master Angling

All these ways are part of an achievement called the "Savior of the West weald". The major task is to complete this achievement and earn that mount as a reward. The achievement is divided into 6 key methods using which the Wild Burn Lynx can be unlocked that is as follows:

  • Hero of the Gold Road

  • Gold Road Sword for Hire

  • Antiquarian Chase: West Weald

  • West Weald Skyshard Hunter

  • West Weald Master Angler

  • Mirrormoor Incursion Master

Hero of the Gold Road

The main objective is to complete all the main quests in the storyline and obtain the Wildburn Lynx. The Gold Road chapter offers a series of quests with different characters, and the players have to follow the guidelines, keep completing the quests to save the West Weald from major threatening events, and as a reward, Wild Burn Lynx is offered.

Gold Road Sword for Hire

The second way is to complete all the side quests in this newly introduced region of Gold Road. The main objective is to explore the region's mysteries and delve deeper into it to learn more. As a reward, one can again obtain the Wild Burn Lynx.

Antiquarian Chase: WestWeald

The developers ask the players to delve into the Antiquities, with a motive to explore, discover, and find out all those antiquities. The benefit of this task is that it will boost the players' overall progress and offer the chance to obtain exclusive rewards like the Wild Burn Lynx.

ESO WestWeald

West Weald Skyshard Hunter

This activity demands to collect the sky shards in order to obtain that mount. The task is to explore and find all the sky shards and then collect them in the region of West Weald. On collecting all of them, the player will earn skill points as well as the character's progress will be boosted. And of course, one can also obtain Wild burn lYnx mount from this activity.

West Weald Master Angler

This task guides the player to master the Angling. To obtain the wild burn lynx, this achievement demands catching all the rare fishes for which extensive effort is required. The aim is to let the player explore more by throwing more challenges and allowing the player to delve deeper into the gameplay.

Mirrormoor Incursion Master

With the introduction of a new chapter, this incursion is also something very new to Elder Scrolls Online. There are a total of 30 Mirrormoor incursions that must be completed if the player wishes to obtain the wild burn lynx as a reward. This incursion is thrilling and quite challenging where players are expected to explore 4 locations namely Colovia, Silorn, Sutch, and Ostumir. Through this players will come across the mini-bosses and one final boss, that must be defeated.


Adding a more refreshing experience to this mount, the players can even spend their time customizing their mounts with accessories like decorative items, bardings, saddles, and much more. Furthermore, the Elder Scrolls Online even offers a feature to take screenshots of the in-game images using the screenshot mode. Enjoy flaunting the achievements and skills of your gameplay.

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