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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide to 2024 Anniversary Jubilee Event

In 2024, the Ten Years of the Exceptional Elder Scrolls Online are being celebrated. Players can now get boxes from various sources besides daily activities in the new introductory quest. Furthermore, some abandoned activities have been given new life because they can now yield unique prizes. 

The Anniversary Jubilee in-game event is back and better than ever to commemorate this significant new milestone. As part of a unique prolonged stay, the event will begin on April 4 at 10 AM EDT and run until April 23 at 10 AM EDT. Better yet, the +100% XP boost that was previously obtained by consuming cake slices is now active for the duration of the event and cannot be lost because of continuous combat or a full stomach. More importantly, Unlike past years, you do not need to use the cake in order to maintain the +100% XP benefit from the event. However, remember to have a piece of cake every day in order to receive your tickets. In this guide, we will help you tackle this event easily so you can get the maximum benefits. 

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Introduction Quest

The first quest, "For Cake's Sake," is available at no cost from the Crown Store. The mission will require you to locate the Apprentice Mogh who is located in Stonefalls, Glenumbra, and Auridon. You will be asked by Apprentice Mogh to throw pies at Chef Donolon's opponents and retrieve the components needed to make this year's cake! Given that the ingredients and his competitors are all close by, you won't have to go far. Provide the necessary materials to finish the quest and get the 2024 Jubilee Cake Memento. 

Event Tickets & Vendors

By calling forth the new Jubilee Cake 2024 and consuming a slice, you can receive three Event Tickets each day while the event is ongoing! Those tickets can be used to purchase items from the Impresario:

  • Dark Anchor Pinion

  • Anchor Chain Fragment

  • Effigy of the Dominator

  • Bound style pages- Earthbone Ayleid armour type. 

  • Group Repair kits. 

  • Anniversary Cake furnishings.

  • Jubilee Steed mount fragments.

  • The initial two pieces pertaining to the new Master of Schemes persona:

  • Grim Iron Mask 

  • Cold Iron Gauntlet

  • Anniversary Cake Slice furnishings

  • Bags of Jubilee Yesteryear, containing the following, providing only items you do not presently own:

  • Prophet armour-style pages

  • Jephrine Paladin armour-style pages

  • Bound Bonemold armour-style pages

  • Desecrated Grave Soil 

  • Sai Sahan armor-style pages

  • Bound Worm Cult motif chapters

  • Imperial Champion armour-style pages

  • Lyris's style pages

  • Bound Saberkeel armour-style pages

  • Abnur Tharn armour style pages

  • Aurora Firepot Spider parts 

  • Companion Guild Commendations. 

Her assistant Philius Dormier will have the following:

  • Deadlands Scorcher Skin Fragments

  • Unstable Morpholith Pet Fragments 

Throughout the Jubilee, the Indrik Vendor will have the following things in stock:

  • Icebreath Indrik Berries

  • Luminous Indrik Berries

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers

  • Rimedusk Indrik pet

  • Shimmering Indrik pet

ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event 2024

Rewards of the Event

This year, there are more ways to win Jubilee Gift Boxes in ESO than just Daily Quests! Gift Boxes can be earned through the following activities:

Any ESO daily quest, such as: 

  • Crafting writs Daily

  • Daily trials and dungeons

  • Daily quests for Battlegrounds and Alliance War

  • Everyday Robbery and Sacred Missions

  • Daily Delve, World Boss, and Incursion quests

An opportunity to get Tales of Tribute reward mails; the likelihood of receiving one increases with the opponent's challenge or the number of opponents faced on a daily basis.

You might wonder, what's in these amazing boxes. When it comes to the Glorious Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes, which are offered once a day, they include:

  • Supplies for crafting- A style piece, furniture recipe, or motif chapter

  • An Earthbone Ayleid armour-style tradeable outfit style page

  • A fragment for the new Jubilee Steed mount- you need 25 total fragments to make the steed, so keep some Event Tickets ready if you want this one

  • Transmute Crystals

  • Desecrated Grave Soil, it's an item in the Worm Cult fashion

Taking out and stealing from any final Trial Boss, final Dungeon Boss, and World Boss. Finishing any Incursion event, like, Dark Anchor, Abyssal Geyser, or Bastion Nymic. Moreover, the standard Anniversary Jubilee Gift boxes may include a number of awesome prizes:

  • Pages for Bonemold Armor Style

  • Supplies for crafting

  • A slim chance of obtaining the "Desecrated Grave Soil" which is a Worm Cult Style item. 

  • Furnishings Style Items Recipes Motivators

  • Transmute Crystals

  • Style Pages in the Saberkeel or Worm Cult Armor

Daily Quests

One dependable method of obtaining Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes in ESO is still completing Daily Quests, you can accept any of the various Daily Quests, but some are easier to finish and will earn you more Boxes than others. You can only finish a certain number of Daily Quests per character, though. In ESO, each character may only finish fifty Daily Quests each day.

Daily Quests for DLC

Each DLC zone, such as Summerset Blackwood, Necrom, Vvardenfell, High Isle, or Clockwork City has a unique set of daily quests that you can accept and do. While some of them can be accessed right once, others might need you to complete another assignment beforehand. Not only does one need to accept their Daily Quests but one also visits the zones with the relevant DLC.

ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event

Daily Quests (Cryodiil)

Completing daily quests in Cyrodiil is also one of the best ways to get plenty of Anniversary Jubilee Boxes during the event. Since Cyrodiil is a PVP area, attacks are always possible. However, there are a lot of Daily Quests in the area. Six Daily Quests are available for acceptance in the Alliance base. These missions will need you to:

  • Scout an area.

  • Capture a resource.

  • Capture an Elder Scroll.

  • Capture a Keep.

  • Take out 20 players from a particular class or 20 players overall.

  • Conquest Missions: Kill 40 players or seize points of interest. 

Cosmetic boxes

You have a slim possibility of obtaining new bound cosmetic rewards by engaging in the following activities:

  • The staff of Worms Replica from any Dolmen Reward Chest;

  • Trueflame Sword Replica from any fishing node in Tamriel

  • Replica Sunna'rah or Barbas Helmet from any World Boss in Vvardenfell 

  • Ul'vor Staff from any Summerset Geyser

Jubilee Steed

During ESO's Jubilee Anniversary Event, 25 "Jubilee Confetti Packs" drop once a day from the Glorious Jubilee Gift box, and these must be consumed to earn the Jubilee Steed mount. You must use Event Tickets to purchase the remaining 5 for 3 Event Tickets each, as the "Jubilee Confetti Packs" are tied to your account, and you may only obtain 20 of them during the event.


All right, this is all the information you require for the Anniversary Jubilee Event this year. Using this information, you can easily navigate through the event and get maximum rewards for your efforts. Happy gaming!

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