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ESO Fortified Brass Set Build Guide


One of the Clockwork City DLC brought that amazing Fortified Brass Set. You might be wondering about using this set in ESO but don’t know much about this. For that reason, we have here the Fortified Brass Set Build Guide to help you get the most out of this set.

In this guide, we are going to discuss the Fortified Brass Set, guide you in different scenarios, talk about its working, and how to obtain it. So, without any delay, let’s get started with Fortified Brass Set Build Guide.

About Fortified Brass Set

How to Obtain?

As we mentioned, this set was added in-game at the time of Clockwork City DLC. But to acquire it you will have to get that DLC purchased. There are no boundaries to the wearing of this set, anyone can wear this set, and can be found in the Brass Fortress.

You can get this set by crafting in the restricted brass works in the Brass Fortress of the DLC. Still, you can get this set from the vendors of Guild or make a trade with other players to obtain it. It depends on you which one suits you best.


To craft the equipment, you will require 4 pieces and this adds to the versatility of this set. You can pick any style and then craft the pieces in that style. One downside is that being a crafted set you won’t have jewelry available for this set.


Wearing this set provides you with a total of 8.4k spell resistance. Wearing the full set with 7-piece legendary (Light) can get you 18k spell resistance along with the 15.6k physical resistance.

For the Medium, you can get the resistance enhanced to around 19.3k which is fascinating for any set in ESO. While for the Heavy it is even pushed to around 25.5k resistance.

Resistances provided by Fortified Brass Set


This set provides you with two types of resistances; Physical and Spell related, like any other set in the game. Below we have them sorted out for you in detail

Physical Resistance

In the Physical Resistance this set provides you with;

Poison Resistance

Disease Resistance

Spell Resistance

In this segment the Fortified Brass Set provides you with;

Shock Resistance

Fire Resistance

Frost Resistance

Furthermore, it is not all to this amazing set. You will get around 33k resistance (Both physical and spell related) while mitigation is around 50 percent. This means that the damage dealt by enemies to you is reduced to half.

Best Race Pick

The best race of the Fortified Brass Set is Werewolf because they have issues with surviving and this set makes up for that.

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Working with Fortified Brass Set


The best thing about this set is that; being in a light category allows you to have the same amount of resistance as provided by the heavy armor. That makes it versatile as you can use heavy equipment with this armor and have better damage stats in contrast to heavy armor.

In ESO, when you have Heavy Armor, your damage is considerably lowered. But, with the Fortified Brass Set, you don’t have that drawback as you have resistance to heavy armor and damage from light armor.

Alongside the resistance, you get a lot of cost reduction passives with this build that makes the resource management effortless. Being a Magicka Focused Set, you can pick something like;

War Maiden

Burning Spell Weave

Spinner’s Garments

Necro potence

You can go with Stamina As well with the following;

Draugr Hulk


Bone Pirate’s Tatters

Spriggan’s Thorns

Guide for in-game Scenarios


PvP Scenario

The resistance of the Fortified Brass Set is amazing, but this doesn't count with the Penetration. In the scenario of PvP, players have a total of around 5k to 15k penetration which minimized the resistance much more than you can imagine.

For this case, you will have to make sure that the Resistance is somewhere around 40k for the penetration to not take place. The formula here is using 50 percent more resistance against penetration to be useful.

Furthermore, in the PvP scenario, a Critical strike is equipped by players and can lower your resistance. In that case, you will have to get Critical Resistance. Formula to know how much resistance you need is; for 68 you have 1 percent Resistance to Critical. So, making up for that in this set, you need around 3.4k Resistance to Critical damage.

In PvP, you will find most players with a multiplier (Critical) of around 1.6x to 1.8x. You can get more resistance to critical by following things;


Impregnable Armor Set

Impenetrable Armor Trait

Transmutation Set

All in one, if you use Medium or Light Armor, your damage will decrease but will have better resistance here in Citadel or battlegrounds.

PvE Scenario

In the PvE Scenario, you will have to play the role of a Tank with your allies. But, unlike the PvP where you will be using the Light Armor version, here you will need to go Heavy Armor. You can provide resistance to your allies, while they try to deal as much damage as possible to enemies.

There will be less damage and spell resistance in case of Heavy or even Medium Armor, but you will have better DPS of groups. You can go for the 2 heavy and 5 medium pieces to push and tank at the same time.

Final Verdict for Fortified Brass Set Build Guide

Fortified Brass Set is truly amongst the top sets in ESO because of their versatility. There are a lot of things you will have to consider alongside this set like crafting it to your own needs. Being a tank-focused set, you need to keep the balance of Damage, Light/Medium/Heavy Armor, and Resistance.

In this article of Fortified Brass Set Build Guide, we mentioned every scenario (PvP and PvE) alongside the things that work best with this specific set.

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