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ESO Mad Tinkerer Set Build Guide


You might have heard of Mad Tinkerer Set, but don’t know whether to try it out or not. Most of the players don’t know what to do with this set because of how hidden its working is. For that reason, we have here a Mad Tinkerer Set Build Guide to help you get the most out of it.

In this guide, we are going to discuss this Set, and its work and further divide the usability into PvE/PvP scenarios. So, without any further delay let's hop into the details

About Mad Tinkerer Set and Suitable Race

A DLC added Set, the Mad tinkerer can also be obtained by killing bosses, doing quests in the region of Clockwork, and opening chests in ESO. But to unlock the place where you can get this set, you will get the DLC.

Don’t worry, you can get this set by trading with other gamers or simply purchase it from the vendors of Guild. So, this set is referred to as the Overland set and it means you can have that jewelry, weaponry, armory, and shields with this set.

You can’t specifically know the traits because they are completely random and you need to grind in ESO to get your favorite pick. Furthermore, this set is exceptional for the builds that come with Magicka Attribute because it’s Arcane.

You can easily cross the 10k damage (Shock) mark with this set if you put around 100 plus points in both the Masters at arms and the Elemental Expert.


The best race with this set is something with Shock Damage like High Elves or Sorcerers. They also deal with Magicka and therefore, are the best pick for this set.

Working with Mad Tinkerer Set


There are effects associated with the Mad Tinkerer sets, referred to as Proc Sets. Because of this, when you apply some debuff to your enemy or fulfill the requirement of the effect, you can see some amazing buff or ability being used.

With the Mad Tinkerer Set things are associated with your damage. When you deal enough damage to the enemy, there is a rare chance (10 percent) to call upon a Verminous Fabricant who seeks enemies. Not only does it deal damage to enemies, but also stuns them, which is fascinating.

There are no limitations to Proc, you just have to deal with damage to some extent and the effect will activate. The drawback to the effect is that it spins in place and fails to find the target, making it inconsistent.

Especially in the PvP Condition, the players can effortlessly dodge this Effect because of its spinning and straight-line projectile type movement. To make up for this, you will have to constantly lure the target into staying at a single location at the same level. Still, you can use this ability to taunt the enemies into getting your hits instead of facing the set effect.

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Guide for in-game Scenarios


To make things easier for you, we divided the in-game scenarios into two separate conditions. One is for the PvP Condition and the other one is for the PvE Situation. Below you will find both of them.

PvP Scenario

Frankly, this set isn’t that much except when compared with some of the other Proc Sets in-game. Being a Magicka Set you can still make it usable in certain scenarios, especially Melee ones.

In the PvP Scenario, you can use some abilities like Puncturing Sweep or Grothdarr to activate the effect of this set. Just like we already mentioned, players are not going to eat the effect of this set head-on.

Still, you can put pressure on your enemies because they will have two things to deal with; one being the effect that is a stunning projectile and the other one being your attacks. You can use this technique to either land your hits or stun them with the effect.

Furthermore, this set is not made for multiple enemies, rather it is made for players who want to kill enemies one by one. You can even pick the role of support to lure enemies in and stun them with your effect.

PvE Scenario

Being great for helping, this set performs quite well in PvE Scenarios. Mostly in the PvE, you will find enemies that are stacked together and you can use the effect to get hold of them or even pick boss fights easily.

You can use the effect more often while using the sets like;


Monster Hel Sets


The thing that helps Mad Tinkerer is a Tank. When you have a Tank in your group to taunt enemies and help you land your attacks, this set outshines.

Final Verdict of Mad Tinkerer Set Build Guide

Your best bet with Mad Tinkerer Set is damage and you can’t rely on critical strikes because these sets don’t provide you with them. You have a stunning effect but hard to land it on enemies. So, it is best to invest your time in Shock, rather than plain damage.

For PvP Scenarios this set doesn’t prove its worth, rather you can use it for the PvE Scenarios or for farming multiple groups. All in one, an average set that shows its best with allies, rather than roaming solo.

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