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ESO Sorcerer Tank Build - Everlasting Lighting

In ESO you don’t always have the privilege of teaming up with your fellows and playing the game properly. Sometimes, you have to experience the journey alone. For that reason, we have here Sorcerer Tank Build - Everlasting Lighting Guide.

In this guide, we are going to make a selfish build for your Sorcerer Class. Don’t worry your character will be strong enough to tank every stop and in return, self heal to stay alive. There will surely be nothing in your way to stop you.

Yes, you can also use this build while playing with your allies because the damage you deal is incredible but selfish. The ability and stats are slotted in such a way that there is no buff for your allies, rather everything for yourself. Now that we got the brief intro to this build done, we can jump straight to the guide.

Background for Sorcerer Tank Build - Everlasting Lighting Guide

The Sorcerer Class isn’t commonly associated with a Tank Build but when you start experimenting with their combination things go wild. Background for this build was also created something like that because in this Tank Build you revolve around self-heal and buffs.

You are completely in your zone; the equipment, abilities, and overall setup are done in such a way that you don’t need any support from your allies, rather the damage and resistance is enough to deal with enemies yourself. For this reason, it is referred to as the Everlasting Lighting Guide.

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Race Selection for Sorcerer Tank Build - Everlasting Lighting Guide

Going all out with this build is essential and for that reason the best bet for Race selection is;

Orc: This race provides you with Health Recovery of around 20 percent and enhances the received health to 5 percent.

Argonian: This race is best suited to the Everlasting Lighting Build Guide because of the passives, healing done enhancements, and healing received enhancements of 5 percent.

In case you want to try something different, you can go for the Nord or Imperial Race as well. Keep in mind all of these builds give you buffs with potions and something extra with attributes.

Point Division for Sorcerer Tank Build - Everlasting Lighting Guide

This is where this build gets strange because you will have to keep the attribute spread nearly even. The reason behind this attribute speed is that you have Sorcerer class and your aim is to make a tank build with it.

You will need all the attributes to make the best out of potions, your equipment, your abilities, and your play style. The main theme here is Healing but you also need the stamina to use the abilities while health is essential for staying alive in selfish builds.




20 to 25







Abilities for Sorcerer Tank Build - Everlasting Lighting Guide

All of the abilities in this build are either to heal yourself or to buff yourself. So, keeping a fair share between the Front bar and Back bar is important here. You need to keep the abilities slotted like;

Front bar Abilities


Unstable Clannfear

A healing ability that can heal up to 30k because of the pet buff


Pierce Armor

Taunting ability that debuff the enemies with Fracture and Breach (Major both) that results in a decrease in their physical and spell damage


Bound Aegis

When you block there is an enhanced reduction in damage to around 36 percent. More benefits for Active and Slotted


Heroic Slash

An ability that does damage reduction to enemies and also slows their movement. Also provides you with an ultimate for 9 seconds after every one and a half seconds delay.


Hardened Ward

Conjures a Shield to block damage and also gives you that bonus for Naga Shaman set.

Back bar Abilities


Unstable Clannfear

When in the back bar, you get a passive of 8 percent enhanced health


Restraining Poison

The ability used to immobilize enemies while also providing you with vitality (major)


Dark Deal

Health restoration and Stamina Restoration using the Magicka attribute


Boundless Storm

Converts you into lightning that deals shock effects on enemies, providing you with Resolve and Ward (Major both) on the activation


Inner Beast

The ability is used to taunt enemies at long range. After morphed, you can get stamina back after using it.

Ultimate Abilities

Aggressive Horn: The best ultimate for this build, Aggressive Horn enhances the overall Stamina and Magicka to a total of ten percent while providing you with Force (Major)

Absorption Field: Allows you to make an AoE that disables the AoE abilities of foes, stuns them, and heals anyone who is inside this ultimate

Champion Skills for Sorcerer Tank Build - Everlasting Lightning Guide

Same as always, the points are limited here and you have to put them accordingly to get the best use out of them. For the Sorcerer Tank Build - Everlasting Lightning Guide, the best suitable point distribution is;

Points Distribution for Thief Skills


Shadow Ward

















Points Distribution for Fighter Skills


Thick Skinned



Spell Shield









Elemental Defender



Quick Recovery





Points Distribution for Mage Skills


Master At arms









Elemental Expert


Equipment for Sorcerer Tank Build - Everlasting Lighting Guide


In this build, there is only one set that takes the top spot. We also mentioned some other sets in case you want to take a different path.

Naga Shaman: This is the best pick for this Sorcerer Tank Build because of the healing benefits.

Monster Helm Set: A set that is also a great choice for this build because of its buffs associated with yourself only.

Leeching Plate: Also, a great pick because of the healings associated with damage dealt with enemies.

Engine Guardian (Monster Set): For the Monster Set, this here is the perfect pick because of the restoration buffs.


Glyph of Crushing

Glyph of Weakening

Infused Trait for Weapon

Sturdy Trait for Armor

Glyph of Prismatic with Healthy or Defense


Stamina/Health Trait

Triune Trait

Glyph of Shielding

Final Verdict for Sorcerer Tank Build - Everlasting Lighting Guide

Being a Sorcery Class Tank Build, you do need to have a lot of health here. Your abilities are put in a specific way that allows you to heal yourself only, but to tank sometimes, you need to have at least health that can come in handy at all times.

The Everlasting Lighting Guide has that Armory that is the supporting act to survive in difficult conditions without a team, while that Aggressive Waghorn ultimate allows for damage absorption at its max. Furthermore, it depends on which things suites best to your style. Just don’t get out of Magicka in this build or prepare some potions to have Magicka reserves all the time.

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